Season 1 Episode 7

The Chip (Act IV) / Freakazoid is History

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 11, 1995 on The WB

Episode Recap

As Guitierrez played the Marty Ingels tape to the Douglas family, Roddy gave in and wrote the sequence of keys that activate the flaw on a single note and gave it to Guitierrez. But then he told his guards to eliminate Dexter, Roddy and the entire Douglas family! Why? Because Guitierrez lied when he said that he would let them go but they task him because revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins!

And with that, Guitierrez walked away, leaving his guards to finish the job! Dexter thinks this is all a nightmare and screamed "I'm freaking out!" and with that, Dexter transformed into Freakazoid, beat up the guards and sent them to a chiropractor!

Roddy told Freakazoid that they've got to find Guitierrez and stop him from activating the flaw and so they split up to find Guitierrez that where Roddy was being chased by more guards! So he acted fast, hid in one of the computer rooms, pressed the sequence of keys followed by Delete to activate the flaw which made Roddy make his clean getaway and enter the Internet before Guitierrez!

Meanwhile, Guitierrez typed the sequence of keys but before he could press Delete, Freakazoid ran in, grabbed Guitierrez's eyepatch, ran all the way to Tibet, apologised to the monk with the rake and let go of the eyepatch which sent Guitierrez flying through three glass buildings and back into his chair! Before he passed out, Guitierrez told Freakzoid, "You task me, Freakazoid." Then Freakazoid went up to the computer and found he had e-mail so he pressed Enter to read it. The e-mail was from Roddy as it read, "Hey lad, good work. I'm sorry I can't be there in person to congratulate ya, but ah, I'm busy surfing the net and don't know how to get back just yet. Just so you know, to change back into Dexter, all you have to do is say "Freak in". To change back to Freakazoid, say "Freak out". You're a good lad. Do me proud. I'll see you again one day, that I promise. Till then, good luck and goodbye. I'll miss you." That e-mail from Roddy gave Freakazoid the information he needed to control his powers and it also brought tears to Freakazoid's eyes.

The police arrived in time to send Guitierrez and his cronies to jail while the Douglas family told the police all about the Marty Ingels tape. Meanwhile, Sergeant Michael Cosgrove came up to Freakazoid and complimented on his heroic attempts and they should go out for a sno cone to celebrate.

At the snow cone place, Cosgrove told Freakazoid about what he should do with his superpowers such as fight crime, uphold the truth and impress the ladies. Freakazoid agreed and said that he'll do it and with that, Freakazoid decided to become a superhero and that's how Freakazoid became a superhero! Then Mr. Valenti admitted that he was a lousy actor and said that the only reason why he decided to do this motion picture was just to impress Steven Spielberg. And just as Mr. Valenti said that they're done, Freakazoid quickly showed the scene with a man wrestling a bear for no reason. Now they're done!
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