Season 2 Episode 10

Freak-a-Panel / Tomb of Invisibo

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 31, 1997 on The WB



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Freakazoid: Ah, this Invisibo thing is getting to me. There's no pattern - he just zaps power at random.
      Cosgrove: If we knew where he was gonna hit next, we could trap him.
      Announcer: I know! He's going to hit the power station tonight!
      Freakazoid: (annoyed) Joe! You're the announcer! You're not supposed to give away plot points!
      Announcer: (sheepishly) Well, uh, I hear a lot of things, and uh....I wanted to help because, um....maybe you're going to replace me with cute girl singers?
      Freakazoid: (now angry) Listen, mister! I got enough problems without you getting soft on me! You stick to announcing, and I'll stick to figuring out the story, OKAY?!
      (scene zips to later that night)
      Announcer: That night, at the power station....
      Freakazoid: (whining) I was just about to figure it out on my own!
      Cosgrove: I know, kid.

    • Random Person: If Superman fought Fred Flintstone who would win?
      Freakazoid: I would guess Superman. Unless Barney Rubble snuck up and hit him with a kryptonite club or something.

    • Invisibo: You've given me a awful lot of trouble for a goof!
      Freakazoid: That's "Mr. goof" to you, transparent boy!

    • Freakazoid: Give up yet? Say "Uncle Jimbo's flying poodles", and I'll let you off easy.
      Invisibo: Uncle Jimbo's... wait, I'm winning!

    • Freakazoid: Hey Cosgrove, how come you never got married?
      Cosgrove: 'Cause I like meat too much.
      Freakazoid: You can get married and still like meat.
      Cosgrove (after pause): I didn't know that.

    • Cave Guy (referring to someone speaking Klingon): You created an entire language based on a fictional TV show? That's not right!

  • Notes

    • Invisibo's Theme Song:

      How do you find what you can't see,
      When an invisible guy goes on a crime spree?
      He's gone...

      Where did he go? That Invisibo!
      He's a power-hungry kook with a scepter full of juice.
      So tell me - where did he go? That Invisibo!
      Drinking up all the wattage, he's a nut-case on the loose.
      So tell me - did he go back to his sandy tomb?
      Or go visit friends in Saskatoon?
      So tell me - where did he go? That Invisibo!
      He's a menace to the town and to property;
      He wants to be in charge of you and me, I guess!

      How do you find what you can't see,
      When an invisible guy goes on a crime spree?

    • Running Gag: Dexter's family screaming and running, followed by Cosgrove asking Freakazoid if those are his folks, Freakazoid replies "yeah".

    • The Invisibo theme song was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 1997's Outstanding Original Song category.

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