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  • One of those shows that made Saturday morning fun...

    A show like this needs it's writing to be on the button in order to work. Freakazoid never failed to disappoint. With it's snappy one-liners combined with a sometimes incredibly random jokes, Freakzoid showed what could be done with a Saturday morning cartoon.

    It's wide assortment of great characters (from Freakzoid and Dexter to Cosgrove and the Villians) kept the show fresh with each new episode. It also knew how to draw the audience in, frequently breaking the fourth wall in order to encourage audience participation (Screamovision anyone?).

    In an age where every Saturday morning cartoon has become some form of anime or anime/action wannabe, it's fun to go back and watch a show that's just out there to be funny.

    This is one of the many WB Saturday shows that needs to be released on DVD. Kids these days don't know what they're missing.