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  • Season 10 Episode 12: The Harassed

  • It's originally said that Frasier will be giving up ten minutes at the end of his show. Later in the episode, when Julia tells Frasier that it's now going to be 15 minutes, they also say that it'll be at the end of his show. However, when Frasier first introduces Julia's segment on the air, he says that he'll be back in a few minutes for the next hour of his show.

  • Season 10 Episode 11: Door Jam

  • The spa's security is not as efficient as it is originally presented. Frasier gains entry to the spa by calling Niles "Cam Winston," whose invitation they have and whose name is on "the list." However, Frasier frequently calls Niles by his real name within earshot of the spa's staff. That should have blown his cover, but it dod not.

  • La Porte D'Argent can translate into English as The Money Door and The Door of Silver (depending on your translation source)

  • Martin and Daphne watch two episodes of popular 1970's detective series The Rockford Files which starred James Garner (Martin simply refers to the show as "Rockford"). They watch "the first ever episode" (the Pilot). As they watch the Pilot Daphne comments that Martin looks like Jim Rockford's father Rocky (who was played in the series by Noah Beery Jr). John Mahoney does bare a similar resemblance to the late Noah Beery Jr, however Beery did not play Rocky in the Pilot episode of Rockford, another actor named Robert Donely did, and he bears no resemblance to John Mahoney).
    When mentioning the second episode they watch Daphne says; "Tom Selleck guest stars". However, there is also reference to the fact that The Rockford Files was filmed in Malibu (Martin Crane gives separate trivia on the fact that comedy series M*A*S*H was filmed in the Malibu hills area). However, in the two episodes in which Tom Selleck guest stars on The Rockford Files, neither features any exterior shots of Malibu.
    When Martin is listing the reasons he and Jim Rockford are alike, Daphne adds "leisure suits". To be fair Jim Rockford never wore a leisure suit; he usually wore blazers and open collar shirts.

  • Season 10 Episode 10: We Two Kings

  • Martin doesn't know it was Frasier who pushed the dancing Santa off the balcony. Yet in "The Fight Before Christmas (2)", Martin found out that it was Frasier who did it!

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Don't Go Breaking My Hear...

  • At about 7:30 in the episode, Frasier has just announced to Martin and Daphne that "Freud is the poor man's Jung". As Niles is responding, "I never thought I'd live to see the day -- perhaps this is why I was spared", watch John Mahoney. It seems he's confused as to whether or not they're filming. He seems to check with someone in front of the stage, then looks up high behind himself as if to check a monitor. Finally, he looks straight at the camera.

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Rooms With a View (2)

  • When Martin gives Niles the comic book, Niles calls it a "Jughead Double Digest". Archie digests are smaller sized comics, while the comic Martin gives Niles is clearly full-sized.

  • Among the clips in this episode, we see Niles holding a daughter, and Daphne givng birth to anouther daugter. This is strange because in the final episode of the show Daphne has a son, NOT a daughter.
    However, the reason Daphne had a son in the final episode (named David) was because the child was to honour David Angell, one of the co-writers who tragically died in the 9/11 plane crashes. If David Angell had not died, it is likely the child would have been a girl, for continuity reasons.

  • Season 10 Episode 7: Bristle While You Work (1)

  • When Frasier, Martin, and Daphne are interviewing housekeepers, Martin mentioned that when he and Frasier interviewed Daphne, Frasier thought she would steal from them. However, in "The Good Son" (the Pilot) when Martin and Frasier interviewed Daphne, Frasier never mentioned a fear that she will steal from them. In fact, stealing was Martin's concern about the woman they interviewed just before Daphne.
    Furthermore, it is unlikely Frasier was at all worried that Daphne would steal from them when they interviewed her, because when Martin mentioned that Daphne would only be in the apartment when Frasier was not, Frasier immediately told Daphne she was hired. He probably would not have been so quick to hire someone he feared would steal -- especially if he would not be home when she was there.

  • When Martin starts his card trick, the Jack of Diamonds is seen at the bottom of the deck. After the trick, when Niles draws the Ace of Spades out of the deck, the 4 of Diamonds is seen on the bottom although Martin never shuffles the cards.

  • Season 10 Episode 6: Star Mitzvah

  • In this episode we learn that Noel Shempsky can speak Hebrew. In Season Six's "Roz, A Loan" we learn that he speaks Spanish. If you include Klingon, that means that Noel speaks four languages.

  • Following Frederick's reading and his parents' speeches, the rabbi concludes the service and says that dinner will be served in twenty minutes. However, the reading that Frederick is implied to have chanted is a haftarah, which is said at the Saturday morning service. As such, it makes little sense that they would be serving dinner so shortly afterward. Furthermore, the haftarah is read approximately half-way through the service, and there should likely have been close to an hour left to the prayer service at this point.

  • Lilith is shown wearing a hat to the synagogue service. However, although it is a common custom for women to wear a hat or other hair covering to synagogue, such a mode of dress would seem extremely out of place at a congregation that would have co-ed seating and would allow microphones and photography on the Sabbath, such as the one featured in this episode. Furthermore, even where this custom is followed, hats would only be worn by married women.

  • Following Frasiers "blessing" in Klingon, the rabbi says that although he doesn't know how they say blessings in outer space, what we say here is "Ahava v'Shalom - Love and Peace." However, although ahava v'shalom does in fact translate to "love and peace" (in Hebrew), this is by no means a traditional Jewish blessing or greeting.

  • Noel ask Frasier if he's ready for yeshiva, and tells him that it means "school". However, a yeshiva is not simply a school, but is actually a typically all-male institution for immersion in advanced religious and biblical studies.

  • Noel says that Scott Bakula is appearing at a Star Trek convention in Seattle. However, Scott Bakula's first convention appearance was not until August 2006 in Las Vegas.

  • The words Frederick recites in Hebrew at the beginning of the bar mitzvah scene, are, in fact, the correct last words of the concluding blessing recited following a 'haftarah' - the reading typically done at a bar mitzvah. Frederick then sings the word "ameyn" (the Hebrew word from which the English word "amen" is taken). However, "ameyn" is a congregational response, and should not be said by the person actually saying the blessing. As such, Frederick should not have said it, but everyone else should have but didn't.

  • Frederick turns 13 in this episode, but he was already 13 in the Season 8 episode "Cranes Unplugged". However, he should be 13, as he was born in November 1989 on "Cheers". He was aged too rapidly for a while, but the writers now seem to have corrected this.

  • Season 10 Episode 1: The Ring Cycle

  • When Frasier and Martin think that they almost missed Niles and Daphne's wedding, Frasier says, "Niles, we've been there through the last ten tortured years of your courtship. How could we not be hurt if we missed the wedding?" It has only been nine years not ten.

  • Season 9 Episode 24: Moons Over Seattle

  • When Roz, in an attempt to soothe Frasier's ego, fills out a service evaluation card to assess his lovemaking, he cautions her to remember that it was late at night "and I'm really more of a morning person." But back in the second episode of the series, Frasier delivers a speech to his father and Daphne, informing them that he is not a morning person. "I have to ease into my day slowly," he says.

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