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    • Mission: Freakazoid
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      When Freakazoid's family gets imprisoned in the Chesky Beresch Prison in the brutal state of Vuka Nova, Freakazoid must travel there with Cosgrove, Steff, Professor Jones, (and later Roddy) to stop the ruthless dictator and free his loved ones. However, that sounds much easier than it turns out to be as they discover some intense security at the prison with lasers, surveillance cameras, and pressure-sensitive mines.moreless
    • Island of Dr. Mystico
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      While Freakazoid is in charge of flying a bunch of villains to a remote country in France, Freakazoid’s plane is brought down by an evil scientist who specializes in combining humans with orangutans to form “Orangumen”. Freakazoid has to work with some of his closest enemies in order to escape the island and get back on track, but with an island full of orangutan warriors, escaping may be harder than expected.moreless
    • The Chip (Acts I - III)
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      This episode tells the story of how Dexter Douglas gained his ability to turn into the Freakazoid, how he managed to cope with having those powers and why he decided to become a superhero. This episode is handled in a documentary fashion and Jack Valenti serves as the host and narrator.moreless
    • 11/11/95
      The Chip (Act IV): Jack Valenti acts as host for the action-packed story of Freakazoid's origins, which includes a flawed microchip, and a villain who wears an eye-patch named Guitierrez, a Scottish computer expert, an animal psychologist, a Tibetan Monk who won't stop raking, and the MPAA's fascinating rating system. Freakazoid is History: When Freakazoid is assigned to rescue the president from a storm, he finds himself sucked into a vortex that sends him back in time; Pearl Harbor, 1941, just hours before the secret Japanese attack on the naval base. Freakazoid has to decide if he'll meddle in the affairs of history and save the day despite the fact that he may be altering the future.moreless
    • The Wrath of Guitierrez
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Armongo Guitierrez is now able to zap himself into the internet while using the Pinnacle Chip and he plans to get revenge on Freakazoid, though will he be able to accomplish the task, despite the fact that Freakazoid defeated him before?
    • Hero Boy
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Guitierrez is back, though this time he has a plan to capture Freakazoid and create an evil clone, in order to make Freakazoid look bad and to ruin his reputation, though he has a couple of other tricks up his sleeve as well. Will Freakazoid be able to stop Guiitierrez and his assistant Jocko before its too late?moreless
    • Relax-O-Vision: By the order of H.A. Futterman, the disturbingly violent bits in the latest Freakazoid adventure are replaced by calming, mirthful images. But this doesn't stop the Lobe from kidnapping Steph, who responds by screaming some more.

      Fat Man And Boy Blubber: Two bulky but plucky superheroes save portly young Louis from a couple of bullying dirtbags. But what is their price?

      Limbo Lock-Up: Freakazoid's virtuoso display of idiocy is interrupted by cyberspace's "idiotic police", and he is left to choose between imprisonment and a fate worse than death.

      Terror Palace: The Horn of Urgency is sounded, and the Huntsman runs there in a jiffy.moreless

    • Normadeus
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The Lobe designs a giant horn tuned to Freakazoid's "resonance frequency", that will cause Freakazoid to disintegrate if it's played near him! But since it needs to be made out of wood to work properly, and the Lobe has no talent for woodcraft, he kidnaps famous craftsman Norm Abram and forces him to built the instrument. Can Freakazoid escape the Lobe's plot and rescue Norm Abram?moreless
    • Two Against Freak
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Freakazoid has been attempting to learn the art of telekinesis but discovers that it’s much harder to learn than he thought; meanwhile, Cave Guy and Cobra Queen team up to perform the ultimate jewel heists. While Freakazoid recovers from his injuries, Cosgrove, Roddy and the crew from the show “Real-Life Police” try to track down Cobra Queen and Cave Guy and get the jewels they stole back. However, when they find themselves outmatched, will Freakazoid manage to master his powers and come to the rescue; though he could go through the sewers but the smell is so bad that it’s a fate worse than death.moreless
    • A Matter of Love
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Cosgrove’s gets a girlfriend, which causes Freakazoid to become upset because Cosgrove no longer has time to hang out with him anymore. However, when Freakazoid decides to look into the issue, he discovers that she’s an ancient monster who devours the energy of other people in order to stay young forever; will Freakazoid manage to save his best friend without crushing his heart and how can Freakazoid fight off a demon who can light a candle with her nose?moreless
    • Freak-a-Panel / Tomb of Invisibo
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Freak-a-Panel: While on the trail of Cave Guy, Freakazoid finds himself at a sci-fi convention and despite the fact that everyone is in costume, he needs to find the real Cave Guy and get out. However, when Freakazoid is asked to sit on a panel for the WB and answer questions about the show, he is forced to take a detour from his search; though can he manage to escape the mediocrity and catch Cave Guy before he slips out unnoticed?

      Tomb of Invisibo: An evil Egyptian wizard named Invisibo escapes from his imprisonment after thousands of years, and starts wreaking havoc on the modern-day world. It's up to Freakazoid to stop him; as soon as Freak finds a way to catch a guy who's invisible!moreless

    • Candle Jack: At Camp Wennamigonnagohome, counselor Steph and her horror-loving charges are menaced by a spooky ghost-man named Candle Jack, who has the power to capture anyone who says he name out loud. This episode was also produced with Scream-O-Vision.

      Toby Danger in Doomsday Bay: Toby Danger and her friends battle off Dr. Sin when he steals the worlds largest semiconductor.

