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  • Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    I really miss Freaks and Geeks. It was a show that hit a lot of topics right on the head and did it with intent and always in a clever way.

    I would change a few things about this show, in hind sight, though. Firstly, one of the things that really bothered me was that it just didn't have an 80's feel to it. Now I know I'm probably not going to be understood here, but it wasn't the costuming, music or references. It was the way in which it was shot, the stock used and the lighting choices.

    Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    However, this is one of my all time favorite shows and I will always pop in the DVD set whenever I am blue because it's a sure cure.
  • This is one of my three perfectly rated shows (joining Deadwood and Arrested Development). Freaks and Geeks is one example of just how good scripted television can be.

    I didn't see Freaks & Geeks when it ran on network television. In fact, I don't remember even hearing about it. (Talk about terrible promotion!) I bought this series on DVD because some former Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members were involved with it.

    What an incredibly lucky find! My wife and I watched all 18 episodes within a week.

    This is simply great television production. The writing is spectacular; there are no throw-away lines, no worn-out situations, and thankfully, no quick fixes. The writers rarely take the easy way out. (The soundtrack is also fantastic.)

    This series also has the perfect balance of comedy and drama. It's not screwball, and it's not melodramatic. It's a pretty realistic look into the lives and social challenges of high school students who don't quite fit in with the popular crowd.

    But the most impressive aspect of Freaks & Geeks was the casting. Just amazing. Every young actor on this series was perfectly cast. Each character was likeable, interesting, and sometimes painfully familiar.

    This was just an amazing and entertaining series. It's a shame it was so short-lived. I can't imagine anyone not being hooked after the first few episodes. This is a great example of how good television can be. Well, before reality TV made actors and writers obsolete, anyway.
  • Cut short to soon doesn't even explain the sadness.

    This show had great previews on NBC when it was gonna premier I remember it vividly. I saw the first show when it aired originally and became hooked from then on. I didn't miss an epeisode at all the cancelation came as a blow to my TV viewing season I really didn't watch anything else that year but the X-files and it was such a great show you just hate to see shows that deserve to stay on the air get cut off because of ratings it's just horrible. The DVD I just can't get myself to buy because I'll only be reminded of what could of been.
  • The DVD

    The yearbook itself is worthy of an actual yearbook, including several introductions and Q&A writings by the show's creators, and a plethora of photos, including photos of actual fans of the show, sent in by fans on the Freaks and Geeks website. There's footage of script table readings, raw footage from single camera angles of selected scenes, auditions, make-up film tests, an actual concert put on by show's guidance counselor's band, deleted scenes, deleted scenes with commentary, deleted scenes with commentary by the actors in character, easter eggs, the full text of a script that was never shot; the list goes on and on. The staggering amount of bonus material is flatly unequaled in the DVD world, almost as if someone compiled this project for a master's degree project. If you have any question about anything on Freaks and Geeks, it's surely answered here.
  • The best show that was ever on television.

    The reason that I love Freaks and Geeks so much is because of how much I can relate to it. Also, the cast is the best in television history. Come to think of it, everything that was involved with producing this fabulous show was top notch.

    We, as the viewer, follow the lives of Lindsay and Sam Weir, two William McKinley High School students in 1980 as they go through their junior and freshman years, respectively. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled after a single season, because, no matter when you went to high school, this show will hit home. It's not about the beautiful people full of teenage angst that you see on TV today, it's about the outcasts, the misfits. It's what high school was like for the rest of us.

