Freaks and Geeks

Season 1 Episode 14

Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2000 on NBC
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Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers
Lindsay tries to convince Harold to let her join her friends at a Who concert. Kim and Lindsay accidentally run over Millie's dog. Soon after, Kim starts hanging out with Millie. Lindsay wants to tell Millie the truth about her dog, but Kim doesn't. Meanwhile, Nick teaches himself to play guitar and writes a love ballad for Lindsay and decides to play it for her despite Kens' objections. Ms. Haverchuck stuns Bill with the news that she has been dating Coach Fredricks.moreless

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  • Wholeheartedly reccomended for the geek storyline.

    I felt this was one of the weaker episodes of the series (that still means it's better than pretty much any other show, but not up to the quality of other episodes). The freak story arc was rather lacking in my eyes (focusing on Milly's temporary involvement with the freaks after her dog's death, and briefly on Nick's attempts to write a song for Lindsay), but the strength of the geek storyline more than made up for it.

    The premise behind the freak part of the episode is that Milly's dog has been accidentally run-over by Kim and Lindsay. In consoling Milly for her loss Kim ends up befriending her and Milly deals with her grief by experimenting with the freak way of life: neglecting homework, disobeying her parents, attending concerts, and almost (gasp) drinking a beer. I felt this part of the episode didn't stand up well under pressure. Throughout the series Milly has been the archetype of the good student and straightlaced kid. The premise that she would abandon all of that over the death of a family pet was hard for me to swallow, no matter how beloved the dog was. As I watched the episode I couldn't forget the parallels between Lindsay's and Milly's experiences: Lindsay also fell in with the freaks when her world fell apart after her grandmother's death. Comparing the death of a grandmother to the death of a pet made it hard for me to take Milly's story arc seriously.

    At the same time the geek storyline (as always) was exceptionally strong. The episode focuses completely on Bill (instead of Sam) and we end up seeing new sides of his character as he grapples with the concept of his mother dating his gym coach. Martin Starr's performance is phenomenal and masterfully conveys just how much Bill despises Coach Fredricks. The story, dialogue, and performances of Bill, his mother, and Fredricks were so engrossing I didn't even miss having Sam on the screen.

    In the end I have mixed feelings about this episode only because of the weakness of the freak storyline. The geek side of the episode is one of the best there is and absolutely worth watching. The scenes of Bill storming away from Fredricks on the verge of breaking down and finally beginning to reconcile with him over an episode of Dallas are a perfect example of the deft blend of powerful drama and genius comedy that make this series so unbelievable.moreless
Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian

Gloria Haverchuck

Guest Star

Meagen Fay

Meagen Fay

Mrs. Kentner

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Matthew McKane

Matthew McKane

Mike Stevens

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Michael Beardsley

Michael Beardsley


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Mark Allan Staubach

Mark Allan Staubach


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Jason Lansing

Jason Lansing


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Millie says she is fifteen, however, in a previous episode, "Beers and Weirs" she offers someone who thinks they are drunk a ride home, which would mean she had to be at least sixteen. It's highly unlikely Millie would drive without a license.

    • The Dallas episode that Bill and Ben are watching is entitled "The Gathering Storm" and aired on March 27, 1981. Unless this is a repeat (something the show rarely did), this episode is set in that date.

    • When Bill wipes out at the Go-Kart track, you can see several palm trees in the background, which aren't indigenous to Michigan.

    • "Stripes" wasn't released until June 1981, so they couldn't be discussing the movie during the '80-'81 school year.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ken: Lots of whackos use their real emotions.

    • Mr. Weir: OK, I'll tell you what Lindsay. I'll listen to this album and you can go to the concert if I don't find anything objectionable.
      Lindsay: Thanks Dad. I'm sure it'll be fine.
      Mr. Weir: Oh don't be so sure of yourself; I'll be listening to it backwards too!

    • Nick: Actually, I wrote a song for you... If you wanna hear it.
      Lindsay: Nah-ah.
      Nick: Yeah. (Starts playing)
      Ken: (Walks over and takes the guitar) Check it out. Eh... Hey, look at me, I'm Pete Townsend!
      Daniel: All right Townsend! Whooo!
      Ken: Yeah! (Smashes the guitar into the ground)
      Nick: (to Lindsay) He's a crack-up, right? (Walks over to Ken and pushes him)
      Ken: This is the biggest favor I ever did for you.

    • Mr. Weir: Sure Lindsay. You can see The Who. And you can go see The Stones at Altamont.

    • Ken: I always say, girl plus car equals dead animal.

    • Lindsay: Are you copying Ken's homework?
      Kim: Trying to. He writes like a mental patient.

    • Mr. Weir: Alright, fine. Just keep those boys away from your accordion.

    • Neal: He's a gym teacher. There's no upward mobility.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Plot Hole: It seems implausible that "Millie the Honor Student" would have any classes with Kim Kelly.

    • Plot Hole: Much of the "Freaks" storyline involves them going to see "The Who" in concert. This would be impossible because "The Who" did not perform any concerts in The United States in 1981.

    • Music: "I'm Free," "I'm One," "Boris the Spider," "Love Reign O'er Me," "Squeeze Box," "Goin' Mobile" and "Drowned" by The Who; "Michael Row the Boat Ashore," performed by Jason Segel, James Franco and Seth Rogen; "Lady L," written and performed by Jason Segel; "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Crofts

    • Claudia Christian, who played Gloria Haverchuck in this episode and "Chokin' and Tokin'," choose the show title as part of her 2007 autobiography title, "My Life With Geeks & Freaks."

    • This episode was scheduled to air 27 Mar 00. It had its first broadcast 10 Oct 00 on Fox Family Channel (where use of words such as "ass" is usually forbidden).


    • Mr. Kowchevski: "Hey, hey, hey Coco, this isn't the cafeteria from Fame. Uncle..." This is a reference to Coco Hernandez one of the main characters in the movie "Fame". (I believe that she, like many of the characters tended to play music over lunch.) The reference by Danny to explain Mr. Kowchevski's reference "she was the hot chick in the movie who took her shirt off", refers to the final year at the school (in the movie) when Coco is manipulated into undressing for a "screen test" by a sleazy "producer" she met in a diner.