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  • This show failed to capture my imagination. It lacked the quality to grip me to my screen. The show did, however, touch on the teenage issues we all go through, and it handled them well.

    This show failed to capture my imagination. It lacked the quality to grip me to my screen. Whilst there were some funny moments, this show didn’t make me wonder what happens next or keep me glued to the screen.

    The show did, however, touch on the teenage issues we all go through, and it handled them well. A viewer could easily relate to issues brought up in the show, but would get more spending the time watching a couple of episodes of Saved By The Bell instead.

    To some viewers, this show might be a much needed piece of entertainment and to others it would be a waste of an hour. Like the old saying goes; One mans trash is another mans treasure.
  • I wanted this show to be good

    After all the hype I heard about Freaks and Geeks, I decided to check it out, long after it had been taken off the air. I wanted so badly for this to be a great show, even for me to lament the fact that it had been cancelled.

    I just didn't. Something wasn't comfortable about the show - it could be that I hated most of the characters on it except for Lindsey and Sam and no matter how good the writing is, a show will never last if the characters are not likeable. That, and I never wanted to see Busy Phillips/Kim Kelly's sneering face again. Ugh.

    Generally, the show was okay, something I'm glad that I've seen just so I know what it was, but something that the hype seems overrated for.
  • One simple, random comment from Judd Apatow was all it took to kill my enjoyment of the show.

    I never caught “Freaks and Geeks” when it aired, despite raves from family and friends. I caught part of an episode and was suddenly intrigued. I borrowed the DVD collection and began watching it obsessively. “Freaks and Geeks” appeared to be one of those rare cult-classic, cancelled-before-its-time shows that actually deserved real attention. The whole team had really captured the discomfort and awkwardness of high school. Clearly the show’s demise was premature and unfortunate.

    As I watched the DVDs I delved through all the extra features and read the DVD booklet. I came to a short section where creator Judd Apatow answered questions he received from fans. One question was what was going to happen to the characters. They set up a great cast, and since it’s really the characters that drive a show (as opposed to the premise), it was the characters that the fans were interested in. Apatow’s reply was “anything you want to happen would happen.” This comment wasn’t wry or ironic; it was rude, callus, and frankly just plain stupid. This killed my love of the show.

    Why would Apatow say this? Why would he insult the intelligence of all the fans of the show? His response might as well have been, “Who cares?” Or rather, “Why do you care?” A writer or producer with any real love of their medium would have eagerly told fans all the secrets they’d never get to or explained where they wanted the series to go. I suggest this because other producers of other cult shows canceled “before their time” love talking about their shows in interviews, on blogs, and especially on DVD sets. This was the place to share the love with F&G fans, and Apatow screwed up.
  • Shame to cancel it.

    Why is it that all the best teen shows get cancelled way before their time? Maybe because the show is set in the 80's (where teenagers won't relate to some of the stuff back then). Or maybe because people don't look for smart acting anymore. Even if you were born after all that hippie - disco stuff, you should still be able to enjoy the show.

    Personally, I don't think the show stood a chance. First, it was hardly advertised by NBC. Second, it was placed on a Saturday night. And third, it was taken off the air for a month or so and then brought back. You couldn't have any worse luck. Then when it came back on the air, they only showed a couple of episodes and decided to cancel it for good.

    To sum it up - it was a good little show with terrific acting, excellent music, good clothes, great storylines, and a hell of a good try to stay on the air. Unfortunately, it didn't even survive one season. All I know is that I loved it and thank goodness I recorded most of the episodes.