    The nostolgia for the 80s will entice you, if the likeable, and loveable, characters don't first.
  • Wonder Years: The Next Generation

    This show had all the ingredients that make classic television: great actors, great writers, and compelling episodes. Not only were the main cast extremely talented, as demonstrated by their later appearances both on television and in films. Also, any time you can have a classic comedian like Joe Flaherty asthe father just added to the talent pool. The juxtaposition of the pull between school and friends rings true to anyone who ever went to school. Serious storylines about divorce, drugs, and dating are dealt with by fusing humour and pathos into a mixture that manages to emotionally invest the viewer in the life of the characters. The sensibility of the show makes it the Wonder Years for the next generation.
  • This show is the best show that shows what life is like for Freaks and Geeks in high school. Funny, Dramatic, Always Heartwarming show is one of the many awesome shows that never found it's audience including, (Arrested Development,The Inside, The Jury, C

    A Great little show that i just recently discovered in 2005, when it premiered in 1999. I wish i could have watched it back then but, i never knew about it. Now i know a lot of people around the world that would have watched it. But i'm afraid to say that it might not come bak on because all the teenagers are now 6 years older.
  • This is a genious series that ended too soon!

    Freaks and Geeks was a brilliant series about students in high school in the 1980s that didn't quite fit in. The series main characters were brother and sister, Lindsay, a smart girl turned "freak" after her grandmother died, and Sam, a "Geek" who loves D&D, sci-fi, and Bill Murray. The show's side characters were their groups of friends, the Freaks and the Geeks. The show had touching storylines that were so smart they were ahead of their time. The show unfortunately couldn't hold an audience and was always moving time slots, so it only made it through the one season. Luckily, the creators made an ending that actually ended the series in a way and didn't just get cancelled like My So-Called Life.
  • Intresting.

    Seems intresting to watch. I have never seen this before due to me being born in the nineteen eighties. Though, it must be very very intresting if it is level twenty two here on I may try to watch this in my spare time and decide my real opinion.
  • That 1980's Show!

    this show was about people, which was nice. not many shows nowadays are about people if you get what im saying. it really expored who these people were and all the choices that they made, whether they were influenced by others or their own ego. more than that, it did it in a funny, original way that was also (according to my mum) true to the era. The actors were also very talented. i think the proof is in the fact that u can still find many of them working in all mediums fromm high budget film to long running dramas, but hey, the world is not fair and worse shows have survived to suck another day.
  • only the good die young.........

    this show really gets under my skin because it is so freakin good. some great shows like curb your enthusiasm or arrested development are funny, but some elements of them dont match up to the sheer poignancy of freaks and geeks. after you cry from the last episode, check out undeclared, its even better.
  • This could be the absolute BEST TV show ever made, I have yet to see a show that is better...

    This show is an absolute masterpiece! It is put together so well and I really applaude the producers for making this show, I cant believe it got cancelled in the states! I live in Australia and they always play it :) even though they have already showed all the episodes twice, I never get sick of watching it, I even got the DVD! I watch at least one episode a day I seriously cant get enough of it, and I am only 14 hahaha I am kind of like the character Sam in the show, thats why I love it!
  • This show had me staying home Saturday nights..

    Such a shame it ended after one season. I really liked how each character was portrayed. Lindsey, who went from being all goody goody, to hanning out with the freaks. Lindsey's brother, Sam, who was with the geeks, looked too young for high school. Daniel, and the rest of the freaks crew were so unpredictable, it kept me tuning in every week. I loved Kim (Busy Philips) She was so wacky a lot of the time. She was on a permanent emotional rollercoaster. I always hated how she was so mean to Lindsey 99percent of the time. I really liked how the last episode of the series was done with Kim and Lindsey going off together with the hippies.
  • Too bad it died

    Although it has a new life on DVD, it is really too bad this show didn't last. I seem to remember it even making TV guides, "Best Shows You Are Not Watching" list. The only other one I remember is "Sports Night" done by Aaron Sorkin of the "West Wing". The DVD set has all the episodes, with great extras. The commentary gets a little muddled , because there are so many returning people in each commentary session, almost each ep has two sessions. This is a testament to how much the people who created the show, love it, and are proud of it.

