Season 1 Episode 6

The Chip (Acts I - III)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 04, 1995 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In the episode 'The Chip', Mrs. Douglas states that Dexter is seventeen years old. However, in the episode 'Dance of Doom', which takes place after the events in 'The Chip', she said that Dexter is sixteen years old.

  • Quotes

    • Guitierrez: (About Dexter's family, who he has tied up in another room) Cooperate with me, and no harm will come to them. But, refuse me, and I'll show them this. (Holds up a videotape) The best of Marty Ingels.
      Roddy McStew: What kind of sadistic creature are you?!

    • Roddy McStew: You'll never get away with it, Guitierrez!
      Guitierrez: Get away with what? I haven't said anything yet.
      Roddy McStew: My bad. I jumped the gun. Sorry.

    • Roddy McStew: I've never seen anything as bizarre as you.
      Freakazoid: That's pretty weird, coming from a guy in a dress!

    • Announcer: We interrupt this programme... to increase dramatic tension.

    • Freakazoid: (Puts Duncan in a leglock) Say uncle!
      Duncan: Uncle!
      Freakazoid: Say "grandma Moses makes munchy meat most monday mornings"!
      Duncan: Grandma Moses makes munch...munchy... I can't!

    • Dexter: Can I go put it in?
      Debbie Douglas: OK, but only in your computer.

    • Guttierez: Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins!!

    • Roddy McStew: Crud!

    • Gutierrez (after pushing McStew out the window) Oh, now how did that happen? (laughs menacingly, then pauses because he's the only one laughing) Laugh with me. (starts laughing again and everyone joins in)

    • Jack Valenti: Hi. I'm Jack Valenti...and these are my cheeks. (shows us his cheeks) We get a lot of mail here at the Motion Picture Association of America, and most them...are about my cheeks. (shows us his cheeks, again)

    • Freakazoid: Let's wrastle!

    • Roddy: (describing the effects of "The Chip" on a user) It'd download all the information on the Internet into their minds, giving them superhuman powers, enabling them to do just about anything! But they'd be very silly. Extremely perturbed! They'd be... A FREAKAZOID!
      Businessman: A "freaky-zoid"? What's that?
      Roddy: It's exactly what it sounds like, Mr Fancy Man Sitting In Your Chair!

  • Notes

    • Find Emmitt Nervend:
      Three times in this episode.

    • Both "Apex" (the company that makes the chip) and "Pinnacle" (the name of the chip) are synonyms of the word "Acme," a name commonly associated with faulty technology in Warner Brothers cartoons.

    • The caricature character of Jack Valenti was voiced by Valenti himself. Jack Valenti was head of the MPAA until mid-2004 and really did invent the movie ratings system he tries to blab on about in this episode.

    • The theme song is changed slightly in this episode. The line "Freaka-zoo!" becomes "Free kazoo!". Actually, that isn't really different. Well they changed the animation, anyway.

    • Gutierrez is physically based on the man who voiced him, Ricardo Montalban.

  • Allusions

    • At one point Guiterrez (voiced by Ricardo Montalbán) considers putting 'ooey gooey worms' in people's ears. This alludes to the movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where Khan" (also played by Montalbán) goes through with such a threat.

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