Freaks and Geeks

Season 1 Episode 4

Kim Kelly Is My Friend

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

As another school day begins, Millie is taking doughnuts to her French class. Daniel grabs one, Millie briefly protests before consenting to not only let him have it but to give Nick one too. Kim arrives with her friend Karen, who is so busy talking that she runs into Millie. Millie drops the doughnuts, then Karen starts yelling at her for being in the way. Millie storms off while Nick and Daniel pick up the floor doughnuts and begin to eat them. Nick offers to Kim (who accepts) and Karen (who storms off in disgust). Kim reveals that Karen's boyfriend broke up with her that morning. No one is surprised.

As Sam, Bill, and Neil walk to class, a posturing jock accidentally hits Sam in the gut while flexing his arm definition. Sam, clearly in pain, tries to walk it off. Sam goes to his locker but it won't open. Turns out, the locker is Karen's, and Sam trying to open it is something she takes as a personal insult. Bill and Neil cower behind him so as to avoid some sort of attack on themselves. Kim encourages Karen's bullying, who in turn question's Sam's age by pulling up his shirt and commenting that if Sam had hit puberty he would have hair in his arm pits. As a final insult, Karen writes "GEEK" in lipstick on Sam's real locker so he can always tell the difference. As the girls walk off Bill asks, "You don't have hair in your pits?"

For lunch, Lindsay joins Nick, Daniel and Kim who are discussing Karen's break-up and the circumstances around it. Lindsay inquires about the details she didn't hear, so Kim mocks her for being a gossip. Kim then sticks her finger in Lindsay's pudding and licks it off. Lindsay drops the dessert of her train and walks to another table. "What's up with her?" asks Kim as Nick follows. Lindsay sits with Gordon and a girl with headgear. Nick joins and asks what is wrong. Lindsay then complains about how she tries to be nice to Kim but nothing ever comes of it (and briefly getting her sleeve caught in the other girl's heagear). Nick offers to talk to Kim, but Lindsay refuses the help.

Sam is able to clean off the "GEEK" sign as Bill and Neil mock how the situation with Karen was handled. But Karen is upset about the "artwork" that she "spent a lot of time on" being erased. Sam tries to defend himself, but Karen is willing to accept the challenge. Bill let's out a mocking "Ooooooh!" but this briefly gets her anger directed at Neil by mistake. Karen decides to redo her art in "geek blood". Neil makes a hasty retreat for class.

Lindsay discovers Daniel waiting in the hallway for Kim, who is on the payphone shouting at her mother. Kim hangs up and starts complaining about her "shrew" of a mom. The bell rings and Daniel happily leaves to go take a test. Lindsay starts heading off to class too, only to realize Kim is tagging along with her. Lindsay is very suspicous, especially when Kim asks her to hang out after school. Lindsay accepts, and after Kim leaves Millie starts expressing her disapproval after hearing some sexually oriented rumors about Kim.

As Sam is leaving class, Bill rushes him to the lockers. "PYGMY GEEK" is now on Sam's locker in permanent marker. Sam tries to scribble over it, only to get caught by Mr. Kowchevski. Sam is a punished with an essay on not abusing school property.

Kim catches Lindsay after school and invites her to dinner. Nick has spoken to Kim, who decided to go ahead and give being nice a shot. Lindsay happily agrees.

As Mrs. Weir (Jean) makes dinner, an upset Sam raids the fridge. He claims there is no food in the house and his mom wants him to stay small. Lindsay then comes in to get a drink and asks permission to go to Kim's. "Kim Kelly is a psyco!" vents Sam, complaining vaguely about what happened to him. Jean reluctantly approves since Kim is already on her way over.

Sam takes out the garbage to find Lindsay on the curb waiting for her ride. Sam is mad that his sister is befriending his enemy, while Lindsay doesn't want a spy relating everything she does to their parents. When Sam tries to explain why he is unhappy with the situation, Lindsay belittles it to the point of sounding like she agrees with what Kim and Karen were saying about him. Lindsay tries to apoligize but that is when Kim shows up and nearly side-swipes Sam with her car. Sam storms into the house while Lindsay asks that Kim stop picking on him.

