Freaks and Geeks

Season 1 Episode 6

I'm With The Band

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Nick tries to get his band "Creation" going again

    We've known since the beginning of the show that Nick loves playing the drums and that he has a deep love for John Bonham, even though he dies early in the show. However, when we actually see him playing, not only is it funny but a little sad. Nick's love for drums and his belief that he'll someday be the next John Bonham seems to be pretty far away, a pipe dream of sorts, and a lot of the greatness of the episode comes from the way Lindsey tries to play along and keep Nick motivated to drum, even if he's not good.

    I've complained in a couple of the last reviews at how the drama seems to overtake the comedy at times, and the drama isn't done nearly as well as the comedy. I particularly thought it in the Kim Kelly episode, but one should remember as well that that particular episode never aired on TV. However, this episode shows the show doing both comedy and drama at equal levels of brilliance. They also bring back Seth Rogen as Ken after him being absent for so long; I was starting to miss his deadpan delivery.

    The basic idea of the episode is that Nick, Daniel, Ken and another guy have a band together named "Creation," and the whole point of the band is just to have fun. Their cover of "Sunshine of Your Love" is laughably bad, and it's the fact that they don't care how it sounds that makes it so fun to play. However, Lindsey sucks Nick into a mindset that finds him actually wanting to try to be a good musician; it mostly stems from his father's insistence that his grades remain perfect and that he go to military school afterwards.

    The drama in Nick's plot was perfect. I loved seeing Nick struggle with his dreams of being a drummer and facing an inevitable future, and the kiss at the end of the episode seems to be a turning point for Nick and Lindsey: do they remain together and pursue a relationship, or will their future together reflect Lindsey's face (uncertainty).

    All I know is that this was a great episode that allowed us to see how good Judd Apatow, Paul Feig and co. can be when it comes to mixing comedy and drama, something that Judd would do a great job of once he started making movies.
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