Season 1 Episode 1

Five Day Forecast / Dance of Doom / Hand Man

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 09, 1995 on The WB
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Five Day Forecast: Freakazoid gives us a very unusual weather forecast.

Dance of Doom: When Cave Guy takes high school students hostage at a Daylight Savings Time dance, only one hero can stop him; though that hero is on another network so Freakazoid must do the job instead.

Handman: When Freakazoid and his new sidekick, Handman, defeat the Lobe, Handman heeds the call of matrimony and Freakazoid gets dragged along with him.moreless

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  • It was alright I suppose, but it wasn't how I remembered it.

    I personally agree with reviewer twitchgamer. Twitchgamer wonders if he should have kept this show a good memory instead of re-watching it. I used to watch this series as a kid and I enjoyed it. I had forgotten how it really was so I decided to start watching it again. I am disappointed that it was not like I envisioned it would be, but I am more than happy to be able to see it again after many of years. I really don't know what to say to you guys reading this. If you really liked Freakazoid then go watch this, but I am warning you that it may disappoint you. By the way, if you are wondering what this show is about, I have no idea. There is a sixteen year old boy who is addicted to his computer and he transforms into a superhero named Freakazoid. Freakazoid is really insane and defeats the bad guys in strange ways such as playing jokes on them. If you do not like "The Mask" or "Bobobo-bobo-bobo" then I would not recomend this to you.moreless
  • If this had been the first episode I saw as a child, I would not have tuned back in.

    I recall the show as being a lot better, and perhaps I was right, but this episode did nothing for me. I did find parts humorous, but overall, I felt as though I was being attacked. Trying to pass off Freakazoid yelling at people as being funny made up the bulk of the show.

    There were a few parts I did enjoy, such as the watch that turned beavers into gold, and the conversation between Dexter and his mom.

    Dexter's mom: You spend far too much time with your computer. It's not healthy

    Dexter: It's my life.

    Dexter's mom: That's so very very sad.

    I remember better things about this show. Of course, my favorite characters weren't in this episode. Maybe it will get better. And maybe I should have left this show a memory rather than expecting it to have stood up to the test of time.moreless
  • The writers had been watching Ed Wood.

    This episode is incredibly painful to watch, because it makes no sense at all, but oh do I love it so. Dance of Doom is my favourite skit out of the whole show. It was so incredibly ridiculous, yet another one of their "stories that have no business being told" as the writers put it, but it held all that mocking sense of random I enjoy. Between Freakazoid's yodeling on Cave Guy's head, and his "eating off the same plate as David Lee Roth" I couldn't not laugh; it was other worldly. Hand Man was a bit disturbing though, think about it, a seventeen year old rents a hotel room in Hawaii so his hands can play honeymoon. This one episode leaves you feeling so many different things it can be described in one word- epic. Whether or not you place the word "fail" in front of "epic" is for you to decide, but it describes it either way.moreless
  • Don't know what everyone else is talking about! This ep. was good!

    This ep. first starts off with us seeing Freakazoid!'s face super close to the screen with a strange look on his face as he starts to say "Terror..." and goes off into a kinda spaz of fright over tornadoes, whipping winds, lightning and thunder, and etc. and then everything thing is fine as he says this massacre of weather terror with give way to a sunny sky. It's just VERY funny how he does this whole thing! And it's classic Freakazoid!

    Now we have Dance of Doom which I thought was a great ep. Cave Guy is ransacking the city and then takes hostages at Dexter Douglas's(Freakazoid!'s secret identity) high school: Harry Connick Jr.(obviously a spoof off of the Martin Luther King Jr. school). This segment has so many funny things like Dexter's convo. with his mom:

    Mom: You spend too much time on your computer. It's not healthy.

    Dexter: It's my life.

    Mom: That's so very very sad.

    And then Freakazoid! saying "Nothing will stand in my way!" in a tough guy's voice on his way to the dance and then Cosgrove says to him "Hey Freakazoid! wanna go get a mint?" and Freakazoid! without hesitation and in his normal voice says ok. LOL! Then Freakazoid! is at the dance and he jumps on Cave Guys head and starts yodeling and then going into gibberish and finaling ending it with "Aloha, lady in the dress" I found this hilarious! And then to trick Cave Guy again he starts singing some strange song "Low bridge, everybody down! Low bridge, Cave Guy's underwear is brown..." That was also hilarious. He ends up defeating Cave Guy and getting his first kiss from the prettiest girl at school and the ep. ends with them making out, lol. Then we get a Freakazoid! version of the Animaniacs song which is really fun to watch!

    And now Handman. This ep. was really strange, weird, funny, and just pure Freakazoid! He makes his right hand become his sidekick(making his hand look like a face) After defeating The Lobe his hand then gets a girlfriend(Freakazoid!'s left hand)and then Freakazoid! marries them and then we see them on their honeymoon. While they are making out hand style Freakazoid! then says he wishes another couple he knows got along as great as the hands do. Then the scene cuts over to his feet who are fighting like an old married couple! Bizarre but funny!moreless
  • Funny, but odd, even for Freakazoid

    For being the first episode this episode surprisingly ranks down with 'Hot Rods from Heck' as one of the poorer done episodes.

    The only thing that saves it in my opinion is when Freak says, "That was low and based solely on for ME!" *smooch*

    And how the title kept on melting after a commercial break was pretty funny, too.

    Other than that, there weren't as many laughs as a typical ep of Freakazoid.

    But at least the show got way better after such a rocky start and few episodes were as inconsistent as this one.

