Season 1 Episode 21

Travels with Martin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier's travel brochures have arrived and he's eager to plan the perfect vacation. Roz teases him that he really doesn't need a vaction as he only works three hours a day! Frasier envies Roz her close relationship with her Mom while he and Martin's is strained. Roz suggests Frasier take Martin with him on his vacation so they can get closer.

Frasier arrives home to find Niles moaning in ecstasy while Daphne gives him a backrub. He announces to Martin that they should take a trip, wherever he wants to go-name the place! Martin says he's always wanted to rent a Winnebego and see the country. Frasier reluctantly agrees before taking Niles aside and begging him to come along while Martin is in the kitchen begging the same from Daphne. Niles balks at Frasier's invitation before Martin reappears announcing Daphne's coming too. Niles is on board!

So the gang's off to Mt. Rushmore. Frasier drives, Martin consults the map and Niles stumbles out of the bathroom complaining of "formica coffins". Daphne suggests they forget the map and just drive "wherever the wind takes us" Frasier likes this idea and deliberately missses the turn-off and keeps driving North, much to Martin's dismay.

While Daphne sleeps, Niles takes the video camera and begins filming his secret crush as she peacefully naps. Frasier notices and tells him to stop. They see a sign for a photo opportunity with a live grizzly bear and pull over.

The bear turns out to be fake but they pose anyway for the photo. When the shop lady informs them it'll cost ten dollars Canadian money Daphne lets out a blood curdling scream. They're not in the U.S. anymore but crossed the boarder to Canada while she was asleep and Daphne's not supposed to leave the country! The gang decides to cut the trip short and return to Seattle.

They get pulled over at the boarder and as the boarder patrol officer is about to question Daphne furthur on her identification Martin distracts him by pulling out his badge, admitting he's a retired cop and that they forgot to bring Eddie's papers. The cop lets them go.

Later, as Niles and Daphne sleep, Frasier and Martin discover they're both having a good time and didn't really need Niles and Daphne after all. They decide not to go directly home but drive to Yellowstone and tell Daphne they're really in Mexico!

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