Season 1 Episode 8

Hot Rods From Heck / A Time for Evil

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 18, 1995 on The WB



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  • Quotes

    • Freakazoid: No doubt Longhorn is up to some evil plan. I must find him without delay!
      (Cosgrove drives up)
      Cosgrove: Hey, Freakazoid.
      Freakazoid: Oh, hi, Cosgrove.
      Cosgrove: Wanna go see a bear ride a motorcycle?
      Freakazoid: Do I?! Let's roll!

    • Dexter's Dad: Pipe down or I'll climb back there and butter your heads!
      Dexter's Mom: You boys have been full of ginger this entire trip! Now settle down before we reach your Grandpa's place.
      Dexter's Dad: I don't want you giggling at his cardboard hat. He's not well.

    • Freakazoid: Wow, that was a long wait. This is more story than I'm used to.

    • Freakazoid: I like me.

    • Freakazoid:
      Longhorn's got a pretty nifty truck. Let's see if it came with underwater option. Freakazoid dives underwater with his car, and presses some buttons. The car crashes into the river bed, and starts to flood.
      Oh that's right. This car was never designed to operate underwater. Wow. That was important, and I forgot it.

  • Notes

    • Find Emmitt Nervend: Twice in this episode.

    • Lyrics from HOT RODS FROM HECK

      Jammin' gears and eatin' pie
      In my big rig in the sky
      Since the day I crashed into a banjo shop


      Her name was Molinda
      She'd be 56 today
      But she fell out of my truck
      On Highway 5 near San Jose


      LH & Turk : Take me out to the ball game
      Take me out to the crowd
      Freakazoid: Bind me with rope and a sailor's knot
      Send me to jail where I'll sleep on a cot
      'Cause you broke, broke broke the law
      Off you go to the can
      For it's one, two, three years away
      I'll send you Spam!

    • This is one of the episodes interrupted by 'this important announcement'. Before the episode starts, the announcer says "We interrupt this program to bring you this important message: I love you." After it, the message is, " We interrupt this program to bring you this important message: I can see you." Later, a third message says "I'm really a deep voiced woman."

    • Longhorn's backstory is told to us in this episode. He was born in Odessa, Texas, and was formerly known as Jubal 'Bull' Nixon. He worked at a Jonnee Cat factory 'selling bags and bags of jonnee cat', before turning to a life of crime. As the police were after him he had a doctor transform him into a bull.

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