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  • South Park and Drawn Together are better. It's ok...

    The animation in this show is really crappy and it makes me fall asleep, and it's not like how South Park was because I was able to watch that without getting a headache. Besides this, the only problem that I really have is that the show is just waay too stupid funny. There are some funny moments definitely, but most of it anyone who likes this kinda comedy could of thought of the jokes themselves. I watch this show, but it is no Drawn Together, and definitely no south park. It has potential though. I don't know how much.
  • The show simply is not funny.

    It had real potential to be funny and has some good ideas (a freak squad as a superhero style team is a funny concept, and the fact that they get lame missions and lack real enthusiasm in doing them is good), but the writing is piss poor and it is really just boring. Every once in a while there is something funny, but I have tried to watch it a few times, and just fallen asleep. One of the main problems is probably that David Cross simply is not all that funny. Arrested Development was pretty good, but this show just does not do it. It is not only far worse than other prime time animations like the Simpsons and Southpark, which are both well written and funny, but it is also much worse than Family Guy, American Dad and Drawn Together, all of which I cannot stand. Could be funny if it was completely revamped and they took on some other writers.
  • A swing and a miss

    The comerical for the show made it look funnier than it really is... I tuned in and after three episodes it has yet to make me laugh. It's not awful but it could use some work for sure. The only remotely funny part of this show is when "The World's Tallest Nebraskan" says he's tall (as if unbearably so) at any opportunity. The transformation into a giant (soccer mom/lady di/and male model) is already boring and after one every episode it's going to lose it's appeal more than ever. I'll keep watching to look for improvment but so far it shows no signs of getting better.
  • Comedy Central needs to try Harder.

    Now, i gave Freak Show a shot. I watched about 3 Episodes to see if it would get any better... But sadly It just Sucks. I know it's from David Cross and all those decent Comedians, but this isn't even trying. The Carectors (i know i spelled that wrong) Just arn't interesting and fall flat on their face. There powers are just lame too. Another thing i dislike about the show is the incredibly cheap animation, it may of worked for Strooker & Hoop, but not in this case. This show is like something that belongs on Adult Swim with a runtime of 11mins. It may of worked for that channel, but not Comedy Central(the cheapest network on TV... Only good show is South Park) so i wouldn't be surprised if this show ends next week(it is suffering in rateings). And C'mon Comedy Central make another decent Animated show like South Park... I'll pitch a few for you if you contact me ;-)
  • This show isn't that good, but can have some funny moments. I do enjoy watching it after South Park.

    Basically, this show is about freaks. The freaks are: The Conjoined Twins, The Premature Baby, The Bearded Clam, The Tallest Nebraskin, and The Gay Republican. The twins can split apart, the baby has pin point vomiting, the bearded clam shoots ***** juice, the nebraskin can shrink up to 6 inches, and the republican can turn into "Burley Bear." The freaks work at a carnival and their boses are two old people. They are sent to do missions which they think are important. The missions are actually stupid and any one can do them such as getting a nut for the president. This show isn't real good, but you never know. It could get better.
  • what was david cross the creator of arreasted develepmont thinking creating this this show is horrible

    this show is nothing but a horribly animated rip-off of aqua teen hunger force robot chicken is a good show too watch i cant belive they cancelled dog bites man what the hell was comedy central thinking freak show is right comedy central cancel this show i give this show a 0.5 out of 10.0 but makes rate this a 1.0
  • It\\\'s just not that funny any more.

    There\\\'s a well called \\\"weird, ineffective characters failing miserably in absurd missions filled with non-sequiturs,\\\" and Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab pretty much drained that sucker dry.

    I can see what they\\\'re aiming for here, but I think that bus went past months ago. It pains me to give this a mediocre review, because I really like David Cross and Jon Benjamin, but maybe Adult Swim has reached the limits of nihilistic surrealism with this show. Maybe if this premiered a few years ago instead of ATHF, and ATHF premiered now, I\\\'d be saying the same thing about ATHF. Whatever, I\\\'ll watch the second episode, but it\\\'s going to take some willpower to overcome my apathy.
  • not funny, boring, sucks

    I gave this show a chance. Watched the pilot--pretty lame. THen the 2nd episode. It's just boring. Badly written. In a word: wack. I really expected better from the creators. The worst crime? It's simply not funny. Whatsoever. The only characters that are mildly--ever so mildly--are the siamese twins, but they have maybe one funny line per show. The rest of the characters are so badly formed that you, as an audience member, don't care about them.
    Plots? The plots are stupid and not in a good way. And they meander. I normally just lurk, but this show sucks so much, I felt compelled to add my two cents.
    I won't be tuning in again.
  • This comes after South Park? Oh no...

