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  • Season 3 Episode 24: You Can Go Home Again

  • This episode seems to indicate that when Frasier first returned to Seattle he retained much of his old Boston self - proudly drinking plain black coffee (and scoffing at Niles coffee order) and having a beer with his father (he typically drank beer at Cheers). At some point between his return and the first episode of season one (three months later), Frasier's personality changes considerably.

  • Martin tells Frasier that he was listening to the Mariners game, fell asleep, and when he woke up, Frasier's show was on. It's unlikely that KACL would be covering Mariner's games since it's a talk station and not a sports station.

  • In the scene that takes place in Martin's apartment you can see a Frank Sinatra album on the shelf behind Martin's recliner. In the episode "Martin Does it His Way" we find out that Martin is a huge Frank Sinatra fan.

  • This episode originally aired on the exact date of what would have been the third anniversary of Frasier's first radio broadcast as given in the storyline - May 21, 1993.

  • A bit of an ironic nod to "My Coffee with Niles" as, during the flashback, Frasier first visits Cafe Nervosa and is aghast at Niles's incredibly nit-picky coffee order. Frasier says that a simple cup of good old American coffee is good enough for him. In "My Coffee" Frasier never gets his latte that features many special requests and conditions.

  • During the flashbacks to 1993, all the characters have their 1996 appearances!

  • Season 3 Episode 23: The Focus Group

  • As presented here, the two-way mirror would be ineffective with Frasier and Roz in a room with the lights on. Two-way mirrors only work when the viewer's room is dark. In other words, as shown, each side would be equally visible to the other.

  • As Frasier and Niles walk from the kitchen musing about a focus group expressing an opinion about Freud, the camera takes such a wide shot that you can actually see the stage lights above the set.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: Frasier Loves Roz

  • Frasier trumps Niles' "seven" (women he's slept with) with "eleven". At first glance it may seem like simple one-upmanship (Niles certainly thinks so), but even we the audience know that up to this point Frasier has slept with at least seven: his piano teacher (Clarice), Nanny G, Lilith, Diane Chambers, Bebe Glazer, Madeleine Marshall and Kate Costas. If we know of seven, then eleven doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

  • David Duchovny who played the guest caller in this episode who claims that he and his partner are sexually insatiable for each other. In 2008 Duchovny would admit to being a sexual addict.

  • This episode contains a rare example of product placement on Frasier. At Frasier's apartment, Roz says she's going to get a Coke, and then goes into the kitchen and takes a can of Coca-Cola from the fridge, opens it and sips from it. This was the third season of Frasier and the series was becoming popular enough for such things to occur. In subsequent seasons, however, you see no more of it, so apparently the producers decided it wasn't right for the show. The only other products we ever see mentioned specifically, such as BMW, Mercedes, M&M's and Balantine, were integral to the stories/characters and it's unlikely they were product placements.

  • Despite the episode ending with Roz still thinking that Frasier has deep feelings for her, the incident is never mentioned on the show again.

  • Season 3 Episode 20: Police Story

  • When Martin calls the police station to get information of the female cop (Maureen Cutler), he ends the conversations in less than 30 seconds. He then gives Frasier a list of information on her that he could not have received in the time he was on the phone.

  • Frasier cannot blow out the "magic" candles on his cake, but a mere second after he gives up trying, not only are the candles out, but they are no longer on the cake.

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Crane vs. Crane

  • This episode again suggests that Frasier and Niles do at least understand German.
    The line Niles quotes is "Ha! Er ist schön, der Knabe!" which translates into "Oh! He is beautiful, this boy!"

  • Season 3 Episode 18: Chess Pains

  • When Frasier and Martin prepare to play their final game, Frasier asks who should go first, and Martin replies that the person who lost the last game is supposed to start. However, according to the official rules of chess, the player with the white pieces always goes first.

  • In the opening scene, Niles confesses to feeling lonely, to which Daphne replies, "...perhaps all you need is a little company at the apartment." This is one of the few references made during season three to where Niles has been living since his separation from Maris.

    In "The Last Time I Saw Maris," earlier in the season, Niles states that he has rented "a bachelor pad." There is also a brief reference by Niles to his "new address" in the episode "Come Lie With Me." We learn nothing more about where Niles lives until he rents an apartment at "The Montana" in season four's "To Kill a Talking Bird."

  • Season 3 Episode 17: High Crane Drifter

  • When Frasier is in the video store trying to rent the movie "How Green Was My Valley," behind the clerk on the wall is a list of coming videos. "Coming" is spelled with two m's. What's more, the second video on the list is "Give Tawly," directly below "Get Shorty."

  • Niles says he has always avoided fights, but what about his fencing fight with Gunnar in Season 2's "An Affair to Forget"? (Although he was drunk at the time.)

    Perhaps he doesn't consider fencing as fighting.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Look Before You Leap

  • Frasier: (to Daphne and Martin as he steps out onto his balcony) It's incredible! Dad, you should feel this -- it's eighty-degrees outside and it's the middle of February!

    Moments later we learn that it is February 29th of a leap year, not quite the "middle" of February. Perhaps the line was supposed to be "the middle of winter", as Daphne states shortly thereafter.

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