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NBC (ended 2000)

Had it continued...

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    [41]Apr 23, 2010
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    okey, it's been a long time since anyone said anything, but still i wanna say what i wanted to see!

    if anyone sees this, feel free to answer.

    i would have love to see:

    - Nick and Lindsay finally getting some closure.

    -Kim and Daniel breaking up so that Lindsay can have her try with Daniel, and seeing how that affects to the dynamics of the freaks.

    - Some graduations!

    - The Weir Family evolution

    - Of course, Neil dating someone.

    - Neil finally accepting that Bill made out with Vicky and how that turns out.

    - remember maureen? Maybe one of the geeks could have dated her. lol

    - Ken and Amy. Loved that relationship.

    - Seeing new dynamics within the freaks. In the last chapter everyone seemed to have taken different roads.

    -The shweiber family problems..

    - Maybe some new people at school, like threatening the freaks or something

    - Sam being more respected after dumping cindy

    okey , that's a lot of stuff
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    [42]Jul 20, 2010
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    After watching the complete series (chlip, chlip), I really don't care in what direction it would go. If it just GO then I would be so happy!! This show is sooo great. *____*
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    [43]Jul 15, 2011
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    I would of liked Nick and Lindsay to start dating again. Maybe one of the geeks to start dating Maureen, the new girl. Even Bill with a secret relationship with Vicki.
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    [44]Jan 5, 2013
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    I agree, Nick was shown a little too much. But had the show continued on, I definitely would've liked to see what happened with Neal's family after their father was caught cheating by both of his sons. Also, I would've liked to see Ken's process of finding himself more. Sure, there was one episode where he was kind of questioning his sexuality, but I wish it would go further than that because Ken was a good character who actually stayed true to himself in the end. Another thing i would've been interested in is the difference between the old and new Daniel, had he been hanging out with the geeks more often, maybe they could've done a little bit with that.

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