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  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Last Time I Saw Maris

  • Niles says in this episode that he and Maris went on their honeymoon to Vienna, but in "A Midwinter Night's Dream," he said they went to Zurich.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Frasier Grinch

  • Goof: Visible through the window in the studio door during the Christmas party is a wall poster for Father Mike's show. Father Mike had been let go by Kate Costas earlier in the season.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: It's Hard to Say Goodbye ...

  • We discover that KACL may be part of the NBC radio network when Frasier mis-judges his time to the newsbreak and he talks into the opening of the network news broadcast, and the announcer identifies herself as broadcasing the NBC news.

  • When Niles is in the kitchen with Daphne, he bumps her and a piece of chicken falls off the platter she is carrying and onto the floor. If you look closely, however, you can see her deftly flick the chicken off the platter with her thumb.

  • In this episode Frasier says that Paris, France is his favorite city; but in "A Man, A Plan, and a Gal: Julia," he says that his favorite city is Florence, Italy. Of course, since Diane left him at the altar in Florence, Frasier might have been disenchanted with Florence for a while.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: The Friend

  • When Frasier and Bob leave Café Nervosa after their initial meeting, Bob has the "Big Book of Barbeque" on his lap. However when Frasier follows him out, the book is now on the table.

  • This is the only episode in which a tablecloth is used at Café Nervosa. It is on the central table where Frasier first meets his "new friend" Bob (Griffin Dunne). Obviously, the tablecloth is meant to hide the fact that Bob is in a wheelchair until his disability becomes dramatically relevant.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Come Lie with Me

  • For this episode, a dimmer switch has been newly added to the post beside Frasier's Eames classic recliner to facilitate the scene in which he runs around the apartment turning on all the lights. This switch also figures in a number of future episodes, such as Season 4's "A Crane's Critique" wherein Frasier uses it to get the lighting "just right" to read T. H. Houghton's new book. It is also used to set the mood for a number of Frasier's elaborate "romantic" dates. Ironically, when Frasier actually uses the switch for the first time, the action is hidden behind the large wooden column in his living room; in other words, he may as well have just pretended to hit a switch.

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Moon Dance

  • Daphne mentions that she knew a boy named Niles and she called him "Niley." In a later episode Niley is one of the nicknames Niles is given by the gang at the Shangra La on the tortured naming path from Niles to "the Coyote" that he describes to Frasier.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: The Show Where Diane Come...

  • The Seabee award he puts above the fire was won in the episode 'Someone To Watch Over Me' in season 2.

  • Right after the doorbell rings and before Frasier answers it, he is yelling about all the pain Diane caused him. Wouldn't she have heard him through the door?

  • Diane's facial tic was first seen in the first season of Cheers in the episode "Endless Slumper." They are often the result of extreme nervousness or stress. Having seen her beset before with uncontrollable facial tics, Frasier realizes that things are not quite as they seem with Diane.

  • When Mary Anne enters the set, all the characters call out "Mary", the same as the original Cheers cast did for Norm during the series Cheers. However, the character Ned, who is based on Norm, did not receive the same type of welcome.

  • The people in Diane's play are based on the Cheers crowd. For instance: Stan represents Sam, Clark/Cliff, Darla/Carla, Ned/Norm and Dr. Franklin Crean as you know who.

  • As referenced in "The Show Where Sam Shows Up," Frasier said that Martin was a research scientist who died before Frasier was 30. Diane must have heard the same story on Cheers, but does not mention the inconsistency any time in Frasier, especially in this episode, where they meet.

    However, it is clear from the dialogue that Diane has met both Martin and Niles before, which Sam had not. So she would already know the truth about Martin.

  • When the waitress brings Frasier his coffee, she tilts the cup quite a lot and you can see that it's empty.

  • Frasier refers to the olive he offers Diane as "A Pyranean taste treat, hand-picked and bottled by Andalusian monks." The Pyranean Mountains are in the north-eastern corner of the country, along the French border, while Andalusia is a region on the south coast, several hundred miles away.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: A Word to the Wiseguy

  • (Jerome Belasco, a "godfather" type, having done Niles a favor, has shown up unexpectedly at Frasier's)
    Niles: (to Frasier) Do you think that's why he's here - to collect?
    Frasier: No Niles. He's probably hosting a luau; he came by to borrow our poi ramekins.

    Poi ramekins are small dishes in which Poi is served. Poi is a Polynesian staple food made from the kalo (or taro) plant.

  • Apparently Maris comes from a Roman Catholic family. Niles and Frasier discuss her "first communion" trip to Rome and her father smoothing things over with the Pope, after she took a crucifix. This seems a bit odd considering the fairly WASPy social circle the Crane boys are usually part of.

    This appears to be consistent with Season Two's "Burying a Grudge". The hospital where Maris is having her face-lift done appears to be Catholic. There is a picture of the Virgin Mary on one wall, a crucifix on another, and a photograph of the Pope on a table. However, in Season Four's "Odd Man Out", Frasier asks Niles if he's up for a little Italian and Niles replies, "Actually, I'm going out with Maris, so I guess you could say I'm up for a little Episcopalian" (Anglican). It would seem that she began as a Roman Catholic but became an Episcopalian for the sake of that joke.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Look Before You Leap

  • Frasier: (to Daphne and Martin as he steps out onto his balcony) It's incredible! Dad, you should feel this -- it's eighty-degrees outside and it's the middle of February!

    Moments later we learn that it is February 29th of a leap year, not quite the "middle" of February. Perhaps the line was supposed to be "the middle of winter", as Daphne states shortly thereafter.

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