Season 7 Episode 17

Whine Club

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Martin and his late friend's widow, Mrs. Wojadubakowski, are sitting in Cafe Nervosa reflecting on their bedroom rendezvous, trying to convince one another that her deceased husband would have wanted them to enjoy each other this way. Frasier walks in, unaware that the two have slept together, and tries to compliment Mrs. Wojadubakowski's husband, all the while unknowingly making the two of them feel even worse about what they did. After they leave, Frasier takes a table with Roz and begins to boast about his upcoming opportunity to become corkmaster at his and Niles' wine club. Roz says she "wishes [she] had a cork." Frasier then makes some comments about Mel which prompts Roz to ask him if he really knows Mel that well, and Frasier admits that perhaps he hasn't given her a chance, and decides to host a brunch in her honor so that the family can get to know her better.

The night of the wine club meeting, Niles meets up beforehand with Mel, who insists that his clothing is all wrong, helps him change, and then proceeds to cast doubt in his mind about Frasier becoming corkmaster. Mel urges Niles to vie for the position, and succeeds in convincing him to go against Frasier.

That night at the club, Niles announces to Frasier his wish to become corkmaster as well, much to Frasier's shock. Frasier goes along with it and nominates Niles after Niles nominates him. The two get voted on in a 14-14 tie, and so they must do a wine taste-off to determine who's better qualified. They go head to head on four wines, and finally Niles beats Frasier by a tiny margin on a tricky mix of two varieties. Frasier is miffed but concedes to his brother.

Mrs. Wojadubakowski sneaks in a quickie with Martin before the brunch takes place, and Martin ends up confessing their relationship to Frasier, who thinks it's actually "adorable," which angers Martin.

At the brunch for Mel, she quickly turns off Frasier, Daphne, Roz, and Martin with her snobbiness, conceit, and overall treatment of everyone. Daphne keeps drinking Bloody Mary's in an effort to stomach her. After Mel finally leaves and Niles walks her to the elevator, Frasier confesses she reminds him exactly of Maris, and that she's no good at all for Niles. Martin warns him not to say a word because it won't do any good. When Niles comes back in, through a comedy of errors and Daphne's drunkenness, Niles quickly discovers that everyone present hates Mel. Upset, he leaves immediately and they all feel guilty, yet vastly relieved, that Mel is gone.

Daphne finds out about Martin and Mrs. Wojadubakowski and calls Martin a "dirty old man."

In the closing credits scene, Frasier is blindfolded doing a wine taste test with Martin, who uses the opportunity to sneak Mrs. Wojadubakowski out the door one more time.