"I hate Lindsay and her stupid friends," says Sam before shoving a banana in his mouth. His mother scolds him about inappropriate language.

When they pull into her yard, Kim begins to prep Lindsay for the evening. Turns out Kim's parents want to sell her car and Kim has been telling them stories about her 'good friend' Lindsay to keep them off her back (including some flat out lies to cover up some of her more illicit activities). Kim's mom Cookie greets them at the door.

Cookie is happy to finally meet Lindsay, even suggesting she help out Kim with her grades. Cookie then starts asking some uncomfortable questions that Lindsay is able to overcome. Kim's stepfather compares their situation to Lindsay's supposed "affluent" lifestyle and how they get by, leading to a brief shouting from Cookie.

Sam is starting his essay in his room as Neil is working on his chemistry set and Bill refuses to possibly get near and accidentally spill something on him. Sam doesn't think it fair he have to write the essay when Karen got nothing. Neil then claims that if it were him, he would go over to Karen's house and make her write it.

Cookie starts asking questions about where Lindsay and her family vacation. Turns out she used to work there and knows the town really well. When Lindsay screws up would could have been an easy question all of Cookie's suspicous are then perceived true. Cookie, Kim and her stepfather begin arguing (which wakes up Kim's brother Chip from the couch). When Cookie announces that the car is getting sold, Kim grabs the keys and tries to leave. Cookie physically stops her and tries to pry the keys out of her hand. "GO TO THE CAR, LYNDSAY! GO TO THE CAAAAAR!" screams Kim tossing the keys to a fleeing Lyndsay. Lyndsay goes flying out the door and gets in the car with Kim's stepfather right behind her (Chip has gone back to sleep). Kim also come racing out, followed by her mother, and is just barely able to get into the car. Cookie and her husband continue to try and get the girls out of the car but Kim is able to pull away fine.

Kim stops her car in the middle of the road and starts to freak out, banging on the steering wheel and shouting about how the car belongs to her. All Lindsay can do is quietly watch before asking if Kim is okay. Kim starts venting her feelings on Lindsay screwing up her lies and how her parents hate all of Kim's friends. She decides to find Daniel and tell him what happened.

Sam and Neil are now fighting over who is the bigger geek; Neil for his chemistry set or Sam for his toy cars. Sam suggests Bill should decide who is the bigger geek. Bill is reluctantly pressured into saying Sam is. When Neil starts mocking Sam for his loss, Sam starts shoving him around into a one-sided fight with Neil putting up no real resistance. "You done with your little hissy fit?" asks Neil. This prompts Sam to push him again, this time they fall onto the chemistry set. The chemicals react and start to steam. "Cover your flesh, cover your flesh," panics Bill. Sam kicks them out.

As Lindsay and Kim track down the guys at the basketball courts they spot Daniel and Karen speaking rather intimately together. Then Karen begins to suck on Daniel's thumb! Kim hits the gas and goes charging through the park, screaming "You are DEAD! You are so dead, do you hear me? You are dead, BOTH of you!" out her window before screaming at the tops her lungs. As the car pulls away, all Daniel says is "She's pissed."

Sam throws out his car collection as Lindsay and Kim pull up. Kim starts to cry. Lindsay tries to console her but is rebuffed. While Kim is clearly angry with Daniel, she starts talking about how much she likes him. This leads to her explaining she is a "bitch" because she has to always be alert for situations like what just happened in order to keep her man. She then starts lamenting about how her life sucks. "You're like my only friend, Lindsay. And you're a total loser. No offense."

At the Weir dinner table, Sam is shoveling through his food as fast as possible. His dad Harold thinks it a good idea Sam "got some meat on his bones." Lyndsay comes in with a clearly distraught Kim. Jean offers them some dinner and on her second invitation, Kim plops down at the table and starts eating right out of the serving dishes.

