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  • Season 7 Episode 24: Something Borrowed, Someo...

  • As Niles is [finally] explaining his true feelings to Daphne, Donny enters the room and asks Niles: What's the difference between a blister and a boil?! Maybe he was preoccupied, but the advice that Niles giving Donny is not really sound, medically speaking.

    Niles should be able to tell the difference between a blister or a boil. These are pretty common skin conditions and certainly would have been a part of his medical training.

    A single skin boil is an infection , which can be mild (and heal on its own) or it could be a sign of something more serious (i.e. diabetes, weaken immune system or a staph infection). The fact that it seems to be causing Donny pain, would suggest that it is on the more serious side.

    Medical treatment involves minor surgery, incision and drainage, and possibly antibiotics. Granted, a wedding is probably not the best way to perform this surgery, but it is something that would need to be addressed sooner rather then later.

    "Lukewarm" water is not even a temporary solution for a boil. Warm water, not boiling but hotter then lukewarm, may help with some of the pain and it may help the boil bust ("come to a head").

    Heck, getting a sharp pin or knife, sterilizing it with some alcohol, and using it to pop the boil would be better advice then "lukewarm" water. This method may leave a scar and cause additional complications, but it would probably alleviate the pain.

  • There are a couple people missing from the wedding guests without explanation. Daphne's father, for one (who'll give her away?). Also, Frasier's date (the reason Roz had to enlist Simon as her escort).

  • When the band is playing "They Can't Take That Away From Me," the song changes chords and notes, but the pianist's hands do not move accordingly.

  • While Niles & Daphne are kissing on the balcony, there is a camera change. When this happens Niles hands change positions.

  • Martin mentions at the bar that they are going to stop making Ballantine. In truth, Ballantine was bought by the Pabst brewing company and is still available today, though no longer advertised. It is thought that its decline in popularity was due to the increased sales of imported and domestic light beers, but it still has a small, but loyal following to this day.

  • The entire Moon clan is under the misconception that Daphne is pregnant. Her mother finds it neither surprising nor troublesome. In "Mother Load" (Season Nine), however, Daphne goes out of her way to keep alive her mother's illusion that she is still a virgin.

  • Two endings were originally shot for this episode, one in which Daphne comes for Niles and one in which she stays with Donny. The studio audience then got to choose their favorite.

  • Season 7 Episode 23: Something Borrowed, Someo...

  • In this episode, the now deceased doorman is identified as Morrie. But in an episode less than two months earlier ("Hot Pursuit"), Niles identified the doorman as Sid.

  • As of now (2011), a bottle of1945 Chateau Petrus could run you about $11,000 USD, and often goes for even more at auction.Year after year, it consistantly makes the "Top Ten" lists of most searched and sought after wines according to popular wine connoisseur and aficionado websites, groups, clubs, and publications.

  • Frasier had good reason to gasp when he saw that the wine given to Martin by Morrie's widow was a 1945 bottle of Chateau Petrus. Today, a 1950 vintage sells for $7000 a bottle.

  • Season 7 Episode 22: Dark Side of the Moon

  • In this episode we get to meet Donny's mother (and again in "Legal Tender, Love And Care", Season 8). In "A Tsar Is Born" earlier this season, we got to see his mother's wedding dress that she wore for her third wedding in Las Vegas, 1968. It's surprising that it would fit Daphne given the diminutive size of Mrs. Douglas; what's more, it's hard to believe that a woman of her nature would consider wearing such a dress. There also arises the question of why her name is still Douglas, since Donny was obviously born before 1968.

  • When Daphne hears Frasier entering the apartment, she sweeps Simon's beer and snack rubble off the coffee table so Frasier won't see it. A few seconds later, the same rubble is back on the coffee table and Daphne begins removing it piece by piece.

  • Daphne says she was tall for her age. In the first season episode "Selling Out", it is revealed that Daphne starred in a TV show as a schoolgirl, playing the "short, spunky one"! So was Daphne tall or small for her age as a child?

  • Season 7 Episode 20: To Thine Old Self Be True

  • The head of lettuce that Frasier kicks over to Regan did not fall out of her grocery bag. You can see that it was rolled over to Kelsey Grammer from below the camera at the exact moment that the other groceries hit the floor.

  • In this episode we learn what happened at the conclusion of The Late Dr. Crane which ended with a scene of Frasier grabbing a bottle of wine from the gift basket and limping to Regan's apartment door. Apparently Regan was with her then boyfriend Scott, so the evening did not turn out that well for Frasier after all.

  • Daphne shows that she has some feelings for Niles.

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Morning Becomes Entertain...

  • Bebe says, "There's an audience out there waiting for two people to ride in on a donkey..." The animal they ride in on, however, is a mule, not a donkey. A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey. Although the smaller donkey would be the traditional mount for someone wearing a sombrero, it would have a difficult time carrying both Bebe and Frasier.

  • In this episode, Martin's eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he can't even tell the difference between a coffee cup and a cream server at the Café Nervosa . As a result, he buys glasses. In the following episode (To Thine Old Self Be True) there are several scenes of Martin comfortably reading both the newspaper and the "Seattle SEX-PRESS" without glasses.

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Hot Pursuit

  • When Roz returns to the sofa and sits down next to Frasier with her glass of champagne, the glass is nearly empty. She sets it down on the coffee table for a moment and when she picks it up again, it is full again even though Frasier has not poured any more.

  • Niles has no idea what a tractor pull is, despite taking Martin to one in "My Fair Frasier".

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