    Anybody who missed this show, you lost a chance to see what real television is about.
  • The DVD

    The yearbook itself is worthy of an actual yearbook, including several introductions and Q&A writings by the show's creators, and a plethora of photos, including photos of actual fans of the show, sent in by fans on the Freaks and Geeks website. There's footage of script table readings, raw footage from single camera angles of selected scenes, auditions, make-up film tests, an actual concert put on by show's guidance counselor's band, deleted scenes, deleted scenes with commentary, deleted scenes with commentary by the actors in character, easter eggs, the full text of a script that was never shot; the list goes on and on. The staggering amount of bonus material is flatly unequaled in the DVD world, almost as if someone compiled this project for a master's degree project. If you have any question about anything on Freaks and Geeks, it's surely answered here.
  • That 1980's Show!

    this show was about people, which was nice. not many shows nowadays are about people if you get what im saying. it really expored who these people were and all the choices that they made, whether they were influenced by others or their own ego. more than that, it did it in a funny, original way that was also (according to my mum) true to the era. The actors were also very talented. i think the proof is in the fact that u can still find many of them working in all mediums fromm high budget film to long running dramas, but hey, the world is not fair and worse shows have survived to suck another day.
  • More people should know about it

    This show can be described in one word, AMAZING. I love the plot of this show, all the aspects of this show are outstanding. I can't believe it only went on for one season. It's so good! I can't really describe why it's so amazing, you just have to see it! It was a short series but they packed so much into one season.
  • Great Show

    It was a great show about being a teen (much similar, at least in my opinion, to "My So Called Life").
    It had a great story, great characters and great scripts (the only thing I didn't like much was the fact that they were in the 80s, I don't really know why).
    But I don't really know why they canceled it.
  • Cut short to soon doesn't even explain the sadness.

    This show had great previews on NBC when it was gonna premier I remember it vividly. I saw the first show when it aired originally and became hooked from then on. I didn't miss an epeisode at all the cancelation came as a blow to my TV viewing season I really didn't watch anything else that year but the X-files and it was such a great show you just hate to see shows that deserve to stay on the air get cut off because of ratings it's just horrible. The DVD I just can't get myself to buy because I'll only be reminded of what could of been.
  • Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    I really miss Freaks and Geeks. It was a show that hit a lot of topics right on the head and did it with intent and always in a clever way.

    I would change a few things about this show, in hind sight, though. Firstly, one of the things that really bothered me was that it just didn't have an 80's feel to it. Now I know I'm probably not going to be understood here, but it wasn't the costuming, music or references. It was the way in which it was shot, the stock used and the lighting choices.

    Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    However, this is one of my all time favorite shows and I will always pop in the DVD set whenever I am blue because it's a sure cure.
  • I thought that this show will have made more than one season, what is wrong with this people!

    This show could have easily make it more than fifteen episodes, what is wrong with them? I have seen it and this show is hilarious and very funny and I don\'t understand how could people just not like it, are they crazy or what?! I can\'t just understand it, they are totally mental, I think it could have been easily a second season of this one, well I have watched this show and I think that this show is really good and I think that this show reflects very much the teenagehood of all the freaks and all the geeks.....
  • The only word for it. A no compromise Classic

    This is probably one of the truest things you'll ever see on TV, aside from documentaries and the Discovery Channel. There grit, there's joy, there's disfunction, but then again there's also function. The actors all look like real people you might know. The freaks, the jocks, the geeks. All of the look genuine, like they just got out of the local high school. There are no meet cute events, couples meet in this show how they do in real life. There's no contrived plot points, and there's definitely nothing thrown in here for Avril Lavigne generation. This is TV at its' finest, and so of course was only on for 1 season. This show died, and because of that will always be a classic, remebered as it was, and not as what it degenerated into. However, such heavy dose of reality may be a bit too much for some people...maybe that's why this show died so young
  • GREAT TV show

    Freaks and Geeks is a great TV show that is truly missed by viewers. Its probably been said a thousand times but that show was exactly like high school in each episode. It showed all of the cliques we all remember and did it well. The actors were all great, along with the episodes, making this one TV show I'm going to get on DVD and watch over and over, reminising about my high school days.
  • The universal experience of teenagehood as lived by the regular old freaks and geeks in a Michigan high school, circa 1980. Revolving around the lives of freak and geek siblings Lindsay and Sam Weir.

