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Who WAS Freakazette?

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    The mysterious Freakazette

    I'm certain we all remember that in the "Freakazoid and Friends" song, they feature a character called Freakazette who never shows up in any other episode, because the episode they were writing about her never got made. What I'd like to know is just who she really was. There's a theory that she's Steff, which is pretty plausible (though some people base it on the fact that Freakazette is a blonde like Steff, which I don't think really counts as proof since Freakazoid's hair color is different from Dexter's). I myself am also going with the idea that Freakazette is actually a female cousin of Dexter's, though admittedly that's probably 'cause they did that idea in "Danny Phantom".

    Has anyone here actually been able to get a look at the script written for "Enter: Freakazette"? If so, I'd be grateful if anyone could summarize it (or even better, transcribe it) so that this mystery can be solved.

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    I think 'Zette was just a jab at the Supergirl concept (female version of the hero). If they had planned a script for her, then maybe it's for the best that it didn't get released. Personally, I don't think Steff would've been a good pick for 'Zette, mainly because Steff is just too much a damsel in distress to suddenly become the hero.

    I did find a fanfic on 'Zette. Not official, but:

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    If Freakazette was used in an episode, she'd probably be used as a quick gag, kinda like that episode where Freakazoid had already disarmed the bomb because he got moved to an earlier timeslot. The whole thing would have amounted to Freakazoid thanking her for an adventure we didn't see and she just walks off without saying anything.
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