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  • Season 5 Episode 24: Sweet Dreams

  • The closing credits play to an accompaniment of the usual theme song 'Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs', only this time sung in Spanish by Kenny O'Brien.

    This marks the only time when the theme song is not sung by Kelsey Grammer.

  • Frasier: (Rallying the on-air talent to Kenny's defense) ...and you, Tooty. Who was it that just doubled the Story Time puppet budget?

    It's a little strange that Tooty would use puppets on a radio program -- although it's possible if she has kids in the studio. Edgar Bergen was often kidded about being a ventriloquist on radio, although with a live audience, it made sense.

  • After Frasier makes his announcement, Roz tells him that Kenny cut him off the air. However, the ON THE AIR sign was still on.

  • Tom McGowan, introduced in this episode in the role of Kenny Daly, also appeared in the 1993 film Sleepless In Seattle with David Hyde Pierce (though they had no scenes together).

  • Season 5 Episode 22: The Life of the Party

  • In this episode Niles and Frasier are competing for the same woman and Niles says 'I saw her first'. However Frasier told Roz he met her before Martin introduces her to Niles, so Frasier saw her first not niles.

  • During the week this episode aired, Jane Leeves also appeared as Marla Penny in the final episode of Seinfeld.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Roz and the Schnoz

  • It is apparently 5 years since Daphne moved in with the Cranes and started working for them. She moves in in September 1993. It is May 1998 in this episode--a few months short of 5 years.

    It is of additional interest to note that Roz discovered she was pregnant last Halloween and if this is supposed to be Daphne's anniversary (September), Roz should have given birth by now. It seems that broadcast dates can't be applied to "Frasier time" too rigorously.

  • After Frasier hangs up on Marco, how does he know the phone number of the Garretts (the parents of Rick, the father of Roz' baby)?

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Frasier Gotta Have It

  • The Title Card in this episode, "Don Juan in Hell", will later be used as the episode title for the hour-long Season 9 Premiere.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Bad Dog

  • In this episode we learn that Bulldog was raised and educated as a Roman Catholic as Frasier introduces his boyhood priest and confessor.

  • (Daphne and Martin are arriving at the Seabee Awards dinner and Frasier compliments Martin on how good he looks)
    Martin: Well, thanks -- though I guess any guy looks good in a monkey suit.
    Frasier: Oh, yeah.
    Daphne: On the drive over I started musing on why they call it a monkey suit...

    Actually, Martin isn't wearing a "monkey suit". A "monkey suit" refers to a tuxedo with tails (the back split and extending down in two curving flaps to the back of the knees). If Martin had been wearing a tuxedo with tails (commonly just called "tails"), Daphne wouldn't have had to wonder about the origin of the term.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Beware of Greeks

  • It seems odd there would be a phone on Frasier's desk at home only ten feet away from his cordless phone. No doubt it was just put there to speed up the joke when he calls his Aunt and she hangs up on him.

  • Martin's brother is present in this episode, but Martin previously stated he did not have a brother in "Author, Author".

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Room Service

  • Niles confesses to drinking and driving. In a later episode he claims to be really drunk before sleeping with Lilith. Yet he drives his car to the hotel.

  • This episode shares several similarities with the 1st season episode "The Show Where Lilith Comes Back". These similarities include:
    - A Crane brother sleeping with Lilith.
    - Lilith ordering poached eggs from room service and having the order made incorrectly.
    - The respective Crane brother frantically listing all the reasons why sleeping with Lilith was a mistake after she said "It's a mistake" referring to her eggs
    - The respective Crane brother comforting Lilith in the mirror after her emotional breakdown. Both Frasier and Niles start off saying "Do you know what I see? I see a beautiful woman..."

  • Frasier's shoes appear and disappear from his feet while he his in the motel room. They appear when he sits on the chair, but are gone when he walks to the chair on the other side of the room. There you see his shoes on the floor, and he puts them on.

  • Seeing as Niles is a Jungian, it is unlikely that he would use Freud's ID and Super Ego to explain his sleeping with Lilith, however he may have been trying to play to Frasier's good side, as Frasier is a Freudian.

  • Season 5 Episode 14: The Ski Lodge

  • Guy: (To Niles who he thinks might be gay, like himself) Annie is not your... cup of tea?
    Niles: (Placing his hand on Guy's knee) Just between us, my interests lie elsewhere this weekend (Winks).
    Guy: (Leeringly) Oh, really.

    After Guy says "Oh, really", the shot changes to catch Niles' reaction. If you look at Guy, however, you can see it is simply another perspective of him saying "Oh, really", but without sound. The editor has simply used the shot again for Niles' reaction.

  • Niles states that while they were courting, he sent Maris a valentine stating:
    You are the girl my heart adores, Everything I have is yours.

    Now his lawyers are calling it a prenup. However, as we are all aware, Niles has stated (on more than one occasion) that there IS a prenup in place. (Take Season 4's "Are You Being Served?", for example).
    Even though Maris might prefer to use the old valentine as a prenup, the laws of any state would preclude this because the prenup was clearly executed after the valentine. This means even if the valentine was deemed a valid prenup (which is unlikely), the existence of a later instrument that is final and complete (the actual prenup) would invalidate and override the earlier instrument.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Where Every Bloke Knows Y...

  • When Frasier unexpectedly sits in at the poker game, two of the regular players are already sitting on relatively uncomfortable folding wooden chairs, yet Frasier finds an unused comfortable desk chair right beside the poker table.

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