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  • One of the best cartoon shows ever made! Steven Spielberg made many wonderful cartoon shows, but this is by far my favorite. Freakazoid! is a zany superhero with some great abilities that he uses to fight generally wacky and insane villians in this hila

    Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of many notable Saturday morning cartoon shows on the WB including Freakazoid!. Freakazoid! appeared first in a lineup that included Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Earthworm Jim. Freakazoid! is my personal favorite of the bunch because of its humor and generally non-offensive content. (much like the other shows listed) Unlike other funny shows such as The Simpsons or Family Guy, children and adults of all ages can sit down and watch any episode of Freakazoid! and enjoy it.

    Freakazoid fights his enemies who have a personal vendetta against him, hold hostage his friends, family and cat (Mr. Chubbykins), or they just want to do the usual destroy/take over/enslave the world bit. It's not a complex story line, however the execution of the show is unparalleled! Freakazoid uses his super strength, red underwear and his ability to attach his head to a lightning bolt to subdue his opponents! How awesome is that??? Attach your head to a lightning bolt! I bet Marvel never thought of that one... Emmitt Nervend. Anyways, with the help of his friends, his Freakmobile, Norm Abram and the occasional rabid dog, Freakzoid takes superheroism to a new level. Whether that level be up or down is debatable, but you can't deny the entertainment of this show!

    The villains are well crafted with many different characteristics and motives. Their devious plots always coincide with the villains' character. The Lobe (he has a huge brain-shaped head) is my favorite bad guy. He always has some intricate, well thought-out plan to get rid of Freakazoid, but something or somebody causes it to go wrong and Freakazoid ends up saving the day. Emmitt Nervend. Another great foe is Cave Guy. Cave Guy is this big blue gorilla-looking guy that has the etiquette of a Harvard gentleman. He uses his brute strength to get what he wants, yet he does it with respectability and class. Whenever he and Freakazoid fight, Cave Guy always beats the baconbits and yogurt out of Freakazoid!

    Freakazoid! is very similar to Animaniacs in its presentation. Most of the time, it is one story the entire episode, but other times it is several stories split up by commercial breaks. Emmitt Nervend. Freakazoid! also features many other characters that make cameos or have their own short segments. A few of them are The Huntsman, Hero Boy and Lord Bravery Smoked Meats and Fishes, all of whom are very funny.

    This show is not available on DVD yet, and as far as I know, it is not upcoming either. =( So if you want to see it, you will have to catch it on Cartoon Network at an odd time, or contact me through AIM (Mishkin100) and I can hook you up with some details on how to find some of these episodes. Enjoy this show! It totally freakin' rocks! Freak Out! Zweeeeeeeeesh! [Runs away with arms stretched up in the air]

    (Hey kids! See if you can spot Emmitt Nervend in this article 3 times!)
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