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  • Season 1 Episode 12: Miracle on Third or Fourt...

  • When Frasier realized he had dropped his car keys inside the diner, he went back inside to look for them. The homeless man who had collected money from the others to pay for Frasier's meal, then remarked that they weren't going to buy him dessert, too. However, Frasier had the "Christmas Platter" which came with a Yule Log for dessert. So they had already bought Frasier dessert. They all must have known this because they were all eating the Christmas Platter.

  • On Christmas day, after his radio show Frasier initially intended to have dinner at one of the fancier Seattle restaurants. He ended up at the diner because all the other restaurants were either closed or booked solid. However, he was still wearing the grungy outfit he wore into the office. Since most of the restaurants Frasier enjoys have a minimum dress code (as we saw in "Dinner at Eight"), why would he arrive at those restaurants for dinner in his grungy outfit?

  • LIfe at KACL: This marks the first appearance of "office legend" Bonnie Weems. We learn that she hosts a show about cars.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Guess Who's Coming to Bre...

  • Henry Mancini, credited as the voice of Al in this episode, composed the song Moon River, which is played during Frasier's plea to Elaine.

  • "Moon River" is the song Frasier played in the background of his show during his plea for Elaine to forgive Martin and join him for dinner. "Moon River" is also the melody of the song Frasier sings to close the Seabee Awards in Season 11's "Seabee Jeebies."

  • Life at KACL: This episode marks the first appearance of Noel Shemsky, who, we learn, works in the sales department, and drives a "73 hatchback," not the moped that is mentioned in a later episode. Roz does go out with him this one time and spends the rest of the series avoiding his love-struck entreaties.

  • This episode marks the only time in the entire series that Frasier indicates any romantic interest in Daphne. In the final scene when attempting to come up with something to do with themselves while Martin is using the apartment for his date, Daphne suggests that "the answer might be right under our noses". Frasier interprets this to mean that he and Daphne might also spend the evening romantically. He is then crestfallen when it turns out she only meant they should do the laundry.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Can't Buy Me Love

  • Life at KACL: This episode reinforces the idea that the standard KACL programming format features Bulldog's show following Frasier's, as Frasier tries to retrieve his briefcase duruing The Gonzo Sports Show. However there is no more "studio c" that was mentioned in Bulldog's first appearance.

  • When Frasier attempts to sneak into the studio to get his briefcase, you can see that he's not yet using the briefcase that Roz bought for him in the episode "Miracle on Third or Fourth Street".

    NOTE: This is probably because Bulldog must play "keep-away" with Frasier's briefcase using only one hand, and Frasier's "gift" briefcase would be too cumbersome for Dan Butler to handle that way.

  • Niles finds that Martin is playing chess against Daphne. Later in "Chess Pains" he claims that "Daphne showed me once, but checkers is more my game." The game board shown depicts a game well into the end game, so its not unbelievable that this was that "one time."

  • Season 1 Episode 15: You Can't Tell a Crook by...

  • When Linda opens her beer, her three piles of poker chips are arranged in a triangle. In the next shot, they are laid out in a line, but she has not moved them.

  • Frasier: (Referring to his ability to identify a criminal simply through observation) What truffles are to pigs so are these charlatans and pettifoggers to my mental acuity.

    On the First Season DVD, however, the closed captioning has him saying "What troubles are to pigs...", which makes no sense at all.

  • Season 1 Episode 16: The Show Where Lilith Com...

  • After Lilith apologizes to Niles, to show his appreciation he says that next time she comes to town, the two of them should get together. While Lilith did appear on the show a few more times after that, she always showed up away from Seattle (Bora Bora in "Adventures in Paradise" and Boston in "A Lilith Thanksgiving". In the Season 5 episode "Room Service" she does eventually return to Seattle and does end up getting together with Niles. Ironically, they get together sexually.

  • Life at KACL: Frasier suggests to Lilith that she should keep her "dial tuned to KACL for Gil Chesterton's "Restaurant Beat" when Lilith says she has no dinner plans. This is the first time we learn the title of Gil's show, and establishes a bit of a continuity error in that Bulldog's show usually follows Frasier's. Up to now we have only seen Gil off air and know very little about his show's timeslot.

  • After dinner Lilith is seen asking Martin about any "repressed sexual urges" that he may have encountered while subduing a suspect who had fired on him. Sexual repression is usually associated with Freudian psychology, of which Lilith is highly critical, along with her usual criticism of Frasier, who is a Freudian. This seems like an odd question for Lilith, who would probably be an Adlerian or a Behaviorist, to ask.

  • Frasier says he married Lilith "7 years ago," but they married in 1988, and this episode takes place in 1994--only 6 years later.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: A Midwinter Night's Dream

  • Niles: (relating to Daphne his first meeting with Maris) ...she was returning from the antique mart with a rare bell jar once owned by Sylvia Plath...

    Sylvia Plath (1932–1963) was an American poet, novelist and short story writer. Known primarily for her poetry, Plath also wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas.

  • This episode ends with Martin outside in the rain, fervently knocking on the window for Frasier, Niles and Daphne to let him in, only they don't hear him over their piano playing and singing. When Frasier entered Niles' house earlier, he initially banged on the window to get Niles and Daphne's attention, but he then burst in through the side door, which must have been unlocked. Why didn't Martin simply enter the house through that same side door, rather than trying to get everyone's attention at the window?

  • In his "pirate" costume, Niles wears the "Puffy Shirt" from the Seinfeld episode of the same name.

  • The melody played by Niles' glockenspiel is Chopin's Polonaise in A-Flat Major.

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