    The characters are real, and completely three dimentional. There is a character names "Busy", who at the beginning is really annoying, because she seems a bully. Eventually, she grows, eventually has pathos, and I grew like her. This happens with a lot of the characters in the show, they grow, and like I said they real. There is a scene where the love-sick drummer, pantomimes Styx' "Lady" while courting a girl that isn't really hot for him. OK, I never did this in the early eighties, but in one of my first love notes I did quote AC/DC, I would appreciate if you didn't dwell on this too much. Anyway, we absoulutely can associate with one or more of the characters, and the music is great. I'm talking Joe Jackson, and "Ripple", the only Dead song I really, really like.

    There is a great scene that opens an episode. Martin Starr (the kid with glasses) is funk dancing to something. I was on the floor when I first saw this. I don't know why is it so funny, maybe he's unapologetic about it, maybe he thinks this will get girls, I think it is because he is bizarrely good at it. "Shake it, you won't break it"
  • This is life. Its my life and a mirror of the life of millions of american teenagers today yesterday and i guess forever.

    Freaks and Geeks in my opinion is the best TV show ever created. I still would like for someone from NBC to tell me why a show so brilliant could not be given a chance to live and grow into our collective pop culture minds. Yes it was only a TV show but my connection to the characters is at times too painfuly real. It's just hard to believe it got only 18 glorious episodes. Like all great shows and movies it’s a perfect combination of writing, casting and direction. Aptow and company created a time and place we have all been to and characters we can all relate to either directly or indirectly. As you watch the show the main thread that holds it all together through out the short run seems to be how each and every character is originally set in one social set or the other but as the shows progress we see that each one is not exactly as we or they appear or even what they want to be but usaly somthing totaly different. This is truly the sad part of the show we don’t get to see if Sam becomes cool or if Daniel truly became a Geek God. One of the Deadhead kids said it about a Grateful dead CD or record that truly sums up my feeling of the show I sometimes wish I had never seen it so I could see it again for the first time.
  • I loved this show. It brought back so many memories, even the furniture was classic! The dinner conversations.

    Please bring it back! I want my husband to watch the episodes with me. We are both from that era. Bill cracks me up, he is the ultimate geek. I love when his mother is dating the coach. I saw every episode and my daughter even started to watch it with me. Beats the wonder years.
  • set in the 1980s, throught the eyes of high school geeks and freaks.

    I would have to say that I am still upset to this day that it only made one season. My second all-time favorites series second to the Wonder Years. This show was flawless. It brought you back to the terror of high school. The eight main characters were so differenct and perfect. The supporting characters were great like the cheerleader, parents, and jocks. I own the DVD set and watch it a lot. Its one of my personal favorites things in this world.
  • The nerds didn't just get revenge, they ruled the world in Freaks & Geeks!

    As Homer would say. "It's funny coz it's true." But Freaks & Geeks was also uncomfortable because of its bitingly honest portrayal of those difficult high school years. It is impossible to sit through a Weir family meal without squirming in recognition of those akward familial moments and, as for Nick's misplaced belief in his musical talents... it's time to hide behind the cushions. And besides introducing us to the off-screen talent of Judd Apatow, it delivered us Martin Starr, one of TV's comic greats. And yeah, thanks for Busy Philipps too!
  • Great Show

    It was a great show about being a teen (much similar, at least in my opinion, to "My So Called Life").
    It had a great story, great characters and great scripts (the only thing I didn't like much was the fact that they were in the 80s, I don't really know why).
    But I don't really know why they canceled it.
  • Why was this show ever cancelled?!

    Freaks and Geeks is beyond a doubt one of the very best shows to ever be one television. It cleverly and realisticly portrays real life situations and events. The characters are well-rounded and original, and the actors that play them are superb. It's a real shame that this show was cancelled, but buying the DVDs is certainly worth it.
  • I just want to know why the "first episode" was aired AFTER the "last episode" according to this site. Doesn't make too much sense. Oh ya, the show is awesome.

    One of the best shows ever. I love Linda Cardellini.

    The show has great moral values, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. It's a pretty good depiction of any high school, even by today's standards. I think this is a timeless show that everyone can enjoy. I should also mention how hot Linda Cardellini is. One of the top 10 hottest women on Earth for sure.
  • A true hidden gem of its time.