As Sam is cleaning off his plate, Kim is savagely attacking her's with a knife and fork. Jean asks if everything is okay but Kim starts crying again. Harold reluctantly tries to comfort her. Kim takes this an opportunity to ask him a question "Why are guys only interested in sex?" No one is sure how to respond. Until Sam burps and briefly disrupts Kim's crying. "Damn," is all she says before Sam covers his mouth and goes running for the bathroom. "A perfectly good piece of veal wasted," says Harold. The phone rings and Jean answers. Lyndsay overhears a bit of the conversation and slowly goes to get the water pitcher as an opportunity to try and listen for more. Harold tries to strike up a conversation with Kim about his store. Kim then explains that her family hate that it is so overpriced. Jean gets off the phone and summons a now sitting Lindsay into the kitchen. Jean is not pleased with having Kim's mom yelling at her about some of the lies Kim has been saying. Lyndsay does her best to explain and defend Kim. Jean starts suggesting maybe the girls shouldn't spend time with each other. Kim then comes in and thanks Jean for everything, compliments the house and asks if she can stay for just a little while longer. Jean says of course before turning to Lindsay and asking "Do you think she might want some ice cream?"

Harold, Jean, Lindsay and Kim are all sitting on the couch watching Barney Miller on TV and eating ice cream. "I hate cop shows. Cops are such pigs," proclaims Kim. She then relates the story of how her brother Chip was attacked by cops, how he was just drunk and minding his own business. The door bell rings and Lindsay jumps to answer it. Nick is asking Kim to come out and speak to Daniel. She refuses, but Mr. and Mrs. Weir both suggest she do speak to him. She refuses again and storms down the hallway. "If she's planning on sleeping over, she can forget about it," says Harold.

As Sam continue to work on his essay, Kim barges in before realizing he is in there. Sam tells her to get out because of what she did to him. Kim points out everything that happened was done by Karen. When Kim starts making suggestive threats about what she wants to do to Karen, Sam becomes intrigued. When Kim starts going into some potentially violent (and gory) things she could do is when Sam decides he may not want Karen hurt too bad.

As Lindsay starts looking for Kim, Daniel tries to reassure that this is normal and that Kim and Daniel will be fine. Nick then decides to help her out with a shoulder massage.

As Jean does the dishes, Daniel slowly comes in through the back door. She calls for her husband but Daniel just wants to talk to his girlfriend. Lindsay introduces him before Kim comes into the kitchen and reminds everyone that she doesn't want to talk to him. She starts back down the hall with Daniel right behind her. Daniel defends himself poorly and calls her a "bitch". With a few shoves, Kim has Daniel backed into one of the kitchen corners where she continues to hit him. Daniel calmly takes the punishment and proclaiming innocence as Kim's hits become weaker and fewer. He finally explains that Kim is the only one for him. Lindsay nods her head to everyone else to suggest that Daniel and Kim be left alone.

Harold asks "Who are all these people?" before Lindsay introduces them to Nick. Nick politely shakes their hands and the more he speaks the more it becomes clear that something may not be quite right with him. Nick then asks if he can have the fruit roll-up he stole from the kitchen. Some giggling noises from the kitchen prompt Jean to check in on Kim and Daniel. She opens the door only to find Kim and Daniel are passionately (and suggestively) making out on the counter tops. Jean quickly closes the door.

Nick strikes up a conversation with Harold about how great the sports store is. He then asks if he can have the two hand fulls of fruit roll-ups he stole. Daniel leaves the kitchen with his arm draped around Kim. She thanks the Weir parents again for everything. As Kim leaves she suggests that maybe they all have dinner again tomorrow night. Lindsay rushes off to bed as her parents worry about how bad this could become.

At school, Sam and Neil begin to reconcile when Mr. Kowchevski asks for Sam's essay. Mr. Kowchevski decides to make an example of Sam and post the essay to his locker. All three then discover that "SLUT" is spray painted in white all over Karen's locker. Mr. Kowchevski gives up and throws the essay away. Once the teacher is gone, Karen turns on Sam to see if he had done it. Before Sam can say anything, Kim arrives to claim responsibility. "He hit on me," protests Karen. "Oh, yeah! Well, after school, I'm going to hit on you. See ya then!" states Kim. Sam thanks her but Kim simply responds, "No problem, geek."
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