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  • Season 7 Episode 14: Big Crane on Campus

  • Of some interest is the resemblance between Jean Smart's characters name, Lorna Lynley, and that of actress Laura Linney, who would join the show in Season 11 as Frasier's true love.

  • Season 7 Episode 13: They're Playing Our Song

  • You generally don't have a specific triangle player in an orchestra. An orchestra will have one or more members of the percussion section, although the timpani (kettle drums) player is usually specific to that instrument. Each member of the percussion section will be familiar with all the instruments, and in a specific piece will play a number of instruments, depending on a number of factors. The triangle may be the only percussion instrument included in Frasier's orchestration, but if he knew enough about orchestras to be able to orchestrate his tune from the original piano, he would know to call that person the percussionist.

  • The German phrase in Frasier's (long) theme song, attributed to Sigmund Freud is, "Himmel, vas los ist?". That means, literally, "Heaven, what loose is?", or in English, perhaps, "Dear God, what have I started?" (it's important to remember that Freud's theories provided groundbreaking insights into the nature of the human psyche).

  • Goof: When Martin first shares his suggestion for the theme song, he says that he came up with it while brushing his teeth. Later, he says that it was when he was flossing.

  • After all the trouble Frasier went to to create a jingle (and all the urgency implied by Kenny), we never hear the jingle in any subsequent programs. It's possible that it is used but only heard by the radio audience, but not likely, since Frasier would also have to hear the jingle in order to time his introduction.

  • Frasier allows Roz's boyfriend to play triangle with the orchestra, saying, "...our triangle player called in with a touch of tinnitus". For those who don't know, "tinnitus" is the clinical term for "ringing in the ears".

  • Season 7 Episode 12: Rdwrer

  • The scene at the first Little Red Cabin ran in real time, which means that the couple driving the look-alike motor home spent less than two minutes in the restaurant. Frasier, Niles and Martin were just reading menus when the couple arrived, and had not even been served when the couple left.

  • In "A Tsar Is Born" when Martin shows Frasier and Niles a picture of the motor home he is buying, it is a Class C (basically, living quarters built onto a van with a sleeping compartment resting on top of the cab). In this episode, "RDWRER" is a class A motor home, much larger, entirely self-contained and certainly more expensive.

  • In this episode, they claim to have crossed time zones once they cross the border between Washington and Idaho. However, the entire panhandle of Idaho, including the whole border with Washington, is in the Pacific time zone.

    Comment: Frasier, Niles and Martin are travelling southeast on The Old Oregon Trail (I-84) to Sun Valley, located in south-central Idaho. At one point Niles comments that he's calling from a "Little Red Cabin" in Baker City, Oregon. In other words, they cross into Idaho at the Oregon border, which would put them in the Mountain Time Zone.

  • Season 7 Episode 11: The Fight Before Christma...

  • Debut appearance of Dr. Mel Karnofsky, played by Jane Adams.

  • Interesting that Frasier is amused by Kenny's "Christmas in Mexico" party theme. In "Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street" (Season One), Frasier has chosen red chili pepper lights for his own Christmas tree, saying that they are "very fashionable". What's more, those same lights are on the tree at Kenny's office party.

  • It is past the time when Frasier's party guests were due to arrive but Frasier is still optimistic. The doorbell rings and he strikes a welcoming pose, hand on hip, arm raised and says "Daphne, open the floodgates!" You can see, however, that even before the doorbell rings, Kelsey Grammer has already begun to assume this welcoming pose.

  • Season 7 Episode 10: Back Talk (1)

  • When Frasier sits down in Martin's chair to take a pain pill from his bottle,  he places the bottle on the side table next to the chair.  In the subsequent scenes,   we see the pill bottle have the cap on,  then off,  then back on again.

  • Actually, there is some precedent for Frasier talking to Eddie. In Season 4's "Ask Me No Questions", Frasier uses him as a sounding board while considering Niles' question.

  • Clearly, the "birthday" newspaper that Frasier is reading is not from 1952 as there are sophisticated color pictures in it. In 1952, newspapers were printed using an expensive and involved process called letterpress and color was rare. Even when there was color, it was very simple and bright, such as in the Sunday comics. Web-offset printing, capable of more sophisticated color images, didn't become popular for major newspapers until the 1970's.

  • Also, the newspaper that is from the day Frasier is born says that Queen Elizabeth has just had another baby. Many episodes have proved that Frasier was born in 1952 (including one a few episodes back). Not only was Elizabeth still Princess Elizabeth during the first half of 1952, but she did not give birth to any of her children in that year either.

  • In this episode, Frasier's birthday is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Previously it has been in March!

  • Season 7 Episode 9: The Apparent Trap

  • (Lilith has just gotten off the phone with a colleague who supplies her with lab rats)
    Lilith: Peter's come down with something. He thinks he caught it from the rats.
    Frasier: (anxious to have Lilith be on her way) Oh, now, nobody ever got anything from a rat that wasn't resolved in a day or two -- off you go!

    Frasier, of course, refers facetiously to the Black Death of the 1340's, one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, widely thought to have been Bubonic Plague. It's rapid spread was attributed to fleas on rats. The total number of deaths worldwide is estimated at 75 million people.

  • After saying that Lilith will be spending Thanksgiving with a colleague in Vancouver, he wonders aloud whether they celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada. Although Canada does in fact celebrate Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October.

  • Season 7 Episode 8: The Late Dr. Crane

  • When Frasier decides to get more out of life he mentions to Roz that he had always wanted to do his own translation of Freud. Later he mentions spending time with his Russian language tapes. Freud wrote in German and Frasier has only a passing familiarity with that tongue, claiming to be unable to speak it in the episode with the fencing instructor, and also speaking it at a very basic level on two occasions in Cheers. One would think that he should be brushing up on his German, not learning Russian.

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