    Freaks and Geeks, like too many shows with a lot of potential, was shown here in Australia in a ridiculous time-slot and never had the chance to build an audience of any size. Pity, cos it was one of the best shows to come along in years. In 1980 (when the show is set) I was around the same age as a lot of these characters, and to me it caught the flavour of the era authentically. Was I freak or was I a geek? What do you think? Across the board great writing, casting and acting. I think there's a few future stars on show here. Also cool use of appropriate music. Not just the predictable (Styx, Rush), also the unexpected (a track from XTC's "Black Sea"!). Shows someone knows what they're talking about! And any show that featured Kevin Corrigan AND Rushmore's Jason Schwartzman in the same episode HAS to be cool, right? Hope this re-runs one day
  • Good stuff.

    Come on now people--a show of this quality comes along once in a blue moon. The writing. The actors. The awkward lives of teenagers only being made worse by two dingbat parents. It isn\'t the kind of show you laugh at every two minutes, much like Family Guy or The Simpsons or Friends. It\'s deeper than that and made entirely of situational comedy. There is the one episode where Lindsey is babysitting while high for the first time. When the kid tries to play hide and seek with her, she complains that he is \"totally freaking her out\". Genius. Absolutely hilarious. Buy the first (and last) season. I did, and I have watched them over and over.
  • GREAT TV show

    Freaks and Geeks is a great TV show that is truly missed by viewers. Its probably been said a thousand times but that show was exactly like high school in each episode. It showed all of the cliques we all remember and did it well. The actors were all great, along with the episodes, making this one TV show I'm going to get on DVD and watch over and over, reminising about my high school days.
  • The only word for it. A no compromise Classic

    This is probably one of the truest things you'll ever see on TV, aside from documentaries and the Discovery Channel. There grit, there's joy, there's disfunction, but then again there's also function. The actors all look like real people you might know. The freaks, the jocks, the geeks. All of the look genuine, like they just got out of the local high school. There are no meet cute events, couples meet in this show how they do in real life. There's no contrived plot points, and there's definitely nothing thrown in here for Avril Lavigne generation. This is TV at its' finest, and so of course was only on for 1 season. This show died, and because of that will always be a classic, remebered as it was, and not as what it degenerated into. However, such heavy dose of reality may be a bit too much for some people...maybe that's why this show died so young
  • Possibly the most underappreciated show in television history.

    While I know there is k=no possible way to bring his show back it a shame. This show captured the high school feeling better than any other show in history. It managed to cover all aspects of high school life as well. It covers of course the Freaks and the Geeks, but it also shows you the other side of high schools the jocks and the cheerleaders and even the teachers. This show managed to do what no other show about high school could do and for some reason it got cancelled. It was not until last year that I even discovered this show. Aha but thanks to the power of DVD I found it and by writing this review if you have not seen it then this is for you. This show gave me 18 solid hours of entertainment and I loved every minute of it. It makes me sad now days when we have shows like I wanna be a Hilton or all that other reality tripe and great shows like this don’t even get a full season and shows like Arrested Development are on the butchers block every year. Ladies and Gentlemen I implore you please give this show a chance it is very funny and charming and was way underappreciated.
  • Terrific, Honest, & Missed Series

    There's not much that I can say that won't have already been said by a hundred viewers. But Freaks & Geeks was truly a wonderful show that just didn't find its audience while it was still on the air.

    The series shows the trials and tribulations of the cliques ever present at any high school I've ever seen. However, the show is full of depth and much more than just watching pretty, popular people get into Saved by the Bell-like adventures.

