Season 2 Episode 10

Freak-a-Panel / Tomb of Invisibo

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 31, 1997 on The WB
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Freak-a-Panel: While on the trail of Cave Guy, Freakazoid finds himself at a sci-fi convention and despite the fact that everyone is in costume, he needs to find the real Cave Guy and get out. However, when Freakazoid is asked to sit on a panel for the WB and answer questions about the show, he is forced to take a detour from his search; though can he manage to escape the mediocrity and catch Cave Guy before he slips out unnoticed?

Tomb of Invisibo: An evil Egyptian wizard named Invisibo escapes from his imprisonment after thousands of years, and starts wreaking havoc on the modern-day world. It's up to Freakazoid to stop him; as soon as Freak finds a way to catch a guy who's invisible!moreless

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  • You just gotta love Klingon jokes.

    Ok, the writer got kinda lazy, so they made an episode where Freak chases Cave Guy around a bit. First he fights him on a yacht, then he chases him through a sci-fi convention- and then Freakazoid takes a sharp blow to the ego when he gets pulled into some TV show conference, only to find out that everyone just wants to know about superman- except that one guy who mentions that Freak's popular in a number of institutes... But is that a good thing? Freakazoid manages to get Cave Guy to turn himself in by dressing up as a Klingon. I thought this was incredibly funny, and that they made a wise choice in having a sci-fi convention in the series (most good comedy shows have one once in a while!).

    WB needs more special effects money, so please pretend that the staff isn't attached to wires, and is really being held by an invisible man. Later in the episode, you learn that the network has been embarrassed into spending more money on special effects. Also, we get to hear a catchy musical number! �ô Where did he gooo, that invisibo... �ô At the end, Freak gets e-mail, which is totally hilarious and random.moreless
Edward Asner

Edward Asner

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David Kaufman

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Jonathan Harris

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    • Freakazoid: Ah, this Invisibo thing is getting to me. There's no pattern - he just zaps power at random.
      Cosgrove: If we knew where he was gonna hit next, we could trap him.
      Announcer: I know! He's going to hit the power station tonight!
      Freakazoid: (annoyed) Joe! You're the announcer! You're not supposed to give away plot points!
      Announcer: (sheepishly) Well, uh, I hear a lot of things, and uh....I wanted to help because, um....maybe you're going to replace me with cute girl singers?
      Freakazoid: (now angry) Listen, mister! I got enough problems without you getting soft on me! You stick to announcing, and I'll stick to figuring out the story, OKAY?!
      (scene zips to later that night)
      Announcer: That night, at the power station....
      Freakazoid: (whining) I was just about to figure it out on my own!
      Cosgrove: I know, kid.

    • Random Person: If Superman fought Fred Flintstone who would win?
      Freakazoid: I would guess Superman. Unless Barney Rubble snuck up and hit him with a kryptonite club or something.

    • Invisibo: You've given me a awful lot of trouble for a goof!
      Freakazoid: That's "Mr. goof" to you, transparent boy!

    • Freakazoid: Give up yet? Say "Uncle Jimbo's flying poodles", and I'll let you off easy.
      Invisibo: Uncle Jimbo's... wait, I'm winning!

    • Freakazoid: Hey Cosgrove, how come you never got married?
      Cosgrove: 'Cause I like meat too much.
      Freakazoid: You can get married and still like meat.
      Cosgrove (after pause): I didn't know that.

    • Cave Guy (referring to someone speaking Klingon): You created an entire language based on a fictional TV show? That's not right!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Invisibo's Theme Song:

      How do you find what you can't see,
      When an invisible guy goes on a crime spree?
      He's gone...

      Where did he go? That Invisibo!
      He's a power-hungry kook with a scepter full of juice.
      So tell me - where did he go? That Invisibo!
      Drinking up all the wattage, he's a nut-case on the loose.
      So tell me - did he go back to his sandy tomb?
      Or go visit friends in Saskatoon?
      So tell me - where did he go? That Invisibo!
      He's a menace to the town and to property;
      He wants to be in charge of you and me, I guess!

      How do you find what you can't see,
      When an invisible guy goes on a crime spree?

    • Running Gag: Dexter's family screaming and running, followed by Cosgrove asking Freakazoid if those are his folks, Freakazoid replies "yeah".

    • The Invisibo theme song was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 1997's Outstanding Original Song category.