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    Terror of the Tutor: The Lobe poses as a Tutor to trick Brutish Teenagers (Like Duncan Douglas) into breaking down doors of Banks, Schools, Bookstores, and Laundromats.

    Than Any Ghost could ever Dare to Try: It's Halloween and the Douglas Family are hoping to win This Year. however, when Mrs. Douglasmet and said the Words "Candle Jack", She gets captured, and the Ghostly Fiend turns the Douglas House into Ghost Central, Will Dexter Save His Mother orhas Candle Jack won?

    Strange Magic: a Raccoon Sorcerer and His Half-Sister invades Burbank, and can Freakazoid defeat the Ringtailed Renegades?

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    The Secret Origin of Freakazette!
    Former MPAA president Jack Valenti, and his cheeks, brings us the story of Freakazette, everything from where she came from to her first team up with Freakazoid. Unfortunately, due to the animation studio that was supposed to work on the episode went under, all that's left of the episode is a group of out of context,unfinished shots.

    Splitting Freak!
    Dexter thinks things with Steff couldn't be better ever since she discovered he was Freakazoid. However, Steff only has eyes for Freakazoid and is barely putting up with this geeky alter ego. Fed up with playing second fiddle to his other persona, Dexter activates the Pinnacle chip flaw again in an attempt to destroy Freakazoid. When the dust clears, Dex thinks he's succeeded, until he comes face to face with Freakazoid! As Dexter and Freakazoid part ways, no longer being anchored by the other, things quickly become apparent. Without Dexter, Freakazoid is now more unhinged than ever and without Freakazoid,Dex becomes an unemotional robot. Roddy enters the Internet to find a way to put the two back together, because without either one, they will slowly fade out of existence. Meanwhile, Steff has the unenviable task of getting them to agree to become a single person again.

    The Huntsman/Lord Bravery Power Hour
    Huntsman and Lord Bravery team up to battle evil, and to be taken seriously as superheroes, and their first mission leads them to do battle with Cave Guy. However due to the Network Censor thinking theepisode is too violent,it's changed to simply an animated Jeff Bennettrunning throughthe episode's script.

    Having taken his obsession to new levels, Fan Boy uncovers the secret of Freakazoid's powers (from having purchased the Season One DVD) and subjects himself to the same process. Now empowered with Freakazoid's powers and abilities, Fan Boy embarks on a crusade against the forces of evil...and to get his own DC Comic. Freakazoid feels pressured to do something about that, mainly because if he doesn't, he will have to do another series of TV spots for Anubis Markets, a division of Osiris Foods. Food so good, you can eat it!

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