Season 1 Episode 7

The Chip (Act IV) / Freakazoid is History

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 11, 1995 on The WB

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  • Conclusion of the previous and Freakzoid messes with time.

    The second part of this episode Freakazoid is History (also know as Quantum Freak) is by far one of my favorite (Hula girls!) segements.

    The entire time travel bit is (hula girls!) hilarious. Love the looking through the binoculars and constantly coming back to the hula girls. The sketch isn't so much a Quantum Leap joke as it is a general time travel gag. What really sells the episode for me is when Freakazoid gets back. The little changes to '90s culture are hilarious. Loved the Sharon Stone can finally act and Rush Limbaugh becomes a bleeding heart liberal. Priceless. That and the now dated joke about Euro Disney are still funny.

    Just a great episode.
  • A great parody, an even better cameo!

    This ep is one of my faves. It has everything a TV show needs: a daring sky rescue, a swirly time vortex thingy, a history-altering climax, and hula girls! Lots and lots of hula girls!

    Yeah, the plot is silly, aren't they all? It's why I love it. The point where it moves into a parody of one of my other fave shows (I can't say it or I'll be sued!lol) is great, and there are so many fast background jokes in this episode, you can watch it over and over again and keep getting new things! A classic.

    However, and I won't give this away, the highlight for me is a certain cameo appearence by another fave character of mine - we've been wanting to see that for years (at least, I have!)

    As always, Paul Rugg is excellent as our red-underpanted hero, and his 'Quantum Freak' monologue is fantastic!

    I think I'll go watch it again, now!!