      The Lobe: The Lobe and a hypnotized Steph prepare to lobotomize Freakazoid, but will Steph break free in time to save him?moreless

    • The Freakazoid
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      It’s Freakazoid’s birthday, but instead of receiving presents, the Superhero Codebook claims he has to do favors for everyone who asks him; though when the Lobe shows up and makes Freakazoid promise to leave him alone, Freakazoid becomes concerned. All of the other local superheroes are on a conference on some moon in the middle of space, how can Freakazoid stop the Lobe’s scheme without breaking his promise?moreless
    • Statuesque
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      When Jeepers gets a new watch that can turn people into stone, he gets the help of a demon named Vorn the Unspeakable and he unleashes his power onto the world. However, when Steph winds up turned to stone by Jeepers, Freakazoid, Cosgrove and Professor Jones go on a trip to track Jeepers and Vorn down so that they can change Steph back; though that’s not going to stop them from visiting many other places along the way.moreless
    • And Fan Boy Is His Name: Fan boy attempts to becomes Freakazoid's new sidekick, much to his dismay. Will Freakazoid be able to escape Fan Boy’s persistence?

      Lawn Gnomes: Ch. IV - Fun in the Sun: Despised by mankind, the Gnomes try to change their ways. However, they discover that its harder to do good deeds when their entire nature is based on being mean.

      Freak's French Lesson: Freakazoid teaches some useful French, though his methods are somewhat questionable.moreless

    • Dexter's Date
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Dexter’s date with Steph is interrupted by the Lobe, who has a plan to bring down the TV broadcasting industry. However, Dexter finds it difficult because he needs to turn into the Freakazoid in order to stop the Lobe, but he can’t abandon his one chance with Steph either.
    • Next Time, Phone Ahead / Nerdator
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Next Time, Phone Ahead: When a very dumb alien winds up in Dexter’s backyard, he decides to keep the alien because it won’t leave him alone. However, when this alien continues to cause Dexter havoc, he must attempt to find a way to get the alien back home before it causes him even more problems; but with an alien as dumb as he is, will his people even want to take him back?

      Nerdator: When all the nerds and geeks in the world get kidnapped, Freakazoid investigates the issue in order to find out what is going on. He soon learns that the “Nerdator” is behind the kidnappings and that he wants to steal the knowledge of all the world’s nerds in order to become a super-genius, though Freakazoid believes he may just know of a way to scare him away from his evil scheme.moreless

    • Virtual Freak
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      While playing a state of the art game at the mall, Freakazoid and Cosgrove get sucked into a bizarre virtual world; but things soon take a turn for the worse when the Lobe starts causing havoc in the mall. Freakazoid and Cosgrove attempt to figure out a way to get out of the virtual world while Steph does all she can do from the real world, but will they get out in time to stop the Lobe?moreless
    • Foamy the Freakadog: Freakazoid rescues a rabid dog and names it Foamy the Freakadog, but he is not adapting well.

      Office Visit: In order to keep his name, Lord Bravery has to get a bakery shop named "Lord Bravery's Bake Shoppe" to change its name... if he can get other shops to change their names.

      Ode to Leonard Nimoy: Fanboy delivers an ode to his Star Trek hero Leonard Nimoy and also wants his autograph.

      Emergency Broadcast System: Freakazoid conducts a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.

    • 9/9/95
      Five Day Forecast: Freakazoid gives us a very unusual weather forecast.

      Dance of Doom: When Cave Guy takes high school students hostage at a Daylight Savings Time dance, only one hero can stop him; though that hero is on another network so Freakazoid must do the job instead.

      Handman: When Freakazoid and his new sidekick, Handman, defeat the Lobe, Handman heeds the call of matrimony and Freakazoid gets dragged along with him.moreless

    • 2/10/96
      House of Freakazoid: When Dexter gets an unexpected visit in the middle of the night, in turns out that it’s a lycanthrope named Lonnie Tallbutt, an individual who is seeking Dexter’s help to find a cure for his condition. However, will Dexter be able to find a cure for something so rare, and more importantly, will he be able to prevent Lonnie from tearing up his room, and himself, when he turns into a werewolf?

      Sewer or Later: Cobra Queen and her jewel-thieving serpents are holed up in the poorly-lit sewer. It's Freakazoid's duty to go down there after her; but Freakazoid hates sewers!moreless

    • In Arms Way / The Cloud
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      In Arms Way: Freakazoid’s Christmas shopping is interrupted by a run-in with a crime boss named “Arms” Akimbo, whose arms are locked into a jaunty pose and he cannot move it. He is attempting to extort money from local shopkeepers by selling “oops” insurance, though it’s up to Freakazoid to stop this from happening while trying to find the perfect gift for Steph.

      The Cloud: In the remote Teutonic mountains of Schnitzel, a spooky cloud seems to be transforming people into clown zombies. Freakazoid arrives to solve the mystery.moreless

    • 11/18/95
      Hot Rods From Heck: Longhorn hatches a plan to use robotic hot rods to steal a dangerous toxic-nuclear warhead. However, Dexter Douglas is going on vacation with his family, who just happens to be traveling the same road that the warhead is being transported on. However, will Dexter be able to become the Freakazoid without his family finding out that he’s gone missing?

      A Time for Evil: The Huntsman visits the police station in search of some bad crime to fight; though what he discovers just makes him even angrier.moreless

    • Mo-Ron: A fat, dumb alien comes to earth with an important message; though he’ll need to remember it first.

      The Sewer Rescue: Lord Bravery gets a big break in crime fighting when he has to rescue a man who fell into the sewers, but he cannot stand the stench.

      The Big Question: Another spaceship full of aliens come to Earth, though this time they have an important question.

      The Legends Who Lunch: A bunch of old superheroes talk about their glory days of crime fighting.moreless