    Intead, the show focuses on the regular guys, just like you and me, and let you know that being average, or a freak, or a geek, maybe isn't so bad--through the normal, yet hilariously portrayed, adventures of high school outcasts. Wonderful show, definitely worth investing in the DVD set.
  • This is the story of two groups of kids: the freaks and the geeks. Freaks: they smoke too much weed and never go to class. Geeks: they think way too much about Star Wars and can\'t get dates because they are underdeveloped and socially inept. This is thei

    First of all, I wanted to address the reviewer before me that complained about Judd Apatow response to the question \"What happens to the characters\" with \"Anything you want to happen would happen\". The reviwer is missing the point. Art is not just what the creator brings to the canvas, it\'s also what the audience perceives it to be. In other words, Apatow was talking about our imagination. The writers may have had an idea where the characters were going (and reading the show bible on may give you an idea of this), but he was saying that what we think or imagine or want to happen with these characters is just as important. These characters can live on in our imagination, since they can\'t live on in the TV screen. Also, I suspect that the creators themselves didn\'t know for sure what was going to happen, since they didn\'t get the chance to collaborate any new episodes.

    And now for my review.

    This show had so much potential. In eighteen episodes alone, F&G subverted the Wonder Years high school cliche and gave us flawed, real people and real situations and just said \"here\'s what life was like for teenage losers back in the 80\'s,\" instead of saying \"here\'s a wonderful show about teenagers. Aren\'t they witty? Now don\'t do drugs.\" Actually, this program showed us people doing drugs, and made them look kind of cool (I always thought the Freaks were cool in high school, even to the extent of trying to hang out with them, but I was totally laughed at for being a poser. Word of advice: wearing a Guns n Roses t-shirt in 1988 doesn\'t make you look cool).

    Freaks and Geeks had Sam, younger brother to Lindsay, who reminds me of my brother at age 13. He\'s a geek, but he\'s also a bit normal, and he almost has the potential to excel socially, where his friend, Bill, is the poster child for dork.

    The Freaks also remind me of my brother and his friends, because of their band, and because of the way they dressed. My brother was cooler though, and more like Harris intellectually.

    None of the characters can be pigeon-holed and nobody is a cliche. They will surprise you. And then there is Lindsay, the emotional core of the show, the girl who was me in high school if I had been smarter and cuter and actually had friends. She is the epitome of my teenage angst, and her story parallels mine in such an uncanny way that watching the ending always makes me cry. How did the writers know my story? I need to know what happened to her.

    Where Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favorite show in the universe) is the metaphor of growing up, Freaks and Geeks is the literal. But it touches me the same way. I have the same visceral, emotional reaction to both shows. I tend to forget this because I don\'t watch F&G often, but F&G is one of only a few shows that I hold in highest esteem. The others, which no other TV series can be compared to, are Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Veronica Mars. It\'s rare when a show is an actual emotional experience, where the characters come to life and actually dwell in my if, when written, they are suddenly form and existing in a place between fiction and reality. That is so rare for TV, but F&G did it. And that is Art at its finest.

    It\'s the reason why I\'m obsessed with TV. It\'s literature come to life. And every time a great show like that is cancelled before it can finish its story, it\'s like a death. It\'s like reading a really great novel, and then the writer just doesn\'t finish it. Like, you get to the second half of the book, and come upon a note from the author that says \"STORY CANCELLED\" and then the rest of the book is just 200 blank pages.

    I should be thankful, though, that the creators of Freaks and Geeks were allowed to wrap up the series so the last episode felt like the perfect end to the chapter. It just should have continued, and I wish it could continue in some form. Comic books would be nice, and actually fitting, with the Geek aspect to the show. Comics of TV shows are not uncommon, at least not for genre shows. F&G isn\'t a genre show, but it would work perfectly as a graphic novel. I can even see it in my head. I wonder if Paul Feig has ever thought of this.

    But I firmly believe Feig should at least write a Freaks and Geeks novel. Is the story over? I don\'t want it to be over.
  • I miss this show.

    I loved this show. It was funny and insightful. The characters were flawed and interesting. I could see my friends in each of the characters. I related to the stories even though it was a totally different era from when I went to high school. I look forward to getting the DVD.
  • A review of the DVD. Freaks and Geeks rules!

