Season 6 Episode 22

Visions of Daphne

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 13, 1999 on NBC



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    • (After Donny proposes to Daphne, she accepts and he sees the looks on the Crane's faces)
      Donny: Boys, gimme a break. You look more surprised than I do!

    • Frasier: (notices catalogues) Say, why all the catalogues?
      Roz: I need to buy a present.
      Frasier: (happily reading books) Tiffany, Cartier, Neiman Marcus...
      Roz: So does anything look good to you here?
      Frasier: Well, let's see. Who could we be shopping for? Hmm, perhaps a, a honey-voiced radio therapist whose birthday's just around the corner?
      Roz: No, this present is not for you - it's for your brother.
      Frasier: Oh all right, Roz, don't be coy. I think it's very smart you fishing for hints like this - you wanted to avoid a misstep like you made last year.
      Roz: What misstep? You said you loved Pagliacci.
      Frasier: Yes, I said the opera, not the porcelain crying crown figurine!
      Roz: Look, Niles pulled some strings and got Alice on a list for a really good preschool, so I thought I'd just get him a little thank you gift, which was why I was asking for your stupid opinion in the first place. Forget it.
      Frasier: All right, fine.
      Roz: I'll figure it out for myself.
      Frasier: Have it your own way, that's fine. But I tell you what, don't get him a porcelain Pagliacci. He already has one! (Roz throws a catalogue at him as he exits the studio)

    • (That evening, Martin is watching the TV in his chair as Eddie watches the TV laid upside down. Frasier enters, says hello to Martin, and looks weirdly at Eddie)
      Frasier: Hello Dad.
      Martin: Hey Fras.
      Frasier: What's Eddie doing?
      Martin: Every time this cooking show comes on, he rolls over and watches it upside down. He likes all the pouring they do. He thinks it's funny the way the food goes up instead of down.

    • Daphne: I know you'll make fun of me. But I had a vision that I'm meant to be with another man.
      Martin: Who?
      Daphne: I couldn't see his face. I don't know anything about him. He was just wearing a red bow tie.
      Frasier: Are you seriously going to dump Donny because of some psychic vision? Don't you think that's a little unwise?
      Daphne: Well, your brother didn't think so.
      Frasier: Niles knows about this?
      Daphne: Yes. He helped me to see that ending things with Donny was my only choice. Unlike you, he believes in my visions; he knows I have a gift.
      (She storms to her room)
      Frasier: Yes, he's been trying to unwrap it for six years!

    • (The doorbell sounds and Frasier goes to answer it)
      Frasier: That'll be Donny.
      Martin: What do you think about all this vision stuff?
      Frasier: Obviously there's some psychological reason that she's having second thoughts. It's got nothing to do with an - an apparition in a red bow tie.
      (Frasier answers the door to a grinning Niles who has donned a bright red bow tie)
      Frasier: (appalled) Niles, you jackass, will you take that thing off!

    • (Martin is looking around)
      Martin: Are you sure you didn't throw it away in the recycling?
      Frasier: Are you actually looking for the TV Guide?!
      Martin: Well - I have to plan my weekend!
      Frasier: (sarcastic) You really do have the world on a string, don't you, Dad?

    • (The doorbell sounds)
      Daphne: That'll be Donny. Could one of you get the door?
      (Frasier and Martin look around helpless and confused)
      Daphne: (angry) Well, you've seen me do it enough times! You just turn the handle and pull!
      (Daphne storms to her room as Frasier opens the door to Donny)

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