    This was a brillent, funny, smart, cool, show that i absolutly loved. It was all about being a teenager and how much it sucks. Being a teenager s***s because you have all of this stuff going through changes and we have to have do it with hundreds of people watching us and mostly hating us. The show is great,like i said, it shows us the true teenage experiance no mater how filtered. It is a little over-the-top and the stoners are all idiots which is not nessicarly the situation, but you know, thats the way TV works. I love Sam Weir Though. Also, please excues my bad spelling and grammer and typos, it's late and i'm not trying too hard.
  • Cancelled WAY before its' time

    All I have to say about this show is that it was funny, having my relate to almost every segment that the "Geeks" had, and it was certainly interesting to see Linda Cardellini, who is a voice actor currently for children's cartoons, try to find her place in the world... whether it was with the burnouts, or the math squad at her high school.

    You'll find, while watching "Freaks and Geeks", that you get invested with Linsay's dilemmas of just fitting in.
  • this show gave me pure joy.

    All I have to say is... WOW. This is one of the best shows I have ever watched in my lifetime. Every little aspect of this series intrigued me. After finishing the last episode, I was honestly heartbroken. And not to mention the amazing talents of Linda Cardellini, John Daley, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Samm Levine, Busy Philipps, James freaking Franco, and Martin Starr, in which many of these characters you may recognize the names of, have moved onto some great acting careers. The characters in this show were cast so well. It is a great cult classic. My favorite characters were Harris, Mr Rosso, and the Weirs. I would sometimes cringe at how awkward Sam Weir was, but he was a great character. The fact that they got so much done in only 18 episodes was the amazing part, I just wish they could've expanded more with some of the situations
  • Superb show. It will be missed.

    I recently watched the entire season of Freaks and Geeks, and I loved it as much as the first time I watched a few of the episodes. One of favorite episodes is the Halloween episode where Bill dresses up as the Bionic woman. I really feel like Bill made this show, and its a shame that his talent really isnt displayed promininently anywhere else in Hollywood. Overall this show is very enjoyable to watch, I totally understand Lindsay's inability to fit in with a crowd, and I understand Bill, Sam and Neil's inability to be cool... to a point. I was never as much as a nerd as the three of them with their Star Wars bath towels and chemical sets, but I was definitely a tiny freshman just like Sam. It was cool to watch Sam's wildest dreams come true when Cindy Sanders was his girlfriend, but reality set in when he realized they were different people. He learned the valuable lesson that because someone of the opposite sex is very attractive, doesnt mean they're right for you. Everything that comes out of Bill's mouth should be considered a great quote for this show. There's just too many to list.
  • This show was so underrated, and no one realized it til it had been cancelled!

    This was another great show that didn't do well in the ratings, but literally hidden amongst all the other teen dramas that were airing at the same time. I didn't take notice of the show until it started airing in reruns after it had been cancelled. To me, Freaks was great because it explored that temultous time that is the 70's in a dramtic fashion-more like a dramatic 70's show. I can understand how it went unnoticed, the characters weren't all models, I don't remember their being any publicity surrounding the show, nor did it have any big or even recognizeable stars to create a lot of buzz. But the drama was real, although a lot less obvious than most shows like it!
  • A teen show about the outcasts of high school

    I only saw a few episodes of this show, but I remember just really liking it a lot, and then it was gone. I guess it just goes to show that even a show about the outcasts can't last, everybody wants the shows about the beautiful people of high school. Just like with My So-Called Life. And we wonder why kids are so superficial, when shows that keep it real get cancelled, and we are spoon-fed all these other stupid shows where everybody's got perfect bodies and perfect tans and perfect clothes and they just all hop into bed with one another. Blech. Give me the Freaks and Geeks anyday.
  • This show centers around a family named the Weir family. But it mostly centers around a brother and sister. This show takes off with Sam and Lindsay going to highschool in the early 1980s somewhere in Michigan. To bad it didnt last long I blame Nbc lol.

    Looking back I saw all these episodes. It may of been alittle out of order but who cares. I really wished to hell this tv show would of made it to maybe a second or third season. They had a great cast of stars on here. They also did a great job of makeing the show look and feel like it was done in the early 1980s. This was a great time to be alive and there were freaks and geeks not to mention disco was almost dead. And Rock and Roll was coming fast and furious. In so many ways I wanna blame Nbc. I could be wrong. But they never should of played with the different time slots. They had a great show on there hands. And I still wonder to this day if something else was involved on why it got canned so early when it was on.
  • One of the best TV series of all time!