    Everybody get DOWN! shh, quiet, everybody doooowwnnn....moreless
Edward Asner

Edward Asner

Sgt. Mike Cosgrove

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Dexter Douglas

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

Professor Jones (Second season) (voice)

Googy Gress

Googy Gress

Duncan Douglas (voice)

Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg

Freakazoid (voice)

Tracy Rowe

Tracy Rowe

Steff (voice)

Cree Summer

Cree Summer


Guest Star

Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell


Guest Star

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Debbie Douglas (voice)

Recurring Role

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Mr. Chubbikins

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Cave Guy

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • (Cave Guy is about to attack Freakazoid, but Freakazoid sticks out his leg, tripping Cave Guy in the process)
      Freakazoid: Have a nice trip, see you next fall!
      (Cave Guy falls)

    • Lobe: Oh, just stop!
      Freakazoid: What?
      Lobe: This is stupid.
      Freakazoid: You're calling my sidekick stupid?
      Lobe: That's not a proper sidekick; that's just your hand.
      Freakazoid: No it isn't.
      Lobe: Yes it is!
      Freakazoid: No it isn't!
      Lobe: Yes it is! It's just your hand, you simpleton!

    • Lobe: No one can save you this time, Freakazoid!
      Freakazoid: That's where you're wrong, Lobe! My new sidekick will save me.
      Lobe: Oh yeah? Well, where is he?
      Handman: I'm right here!
      Freakazoid: Handman! You've come in the nick of time!
      Handman: I wouldn't let you down, Freakabazaal! Oh, I'm sorry, it's Freakazee. Uh, Freakabee.
      Freakazoid: No. Freakazoid.
      Handman: Freakazoy.

      Freakazoid: No. Freakazoid.
      Handman: Freakazee! Freeballoo! Meemalar!
      Freakazoid: No. Say it with me. Frea.
      Handman: Frea.
      Freakazoid: Ka.
      Handman: Ka.
      Freakazoid: Zoid.
      Handman: Freakazee. No! Freakazoid! Freakazoid. (kisses up to Freakazoid)
      Freakazoid: Hey, stop it!

    • Steph: Excuse me, do you how long this will take?
      Cave Guy: Why?
      Steph: Well, some of us have reservations for a late dinner at the Green Gourd.
      Cave Guy: Yes, I've dined at the Green Gourd. You're better off as hostages.

    • Freakazoid: Nothing will stand in my way!
      Sgt. Cosgrove: Hey Freakazoid, wanna go for a mint?
      Freakazoid: Okay!

    • Freakazoid: (to Jeepers) You're a creep! Go away! We were all having a good time until YOU showed up!! Go have some coffee with cream or something! Because I'll tell you something: this is a HAPPY PLACE!!

    • Freakazoid: Terror. Terror in the night. The whipping, howling unforgiving winds crash into the clouds and rain falls no matter where you turn. There is no escape. No escaping the true horror. (Quiet) A sudden silence (He raises his voice) and then screaming thunder, lightning, floods, tornadoes, vermin, pestilence, fire, earthquake!
      (He screams, falls backward, and stands up next to a weather forecast board) Giving way to hazy afternoon sunshine. I'll be back with the five day forecast after this.

    • Guy #1: Daylight Savings Times rules!
      Guy #2: It's rocking!
      All: (Cheer)

    • Mrs. Douglas: You spend far too much time with your computer. It's not healthy.
      Dexter: It's my life.
      Mrs. Douglas: That's so very, very sad.

    • Mrs. Douglas: That Dexter. He has good grades and will probably leave us and go to college. But not you, Duncan! You get to stay here and be a big man-child!
      Duncan: Oh, boy!

    • Freakazoid: While I may have been losing a sidekick, I knew I was gaining a daughter. Or the upper hand, or... something, I dunno.

    • Freakazoid: That was shallow, cheap, and based solely on hormones. Works for me!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Find Emmitt Nervend: Six times in this episode.

    • At the end of the episode "Dance of Doom" they play a song for Freakazoid! that is sung to the Animaniacs theme:

      "Freakazoid and Friends"

      It's time for Freakazoid and friends
      Where the insanity never ends
      Justice he defends
      You're sure to get the bends
      From Freakazoid and friends!

      When Dexter becomes Freakazoid, he shows his super stuff
      He battles Lobe and Booger Beast and villains who are tough
      Like Candle Jack and Cobra Queen
      Cave Guy can be rough
      There's Fanboy, Mo-Ron, Eye of Newt
      And that's about enough!

      It's Freakazoid and friends
      It's what your dentist recommends
      To patients who chew gum
      This show is really dumb
      It's Freakazoid and friends!

      Meet Dexter's girlfriend, Steff
      And his mentor, named MacStew
      Lord Bravery and Fanboy
      The Gnomes are quite a crew
      Cosgrove and the Huntsman
      Toby Danger too
      And don't forget; there's Freakazette
      A lovely shade of blue!

      It's Freakazoid and friends
      A show that no one comprehends
      Our longevity depends
      On our demographic trends
      It's totally freaky
      Dexter's geeky
      The plots are weaky
      We're up the creeky
      We've sprung a leaky
      Freakazoid and friends!
      Now our song ends!

    • Animation Services: Koko Enterprise Co. Ltd., Dong Yang Animation Co, Ltd.


    • The "Toby Danger" character shown during the Freakazoid and Friends song is a pastiche of Johnny Quest.

    • "Pull the string!" is the catchphrase that Bela Lugosi uses in the movie Glen of Glenda by Ed Wood.

    • Valerie and Steff are very similar to the Archie comic characters: Betty and Veronica, in the way they look and act.

    • Cave Guy's voice is similar to the 'millionaire' on Gilligan's Island, Thurston Howell III.

    • Our Narrator: Only one hero can track down Cave Guy. Only one hero has the heart to fight this fiend. That hero is... on another network.
      The "hero on another network" is Batman, who was being played on the Fox network when Freakazoid! premiered on Kids WB.

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