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  • Season 10 Episode 22: Fathers and Sons

  • During the episode, Martin becomes convinced the Leland (played by David Ogden Stiers) is the real father of Frasier and Niles due to their shared interests and unlucky timing of Martin walking in on Leland with Frasier and then Niles doing fatherly stuff (reading a story to a sick Frasier in bed and then helping Niles walk off a stiff leg). When Martin finally asks Leland about it at the end of the episode, Leland reveals his homosexuality. David Ogden Stiers has since come out as gay.

  • When Leland Barton (who worked closely with Martin's wife) arrives to visit Frasier and his family, Martin has some doubts if he really is the father of Frasier and Niles, since Leland shares so many interests with Frasier and Niles. In Cheers, Frasier stated his father was a research scientist. It is then referred to in the episode "The Show Where Sam Shows Up" and explained the discrepancy.

  • Niles: Leland, it is such a pleasure to talk shop with a fellow nutcracker.
    Leland: And talking to you Jung people makes me feel like an id again.
    Niles: Do you have a pun, Frasier?

    Frasier didn't, but he might have responded, "I'm a-Freud I can't think of one".

  • Season 10 Episode 21: The Devil and Dr. Phil

  • When Niles and Frasier are talking in Cafe Nervosa, the viewer can see a female customer in the background when the camera shows Frasier in the foreground. The entire conversation between Niles and Frasier lasts about one minute, yet in that time the viewer can see the woman (1) chatting with her unseen companion, (2) casually lifting her coffee mug to her lips and appearing to blow on it as if to cool it, (3) chatting some more with her mug back on the table, (4) lifting it to her lips again and blowing again, (5) thumbing through some sort of book and (6) getting up and leaving the cafe. Why did she get up to leave? If her coffee was too hot for her to drink, it must have just been served. She couldn't possibly have finished and paid for her coffee before leaving the cafe.

  • Season 10 Episode 20: Farewell, Nervosa

  • As Daphne's observer is asking Martin, "Now, you have a bullet lodged in your hip, correct?", you can clearly see the boom microphone hovering above her head.

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Roe to Perdition

  • In the scene on the Caspian Queen, when Frasier hands Peter's business card to the Russians the dialogue between the two is best translated as:

    "He's had some business cards made."
    "What an idiot, eh!"

    Later when Frasier stipulates how much caviar he wants:

    "Get me another can."

  • Altough the French shopkeeper, Robert is the same as in Season 5's "The Perfect Guy", the layout of the store itself is completely different.

    Comment: It's quite plausible that the store could be redesigned in a 5 year period.

  • Season 10 Episode 16: Fraternal Schwinns

  • In this episode, Frasier can't ride a bicycle, however, in Season Five's "Desperately Seeking Closure" we learn from Niles that Frasier once owned and rode a moped, "in order to hang out with the cool kids".

  • Because they can't ride bikes, Frasier says he and Niles were always annoyed when someone used the expression, "Easy as riding a bicycle." However, Frasier uses the expression himself in the episode "Deathtrap".

  • Season 10 Episode 14: Daphne Does Dinner

  • When Frasier takes the game hens out of the oven in his apartment one one side of the pan his hand is on it without an oven mitt or towel so it's unlikely that his hands would not get burned a little.

  • When Niles and Frasier are fighting about the sauce you can see that as they are both holding the pan at the bottom. How could it not burn their hands if it had just been taken off the stove?

  • Season 10 Episode 13: Lilith Needs a Favor

  • Editing goof: When Niles and Daphne are on the phone at the end, and she tells him the truth about the photo, in the next shot Niles has suddenly hung up his phone and is looking at the photo. A few "deleted seconds" perhaps?

  • Season 10 Episode 12: The Harassed

  • It's originally said that Frasier will be giving up ten minutes at the end of his show. Later in the episode, when Julia tells Frasier that it's now going to be 15 minutes, they also say that it'll be at the end of his show. However, when Frasier first introduces Julia's segment on the air, he says that he'll be back in a few minutes for the next hour of his show.

  • Season 10 Episode 11: Door Jam

  • The spa's security is not as efficient as it is originally presented. Frasier gains entry to the spa by calling Niles "Cam Winston," whose invitation they have and whose name is on "the list." However, Frasier frequently calls Niles by his real name within earshot of the spa's staff. That should have blown his cover, but it dod not.

  • La Porte D'Argent can translate into English as The Money Door and The Door of Silver (depending on your translation source)

  • Martin and Daphne watch two episodes of popular 1970's detective series The Rockford Files which starred James Garner (Martin simply refers to the show as "Rockford"). They watch "the first ever episode" (the Pilot). As they watch the Pilot Daphne comments that Martin looks like Jim Rockford's father Rocky (who was played in the series by Noah Beery Jr). John Mahoney does bare a similar resemblance to the late Noah Beery Jr, however Beery did not play Rocky in the Pilot episode of Rockford, another actor named Robert Donely did, and he bears no resemblance to John Mahoney).
    When mentioning the second episode they watch Daphne says; "Tom Selleck guest stars". However, there is also reference to the fact that The Rockford Files was filmed in Malibu (Martin Crane gives separate trivia on the fact that comedy series M*A*S*H was filmed in the Malibu hills area). However, in the two episodes in which Tom Selleck guest stars on The Rockford Files, neither features any exterior shots of Malibu.
    When Martin is listing the reasons he and Jim Rockford are alike, Daphne adds "leisure suits". To be fair Jim Rockford never wore a leisure suit; he usually wore blazers and open collar shirts.

  • Season 10 Episode 10: We Two Kings

  • Martin doesn't know it was Frasier who pushed the dancing Santa off the balcony. Yet in "The Fight Before Christmas (2)", Martin found out that it was Frasier who did it!

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Don't Go Breaking My Hear...

  • At about 7:30 in the episode, Frasier has just announced to Martin and Daphne that "Freud is the poor man's Jung". As Niles is responding, "I never thought I'd live to see the day -- perhaps this is why I was spared", watch John Mahoney. It seems he's confused as to whether or not they're filming. He seems to check with someone in front of the stage, then looks up high behind himself as if to check a monitor. Finally, he looks straight at the camera.

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Rooms With a View (2)

  • When Martin gives Niles the comic book, Niles calls it a "Jughead Double Digest". Archie digests are smaller sized comics, while the comic Martin gives Niles is clearly full-sized.

  • Among the clips in this episode, we see Niles holding a daughter, and Daphne givng birth to anouther daugter. This is strange because in the final episode of the show Daphne has a son, NOT a daughter.
    However, the reason Daphne had a son in the final episode (named David) was because the child was to honour David Angell, one of the co-writers who tragically died in the 9/11 plane crashes. If David Angell had not died, it is likely the child would have been a girl, for continuity reasons.

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