    I was born in '85 so I never got to experience the 70's unfortunately, but my parents never grew up since the 70's. So with them I was able to understand this show and absolutely loved it.

    Freaks and Geeks is a story with really two main characters, Lindsay and Sam, who are brother and sister. Sam is a "geek" with his two friends Neil and Bill, who are absolutely hilarious and trust me you won't stop laughing. Then there is Lindsay, who seems lost being in high school, and starts to hang out with the "freaks" who do drugs, drink, listen to rock, and go against pretty much everything her family believes.

    The acting is incredible and so believable. The music is the best part of the whole show. Styx, Zep, Rush, Van Halen, The Grateful Dead, and a lot more. I own to Season 1 box set and I make my friends watch it and now they realize how great of a show it is, but it sucks it's canceled. Even though it is canceled I will never stop watching my Season 1 of Freaks and Geeks and everyone should watch this show!!
  • While the other teenage shows of the 90's, such as Dawson's Creek were about "pretty" whiny people with their soap operatic problems, here comes a show that finally actually showed a realistic portrayal of high school. It was canceled. UGH.

    In this short-lived, but highly influential television show, the stories of "freaks", Led Zeppelin idolizing, pot smoking, fake id pursuing teenagers, and "geeks", Star Wars obsessing, Bill Murray quoting, never had a date in their life teens come together in a highly realistic way, complete with not just laughs, but also all the heartache, pain and social issues of high school. A lot of the cast has since been more famous, James Franco, for example, now playing Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man movies, and Seth Rogen, starring in such hit comedies The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, both directed by series producer Judd Apatow. The DVD is definitely worth with its almost unhealthily obsessive plethora of extras. R.I.P. Freaks and Geeks. You died before your time.
  • Freaks and Geeks Great Show

    I loved this show so much. I have watched it several times through. This show is funny and serious at the same time. Yeah, im not from the 80's but it is a good representation of the 80's. Love the all star cast as well. Perfect show.
  • People are still discovering it, and loving it, today

    I just discovered it, being a big James Franco fan, and having watched the first episode I was already hooked. I am blasting through them and I have to say I am yet to find a more relatable, accurate and painfully funny presentation of teenagers. It avoids all the obvious cliches and is a joy to watch. Linsay is smashing, but the best part of this show has to be Bill. I would definitely recommend.
  • Being Only 18 Episodes is What Made It Memorable...

    The brilliant part is that in few TV episodes all the teenage ups and downs is uncovered...

    Funny and irresistible
  • The best canceled-after-18-episodes show ever.

    NBC couldn't be more stupid after canceling Freaks and Geeks after only one season. The cast was great, with a lot of up and coming stars like Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. The cast was so great, I believe if anyone other than the original cast of "That '70s Show", this cast of teens should of played the kids in "That '80s Show" with the season taking place in 1980-1981.

    The story revolves around the Weir family, with fresh meat Sam being part of the "Geeks" and elder sister Lindsay trying to fit in with the "Freaks" after trying to shed all her memories of being a mathlete and what not.

    Sam was a innocent character, although he always created awkward situations for himself and I kinda got annoyed as his childishness. His main friends are Neal Schwieber, a kinda funny guy with a rich dad and thoughts that he isn't as geeky as the rest of his friends, and Bill Haverchuck, is tall for his age, kinda slow and talks emotionless, but really I thought he was one of the funniest, if not, funniest characters on the show. They are sometimes rounded out by the overweight Gordon Crisp and also somewhat emotionless, but nonetheless hilarious, Harris Trinsky.

    The "freaks" are Jason Segel as Nick, a stoner, (who quits later on in the series to impress Lindsay) and an owned of a 29-piece drum set, something he wants to become famous for one day. There's James Franco as Daniel, a funny, cool guy who has an on-and-off again relationship with Kim, a sort of "tomboy" with crazy parents. There's also sidekick Seth Rogen as Ken, who's unbelievably sarcastic but eventually finds love in the school band's tuba player. Lindsay, trying to fit in, tries to fit in with the crowd but pulling things off such as stealing her parents' car, and causing destruction on Halloween.