    I watched this show once. What was David Cross thinking? It isn't great. The show has a guy who can turn into burly man, a fetus, siamese twins, a tall guy, and a clam-woman hybrid. HUH??? They were also some ripoffs of the Justice League. There was some more Bush bashing. Something about peanuts. Whatever. Don't watch this show. I'm serious. Don't watch this show. It will not make you laugh. The freaks transforming into a giant role model should not make you laugh. Please consider watching the other works of David Cross. I honestly can't believe why this show is after South Park. It should be before Drawn Together.
  • Much funnier than I thought it would be, but still pretty dorky.

    Okay, first of all you don't judge a show by it's creator's history. Even if one show was good it doesn't mean one show's going to follow in the heritage of another one. Second of all, yes you should have realized even before the show was released that the show's animation was a rip-off of shows like ATHF but that says absolutely nothing about the show itself. Third of all: Freak Show, as I said before, it was way funnier than I thought it would be, but still pretty dorky. The main frame of the show itself was based off of mindless (and quite disgusting) violence and racial segregation as, I'm assuming, will continue on in the series itself, making yet another innapropiate cartoon show on Comedy Central. The cancelization of this show is indefinet, but it's not because the show isn't good, it's because on Comedy Central, there's only room for one hit cartoon and that's, of course, South Park, however, Drawn Together's making excellent progress as well. Quite conclusionally, I like Freak Show, but I'll be surprised if it makes it past the second season.
  • The first episode was sort of weak but it\'s David Cross and Jon Benjamin so it will be better.

    Obviously, Jon Benjamin and David Cross are both hilarious and brilliant and all that but with the overblown marketing extravaganza CC forced on the world with this show nothing could ever live up to the hype. The writing was surprisingly mediocre - the best stuff was with the senile couple the Freaks work for. Benjamin as the old lady is hilarious and the old man gutting the pig was a highlight. The best thing about the show thus far is Jon Benjamin\'s voice acting. As always his timing is perfect and he\'s just funny. Cross is good too, he\'s just funnier live action. All in all I want to love this show, but with Comedy Central one never knows. I doubt it will ever compete with Aqua Teen or Squidbillies or Boondocks (kidding, that show is the worst) but it could become a staple Daily Show lead-in one night a week. Okay, why are you still reading this? It\'s an effing cartoon.
  • If you like Adult Swim originals (ATHF, SGC2C, Harvey, Sealab) you'll like this show. Great voice acting, solid writing. This show has much potential, but it will probably be destroyed by Comedy Central's abysmal marketing.

    It's fitting that those who have thus far given this show bad reviews say things like "this show makes no absolute sence [sic]" and "Don\\\\\\\'t forget to catch Drawn Together tomorrow!"
    If you watch this show and you don't understand what's happening you must be:
    A. mentally retarded
    B. so stoned you don't even know where you are
    C. under 12
    D. not paying attention
    E. all of the above
    The voice acting is some of the best you will ever hear on Comedy Central, second only to Matt and Trey (South Park). You could not ask for better than H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, Home Movies) and David Cross (Mr. Show with Bob and David, Arrested Development). People who don't appreciate this show don't appreciate good cartoons. Moreover, they don't appreciate good TV. Seriously, they don't. I don't think Drawn Together is the worst thing I've ever seen, but I wouldn't call it "good," and it's certainly nowhere near as good as this. I can tell even from the Pilot that this show is good, and has quite a bit of potential. If this show fails, it will only be for one of two reasons. 1. Comedy Central's destructive marketing, which actually makes me hate every one of their premiering shows before I see them for the first time. (This caused me to miss the first season of Chappelle and all of Strangers with Candy, both of which I totally would have watched.)
    2. Its placement on Comedy Central instead of Adult Swim, where I believe it would have been better suited, and where it would have had a definite built in audience.
  • Wow... what the hell was that? That isn't in a good way like Drawn Together either...

    Well we have a new depressing show. The animation is horrible... I could forgive that if it had some good content however, this is not the case. I watched most of the show before changing the channel to a real show (Futurama) but what I saw was boring long and simply boring jokes. The weirdo old lady or the two people who are joined together. It seemed like god-awful filler space. Oh well... mark my words. There will not be a season two. This shall die faster then wehn Ren and Stimpy came back on the air! By the way. Don\\\\\\\'t forget to catch Drawn together tomorrow!
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