    Date written: July 1st, 2004

    I purchased the 'Freaks and Geeks: Complete series' DVD Box Set a couple of months back for around £22, which I thought was a really good price. I actually only saw about three or four episodes prior (on E4), but I took a gamble to buy the box set because of all the good things people had said about it. It was a gamble I'm glad I made. I was so pleased with how good the show was and longed for more. Eighteen episodes was good but this show had the potential to go a really long way with their characters and to give something special to the audience. Sadly the show was cancelled, as many of you know. It was picked up for another three episodes by, I think, 'The Fox Family Channel' or something but because of continuous low ratings it was cancelled again. I think they should have given it more of a chance, but if there are low ratings and Fox is the channel broadcasting it, it will get cancelled at some point. Though, funny enough this year one of it's programs, 'Tru Calling' had really low ratings but they decided to give it a second season. I hope they do this more often and give shows more of a chance, even if they do get low ratings. Altogether, as I said, eighteen episodes were completed and that's what we get on the DVD.

    - Freaks & Geeks: About the show -

    The concept for the show came from one man 'Paul Fieg'. It all started when he was going to colleges around the country to show his independent film called 'Life Sold Seperatly'. He knew it would take a really long time to complete the tour, so he decided to start writing something that he had wanted to write for a long time, that was of course, a one-hour pilot episode for 'Freaks and Geeks'. He based the show on some of his own experiences that he had in high school and wanted the show to be true to what was really happening at that time.

    Freaks and Geeks is set in a Small Michigan town in the 1980's and is based on two very different groups of people. We have the Freaks 'Lindsay Weir, Nick, Daniel, Ken and the very bitchy Kim' and then of course the Geeks 'Sam Weir, Neil and Bill (and Harris). Basically the show follows these characters throughout the season and shows how they face their problems, whether it be in school or out of school. The freaks are a group of 'low-lives' who never turn up for classes because they're to busy smoking pot or listening to Led Zeppelin. The newest 'Freak' is Lindsay Weir who, after her grandmother died, decided to make a change and thought that being good isn't everthing. She wanted to have more fun in her life rather than being a geeky 'Mathlete' and she got it by joining the freaks. The geeks are basically the guys who always get picked on by bullies and have seen everything from Star Wars to Star Trek a dozen times or if your Bill, 'Dallas' one hundred and sixty times. We are also introduced to various other recuring cast members such as the 'Weirs' overprotective parents, another Geek named Harris, the hippie guidence councellor 'Mr Jeff Rosso', the fat boy, who has a disorder that makes him smell really bad, Coach Ben Fredricks (Played by Tom Wilson from Back to the Future) and others. There's also quite a guest appearences that include Ben Stiller (Along came Polly), Ben Foster (Get Over it), Ron Lester (Popular, Varsity Blues), Samaire Amstrong (Anna from The O.C) and Jason Schwarztman (Rushmore). As I did with my Alias review I have included a taster of the first few episodes for those who haven't seen any yet.

    - First Couple of Episodes -

    The theme tune for the show is called 'Bad Reputation' by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

    1.Pilot Episode (Emmy Nominated for best writing in a TV series)

    This is our fisrt glimpse into the world of 'Freaks an Geeks' and straight away we, the audience, know who is a 'freak' and who is a 'geek'. In this episode we are introduced to one of the main characters, Lindsay Weir, a high school student and one time mathlete who has decided to drop the good/shy girl routine and join the 'Freaks'. Her brother Sam Weir, a freshmen at the same school is 'a geek' who is being picked on by ultimate bully Alan, who crushes his lunch and then attempts to beat him up, only for Sam to be saved by his sister. Later Alan gets him back in Gym class when they are playing Dodgeball, by blasting the ball at him a dozen times. Sam's friends, Neil and Bill also get slaughtered in the game of dodgeball too, with Bill getting hit right in the face. After, Sam, Neil and Bill agree to jump Alan after school as they'd had enough. In the end though it turns into a stupid fist-fight that doesn't get them off Alan's, people to bully list. Also in this episode Sam asks cute cheerleader, Cindy, to the homecoming dance while his sister Lindsay asks a retarded kid.

