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  • A bizarre show with bizarre humor and bizarre characters. Nevertheless, those things all mix together for a hilariously insane cartoon.

    Freakazoid! was a severely underappreciated show. The problem with it is people are either too dumb to understand any of the jokes or not used to the fast-paced, crazy atmosphere presented in this show. This show works mostly off of its insane humor, brilliant voice actors, and wonderful music. While I am basing my opinion off the first season of the show (having not seen the second), I can honestly say that the characters needed more time to develop. I never really began to care about any of them on an emotional level. With Animaniacs and The Simpsons, that kind of empathy came to me quickly, but in this show, it was a bit more difficult. This show had so much potential to branch out and develop even more, but it was canceled much too quickly to do that. Nevertheless, we get an amazing program that surpasses the quality of most cartoons today. I would have loved to see the creative jokes and the hilarious plotlines carry into modern television, but unfortunately, a show like this is rare. It may have been weird, but that's what made Freakazoid! unique, bold, and different compared to the vast multitude of other programs.