    Anyhow, I really love most of the characters, (I don't know about Sam) and even Mr. & Mrs. Weir - Harold and Jean, are pretty funny and enjoyable. Freaks and Geeks was a wonderful show and it was a shame it only lasted a season.
  • Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco and co in their early days.

    Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco and co in their early days. This is without a doubt the show that made them. It`s a teen show but not just another one, I think many things makes it way better that the others. The cast very very talented. Most of the leads, the supporting cast and also the guests (Ben Stiller appears in one) are great. The stories are pretty good(brings some good ole memories) with some great characters (except perhaps Sam Weir who is beyond annoying). The show centers around Linda Weir played but the talented Linda Cardellini. Judd Apatow is the producer. It`s great that now that he is one of the leading producers of the comedy genre, he still works with some of the cast of Freaks and Geeks(The movie Knock up is literally a reunion).The show also had a great soundtrack. I`ll never forget the finale as it got me into the Grateful Dead who without a shout of a doubt is one of the best band ever.
    Freaks and geeks got canceled after a season as it was against who want to be millionaire. That`s another win for the reality/game shows over good TV.
  • A highly humorous and touching show.

    When I first discovered Freaks & Geeks I have to admit that it was about a year after it was cancelled. I happened to catch it when a different channel was airing some re-runs. I fell in love with the characters and stories instantly. It's amazing when a show is so realistic and heartbreaking and funny all in one and this show is all that and more. One of my favorite episodes is "Discos and Dragons" because it shows that even a rebel loner guy like Daniel Desario can have a good time playing a "geeky" game with the "geeks". It shows characters developing and growing instead of leaving them in their stereotypical role. Once I saw a few episodes I tried to find if I could buy the whole series online. I found out that it wasn't on DVD so I found someone on E-bay who was selling a set of all the episodes on VHS. I was so happy even though the quality wasn't that great. I could watch them whenever I was in the mood for some great television. Of course now I have the DVD set with all the commentary and special features. I highly recommend it if you even remotely enjoy Freaks & Geeks. To sum up, I'm so thankful that I found this show because it's one of my all time favorite series.
  • This show had me staying home Saturday nights..

    Such a shame it ended after one season. I really liked how each character was portrayed. Lindsey, who went from being all goody goody, to hanning out with the freaks. Lindsey's brother, Sam, who was with the geeks, looked too young for high school. Daniel, and the rest of the freaks crew were so unpredictable, it kept me tuning in every week. I loved Kim (Busy Philips) She was so wacky a lot of the time. She was on a permanent emotional rollercoaster. I always hated how she was so mean to Lindsey 99percent of the time. I really liked how the last episode of the series was done with Kim and Lindsey going off together with the hippies.
  • Too bad it died

    Although it has a new life on DVD, it is really too bad this show didn't last. I seem to remember it even making TV guides, "Best Shows You Are Not Watching" list. The only other one I remember is "Sports Night" done by Aaron Sorkin of the "West Wing". The DVD set has all the episodes, with great extras. The commentary gets a little muddled , because there are so many returning people in each commentary session, almost each ep has two sessions. This is a testament to how much the people who created the show, love it, and are proud of it.

    The characters are real, and completely three dimentional. There is a character names "Busy", who at the beginning is really annoying, because she seems a bully. Eventually, she grows, eventually has pathos, and I grew like her. This happens with a lot of the characters in the show, they grow, and like I said they real. There is a scene where the love-sick drummer, pantomimes Styx' "Lady" while courting a girl that isn't really hot for him. OK, I never did this in the early eighties, but in one of my first love notes I did quote AC/DC, I would appreciate if you didn't dwell on this too much. Anyway, we absoulutely can associate with one or more of the characters, and the music is great. I'm talking Joe Jackson, and "Ripple", the only Dead song I really, really like.

    There is a great scene that opens an episode. Martin Starr (the kid with glasses) is funk dancing to something. I was on the floor when I first saw this. I don't know why is it so funny, maybe he's unapologetic about it, maybe he thinks this will get girls, I think it is because he is bizarrely good at it. "Shake it, you won't break it"
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