Freaks and Geeks

Season 1 Episode 2

Beers and Weirs

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Show opens to the Weir family in their kitchen, it is made clear that the parents are going to Chicago and leaving Lindsay and Sam alone for the weekend.

(Theme Song Begins, Credits Roll)

Show resumes with Lindsay walking down the hallway, she walks up to Nick who is upset because John Bonham died (a week ago). The two walk into the smoking patio and up to Ken, Daniel, and Kelly. Lindsay makes a shoplifting joke that doesn't go over well. Lindsay lets them know her parents are out of town, a party (that Lindsay's not totally thrilled about) is planned at the Weir house.

Scene changes to Neal and Bill talking about Lindsay messing up her life, and then again to Lindsay coming up to Sam at school telling Sam about the party.

The scene changes again to an awareness assembly about drunk driving. Lindsay and Daniel skip out of the assembly. Daniel lets Lindsay know that he's invited some of his older cousins to the party.

Scene changes to Sam, Neal, and Bill discussing the party. They decide that they need to go to the party to protect Lindsay.

Scene changes to Lindsay cutting school with everyone to go buy a keg.

Scene changes to Sam, Neal, and Bill at lunch. They come up with the idea of switching the keg of beer, with a keg of un alcoholic beer. They buy the beer and haul it home. Lindsay is shown getting things ready for the party.

Sam and Bill switch the keg while Neal distracts Lindsay, they hide the other keg in Sam's room.

Daniel, Ken, and Nick arrive and the party starts. Everyone mingles, including Sam and Neil, Bill stays in Sam's room and watches Dallas. He eventually gets drunk off of the real keg. Nobody notices the difference in beer, and is pretending to be drunk, the older cousins arrive.

Lindsay eventually gets mad at Daniel and especially Nick after he tries to unhook her bra

Neal tells Lindsay he's been in love with her, and then calls the cops to help out Lindsay and get the party broken up

Everyone leaves when Neal announces the cops are there

Episode ends
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