Season 1 Episode 8

Hot Rods From Heck / A Time for Evil

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 18, 1995 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Dexter and his family on their way to visit Grandpa. Duncan is, as usual, giving Dexter a hard time. As they are driving, two fast moving hot-roders race towards them, nearly running them off the road. (Lucky for them, Douglas 'Stepped on the breaks like a frightened old lady.') We then discover that the hot-roders are remote controlled, and are part of Longhorn's evil scheme to steal a rocket being transported by the army, and hold Nashville to ransom unless they give him a recording contract. Dexter recognises 'Bessie Mae' (Longhorn's truck), and changes into Freakazoid, who gives Duncan a taste of his own medicine before racing off to stop Longhorn. (not before going with Cosgrove to watch a bear ride a motorcycle, though!).

Freakazoid heads to the Freakalair and chooses a Freakmobile ("How toyetic an you get?"), and uses it to run both the robotic hot-roders off the road. This angers Longhorn, who chases Freakazoid with his truck, following him into the sky via jetpacks. Freakazoid tries to evade Longhorn by diving the Freakmobile into water, unfortunately, he forgot it isn't designed to do that, and so loses his car. Longhorn charges him with the truck, but Freakazoid has a plan. He lures Longhorn to a baseball game during the 'Seventh Inning Stretch', where he has to sing along - it's tradition. As the villains sing, Freakazoid ties them up and sends them packing off to jail.

By the time Dexter gets back to his folks (he got lost in the desert), Duncan is annoyed with him, and the fact that he had to see 'the blue guy' again. His parents are quick to point out that as he is only one who has ever seen Freakazoid, he is probably insane. The episode ends with them back on the road, and Duncan annoying Dexter again.

This is one of the episodes interrupted by 'this important announcement'.

Before the episode starts, the announcer says "We interrupt this program to bring you this important message: I love u."

After it, the message is, " We interrupt this program to bring u this important message: I can see you."