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  • Season 9 Episode 24: Moons Over Seattle

  • When Roz, in an attempt to soothe Frasier's ego, fills out a service evaluation card to assess his lovemaking, he cautions her to remember that it was late at night "and I'm really more of a morning person." But back in the second episode of the series, Frasier delivers a speech to his father and Daphne, informing them that he is not a morning person. "I have to ease into my day slowly," he says.

  • At Chez Henri, Harry tells Niles that he met Gertrude at a soccer riot.

    In reality, Brits rarely use the term soccer - it is nearly always referred to as football.

    There is a chance that Harry Moon used the American term out of politeness to Niles, but that would seem completely out of character!

  • When Niles visits Harry in his bar in Manchester, you can see waitresses in the background taking drinks to tables. In British pubs you have to go to the bar to buy your drinks - you will only find waitresses in restaurants.

  • At Chez Henri, Niles points out how romantic it is with the candlelight and the romantic music. However, although there is a candle on the table, the lights are on full brightness, and there is no music playing.

  • It's a bit odd that Harry and Martin have to meet for the first time here; surely they would have met each other at Daphne's almost wedding? Then again, maybe Harry was drunk...

  • Season 9 Episode 23: The Guilt Trippers

  • It seems odd that Frasier was able to pass for Roger at Roz's family gathering. Was her mother not there, who had met Frasier a few years before when they tried to fix her up with Martin? Also, after nine years at Frasier's side it seems unlikely Roz would not have shared a picture of two of the reasonably famous Seattle celebrity she works with.

  • Season 9 Episode 22: Frasier Has Spokane

  • Sully: I've been going around on that one like the horses on the Looff.

    The Looff Carrousel began operation on July 18, 1909, in Spokane's Natatorium Park. Although the park closed its doors in 1967, the carrousel has remained and is still in daily operation with all of its original figures.

  • Season 9 Episode 21: Cheerful Goodbyes

  • Carla: Remember when we took Frasier on that snipe hunt?

    She refers to the season 3 episode 'The Heart Is A Lonely Snipe Hunter' of Cheers.

  • L'Espalier, the restaurant Niles has reservations for, is a real place in Boston, as is one of the most expensive and well-regarded restaurants in the country. This was one of the few occasions that a real restaurant name was used.

  • Nitpick: Although it was impossible for this episode to feature the set of Cheers, for both legal and practical reasons, the explanation given of why the party wasn't being held at Cheers - that Sam was using it for a Red Sox reunion - leaves a lot to be desired. Sam or Cliff simply could have had their parties another night.

  • Norm explains why Vera won't be attending the party, and Frasier tells Niles that Vera is Norm's "much-storied" wife. It is highly appropriate that Niles be told about Vera, as Maris, Niles's first wife, who was never seen throughout the series, was based on Vera, who was never seen throughout the run of Cheers.

  • Interesting trivial bit of continuity concerning Cliff as he explains why his Mother is not at his party. Apparently she went to Bosnia, not Boston. Wonder if she said hello to Cliff's former mail-order bride, whom we find out about in The One Where Woody Shows Up as Woody mentions how she became homesick and returned to her native land, adding wisfully, "Man that Bosnia must be a beautiful place?"

  • Norm, Carla, Cliff, and Paul had all heard Frasier talk about his dad on "Cheers". Back then, Frasier said that his dad was a dead research scientist. The Cheers gang never mentions this. However, when Sam came back, he did mention it. Woody and Diane had never spoken of it in their returns either..

  • Season 9 Episode 20: The Love You Fake

  • When Cam admits Frasier to his apartment, we see on his door that he lives in 2001, as you would expect, given that he lives directly above Frasier who is in 1901. In Season 7's 'The Fight Before Christmas', however, it is said that Cam lives in apartment 2000.

  • Season 9 Episode 19: Deathtrap

  • Frasier and Niles break into their childhood home to retrieve the time capsule they left underneath the floor. They break in by coming in through a window, which was the same way they used to go out after curfew when they were young. Upon breaking in, Niles congratulates Frasier and tells him, "You've still got it." Frasier replies that it is "just like riding a bicycle."

    That is an odd thing for Frasier to say because we learned in the next season's episode 'Fraternal Schwinns' that Niles and Frasier never learned how to ride bicycles when they were young. In that episode, Frasier even remarks to Daphne that people are always saying "it's just like riding a bike" in conversation, "but I only understand it in theory."

  • Season 9 Episode 17: Three Blind Dates

  • This is presented as Frasier's first visit to Niles' bookstore, and therefore his first exposure to Lisa, but earlier in the season, the following exchange occurs between Frasier and Martin as they are deciding which ten women they would take to "love island":

    Frasier: I'll tell you who makes my list... that dark-haired temptress that works at the bookstore.
    Martin: (with a knowing grin) Lisa.

    That's more than a little coincidental.

  • Roz said that Suzanne made the pie, crust and meringue. But, when Frasier and Martin go to eat the pie, there is no meringue on it

  • Season 9 Episode 16: Wheels of Fortune

  • Blaine thanks Frasier for paying in cash because he would "rather see the money go to poor people than to uncle sam". However, taxes are not taken out of money donated to charities in any form.

  • Season 9 Episode 15: The Proposal

  • It's strange that Frasier thought he could get away with asking his father the name of the woman he dated a couple of years earlier ("Whine Club," Season 7). The woman's late husband and Marty had been close. They went to the police academy together, he lent Marty money to buy his first car, he named his son after Marty, and, as Frasier pointed out, he introduced Frasier's parents. Additionally, the surname was unusual -- Wojadubakowski. It's a good name to test Marty's speaking ability after drinking all that wine and beer, but thinking that Marty could be inebriated enough to believe that Frasier couldn't remember a name he had probably known most of his life defies logic.

  • Right after Niles proposes to Daphne, Frasier tackles a man at the top of the stairs. When they land, you can see the mat they jump onto to not get hurt.

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