    2. Beers and Weirs

    Lindsay throws a keg party so that she can impress her new friends that she has started to hang around with. She mainly decides to do it though to impress Daniel, who has just broke up with his girlfriend, Kim. After seeing an anti-drinking assembly at school Sam, Neil and Bill decide to change the beer for the party with non-alcoholic beer. Even with the non-alcohlic beer, the party gets going with more and more freaky people turning up through the night. Also at the party Lindsay finds Kim and Daniel making out in her room and Bill gets drunk on the real beer which they exchanged.

    3. Tricks and Treats

    In this episode Sam is trying to decide whether or not he should go trick or treating or not. He thinks he's too old, but, after doing a book report on Crime and Punishment he feels like he's growing up too fast and decides that dressing up in his homemade robot costume is just what he needs at a time like this. So Sam joins geek genius Harris, who has an axe in his head, Neil who is dressed up as Groucho and Bill who is in drag as the Bionic woman for an evening of humiliation. Also in this episode, Lindsay blows off spending Halloween with her mum too share it with her new friends to cause mayhem. While on a rampage with her friends she eggs her brother Sam too.

    4.Tests and Breasts

    Sam, Bill and Neil realise that they are really behind on their knowledge of sex when they are humiliated in sex education class for not getting the punchline of a dirty joke. Sam has words with Lindsay's new friend Daniel about the subject but all he can do is offer them a porno to watch. After some short thinking, the geeks decide to watch the porno in an attempt to try and further their knowledge about sex, but instead, it puts them off the subject altogether. Later though Sam gets the real talk about sex from an unlikely source, Coach Fredricks.

    - The DVD: Packaging -

    The 6-disc set that I own of 'Freaks & Geeks' is a region One version. It is not available in the UK as of yet, so if you do want to own a copy I suggest you try, or You can also get copies off ebay but they do go to quite a high price. There is also an 8-disc collection of the show too (which I now want) but at this time they don't deliver outside of the US and Canada. There are a couple of these on ebay though.

    The set comes on 6 DVD's that are attached in a book-style package, which you can open like a book to get your DVD's out of (A little bit like the region 2 Buffy DVD sets, though not with that good outer packaging). The set is housed in a normal box set case and includes a nice and informative booklet that includes episode guides, character lists, Q & A and a note from the creators. All over the book part of the set are some nice artwork and images from the show. On the front of the main case is an image of the main characters from the show, with the Freaks on one side and the Geeks on the other. The back, as always, includes a list of the extras, technical info and a few images.

    - The DVD: Technical Details -

    The episodes here are presented in 4:3 Fullscreen and have a nice, crisp and clear transfer. It's not widescreen but it's still damn good quality for a TV show and I somewhat prefer this particular show in fullscreen anyway for some reason. The show also boasts a very good Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, so you can listen to all those 'Who' songs in optimal quality.

    - The DVD: Extra Features -

    When the creators finally got the go ahead for the DVD set they knew they wanted the fans to have the best extras they could get and that's exactly what us fans have got. First up are the no less than 29 Audio commentaries that include near enough everyone from Freaks & Geeks such as the show producers, studio executives, cast members, crew and even fans of the show. It will take a very long time to get through all these but I must tell you that the few I've listened to are very good indeed, with a lot of good info and personal experiences. There is also over two hours of new show material that includes deleted scenes and audition footage from every episode. Next on the list of extras to get through are outtakes, bloopers and alternate takes, also from every episode. To round up this fantastic package is some behind-the-scenes footage and show promotional footage.

    - Last Word -

    This is another great TV show that shouldn't have been cancelled but nothing can change that now so I'm just thankful that the set for a failed TV series has actually been released (with all it's original music intact). It is another series that I highly recommend, especially because of the subject matter and that I'm telling you to have a look at. They don't show any repeats of this show so the only way is if you purchase the DVD, so it is a gamble, but I took that gamble and it was worth it!!
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