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  • an awesome action cartoon

    Dexter Douglas is a mild-mannered teenager who, while logged onto the Internet one Christmas, is thrust into a horrible crash on the information superhighway and transformed into an electrifying superhero. He's average, predictable, the middle of the bell curve and the center of the silent majority, which most consider completely dull and boring; the type of person who just blends into the crowd. However, all this changes when he turns into the Freakazoid, a lightening haired superhero who wears red underwear who uses his new abilities to fight evil and do battle with villains such as the Lobe. That is, unless Cosgrove, his best friend and chief of police, can suggest something better to do. With his many trusted sidekicks, his fabulous Freakalair and his girlfriend Steph by his side, he's ready to save the day; that is, unless there's something better on TV.

    Character Descriptions

    Freakazoid is the hero of our show, the crazy alter-ego of Dexter Douglas. He draws his amazing powers of super speed and strength from cyberspace, which he obtained after an accident involving a Pinnacle Computer Chip. While he does his best to save the day, he's considered a lunatic and often does the unexpected.

    Dexter Douglas is the teenage geek alter-ego of Freakazoid, he's quiet, mild mannered and a bit of a nerd; though he does keep his other identity a secret. However, when evil rears its ugly head, Dexter will "Freak Out" to become the mighty Freakazoid.

    Cosgrove is the chief of police and Freakazoid's best friend. He's always on the hand with good advice for our hero and he typically has a neat idea about how to spend the afternoon. While he's not always useful, he usually does come along to bust the bad guys when Freakazoid managed to defeat the villains.

    Steph is both Dexter and Freakazoid's love interest; she's considered an attractive character but is romantically interested in Freakazoid, which makes Dexter upset; though it does permit her to be around to help Freakazoid save the day at times.

    The Lobe is Freakazoid's archenemy; he's always coming up with diabolical schemes that will help him take over the world, though despite his huge brain, he's always running into Freakazoid's opposition at every turn.

    The Huntsman, formally Marty Feeb, is a super strong, super fast hero who lives in the forest, but will run to the city to fight crime in a jiffy whenever 'The Horn of Urgency' is sounded. Provided it isn't a slow crime day, that is.

    Lord Bravery is an up and coming British super hero trying to make his name. Things just never seem to go right for him though.
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