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Freak Show is the brain-child of David Cross (Arrested Development and Mr. Show) and H. Jon Benjamin (Home Movies) and revolves around a group of people who are, well... freaks. They simultaneously perform as a side-show attraction and as superheroes that are (secretly) employed by the Pentagon to undertake low-priority missions.

    AMC Has Canceled All But Two of Its Reality Shows in Order to Focus on Scripted Programming

    Game of Arms, Small Town Security, and more are toast.


    Freak off to sluggish start for Comedy Central

  • H. Jon Benjamin

    H. Jon Benjamin

    Tuck / Helen Hartsdale

    Brian Stack

    Brian Stack

    The World's Tallest Nebraskan

    David Cross

    David Cross

    Benny / Primi the Premature Baby / Bob Hartsdale

    Jon Glaser

    Jon Glaser

    Log Cabin Republican

    Janeane Garofalo

    Janeane Garofalo

    The Bearded Clam

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    • South Park and Drawn Together are better. It's ok...

      The animation in this show is really crappy and it makes me fall asleep, and it's not like how South Park was because I was able to watch that without getting a headache. Besides this, the only problem that I really have is that the show is just waay too stupid funny. There are some funny moments definitely, but most of it anyone who likes this kinda comedy could of thought of the jokes themselves. I watch this show, but it is no Drawn Together, and definitely no south park. It has potential though. I don't know how much.moreless
    • The show simply is not funny.

      It had real potential to be funny and has some good ideas (a freak squad as a superhero style team is a funny concept, and the fact that they get lame missions and lack real enthusiasm in doing them is good), but the writing is piss poor and it is really just boring. Every once in a while there is something funny, but I have tried to watch it a few times, and just fallen asleep. One of the main problems is probably that David Cross simply is not all that funny. Arrested Development was pretty good, but this show just does not do it. It is not only far worse than other prime time animations like the Simpsons and Southpark, which are both well written and funny, but it is also much worse than Family Guy, American Dad and Drawn Together, all of which I cannot stand. Could be funny if it was completely revamped and they took on some other writers.moreless
    • A swing and a miss

      The comerical for the show made it look funnier than it really is... I tuned in and after three episodes it has yet to make me laugh. It's not awful but it could use some work for sure. The only remotely funny part of this show is when "The World's Tallest Nebraskan" says he's tall (as if unbearably so) at any opportunity. The transformation into a giant (soccer mom/lady di/and male model) is already boring and after one every episode it's going to lose it's appeal more than ever. I'll keep watching to look for improvment but so far it shows no signs of getting better.moreless
    • Comedy Central needs to try Harder.

      Now, i gave Freak Show a shot. I watched about 3 Episodes to see if it would get any better... But sadly It just Sucks. I know it's from David Cross and all those decent Comedians, but this isn't even trying. The Carectors (i know i spelled that wrong) Just arn't interesting and fall flat on their face. There powers are just lame too. Another thing i dislike about the show is the incredibly cheap animation, it may of worked for Strooker & Hoop, but not in this case. This show is like something that belongs on Adult Swim with a runtime of 11mins. It may of worked for that channel, but not Comedy Central(the cheapest network on TV... Only good show is South Park) so i wouldn't be surprised if this show ends next week(it is suffering in rateings). And C'mon Comedy Central make another decent Animated show like South Park... I'll pitch a few for you if you contact me ;-)moreless
    • This show isn't that good, but can have some funny moments. I do enjoy watching it after South Park.

      Basically, this show is about freaks. The freaks are: The Conjoined Twins, The Premature Baby, The Bearded Clam, The Tallest Nebraskin, and The Gay Republican. The twins can split apart, the baby has pin point vomiting, the bearded clam shoots ***** juice, the nebraskin can shrink up to 6 inches, and the republican can turn into "Burley Bear." The freaks work at a carnival and their boses are two old people. They are sent to do missions which they think are important. The missions are actually stupid and any one can do them such as getting a nut for the president. This show isn't real good, but you never know. It could get better.moreless
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