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  • One simple, random comment from Judd Apatow was all it took to kill my enjoyment of the show.

    I never caught “Freaks and Geeks” when it aired, despite raves from family and friends. I caught part of an episode and was suddenly intrigued. I borrowed the DVD collection and began watching it obsessively. “Freaks and Geeks” appeared to be one of those rare cult-classic, cancelled-before-its-time shows that actually deserved real attention. The whole team had really captured the discomfort and awkwardness of high school. Clearly the show’s demise was premature and unfortunate.

    As I watched the DVDs I delved through all the extra features and read the DVD booklet. I came to a short section where creator Judd Apatow answered questions he received from fans. One question was what was going to happen to the characters. They set up a great cast, and since it’s really the characters that drive a show (as opposed to the premise), it was the characters that the fans were interested in. Apatow’s reply was “anything you want to happen would happen.” This comment wasn’t wry or ironic; it was rude, callus, and frankly just plain stupid. This killed my love of the show.

    Why would Apatow say this? Why would he insult the intelligence of all the fans of the show? His response might as well have been, “Who cares?” Or rather, “Why do you care?” A writer or producer with any real love of their medium would have eagerly told fans all the secrets they’d never get to or explained where they wanted the series to go. I suggest this because other producers of other cult shows canceled “before their time” love talking about their shows in interviews, on blogs, and especially on DVD sets. This was the place to share the love with F&G fans, and Apatow screwed up.
  • This show failed to capture my imagination. It lacked the quality to grip me to my screen. The show did, however, touch on the teenage issues we all go through, and it handled them well.

    This show failed to capture my imagination. It lacked the quality to grip me to my screen. Whilst there were some funny moments, this show didn’t make me wonder what happens next or keep me glued to the screen.

    The show did, however, touch on the teenage issues we all go through, and it handled them well. A viewer could easily relate to issues brought up in the show, but would get more spending the time watching a couple of episodes of Saved By The Bell instead.

    To some viewers, this show might be a much needed piece of entertainment and to others it would be a waste of an hour. Like the old saying goes; One mans trash is another mans treasure.
  • I wanted this show to be good

    After all the hype I heard about Freaks and Geeks, I decided to check it out, long after it had been taken off the air. I wanted so badly for this to be a great show, even for me to lament the fact that it had been cancelled.

    I just didn't. Something wasn't comfortable about the show - it could be that I hated most of the characters on it except for Lindsey and Sam and no matter how good the writing is, a show will never last if the characters are not likeable. That, and I never wanted to see Busy Phillips/Kim Kelly's sneering face again. Ugh.

    Generally, the show was okay, something I'm glad that I've seen just so I know what it was, but something that the hype seems overrated for.
  • Shame to cancel it.

    Why is it that all the best teen shows get cancelled way before their time? Maybe because the show is set in the 80's (where teenagers won't relate to some of the stuff back then). Or maybe because people don't look for smart acting anymore. Even if you were born after all that hippie - disco stuff, you should still be able to enjoy the show.

    Personally, I don't think the show stood a chance. First, it was hardly advertised by NBC. Second, it was placed on a Saturday night. And third, it was taken off the air for a month or so and then brought back. You couldn't have any worse luck. Then when it came back on the air, they only showed a couple of episodes and decided to cancel it for good.

    To sum it up - it was a good little show with terrific acting, excellent music, good clothes, great storylines, and a hell of a good try to stay on the air. Unfortunately, it didn't even survive one season. All I know is that I loved it and thank goodness I recorded most of the episodes.

    Anybody who missed this show, you lost a chance to see what real television is about.
  • The universal experience of teenagehood as lived by the regular old freaks and geeks in a Michigan high school, circa 1980. Revolving around the lives of freak and geek siblings Lindsay and Sam Weir.

    This was a brillent, funny, smart, cool, show that i absolutly loved. It was all about being a teenager and how much it sucks. Being a teenager s***s because you have all of this stuff going through changes and we have to have do it with hundreds of people watching us and mostly hating us. The show is great,like i said, it shows us the true teenage experiance no mater how filtered. It is a little over-the-top and the stoners are all idiots which is not nessicarly the situation, but you know, thats the way TV works. I love Sam Weir Though. Also, please excues my bad spelling and grammer and typos, it's late and i'm not trying too hard.
  • Superb show. It will be missed.

    I recently watched the entire season of Freaks and Geeks, and I loved it as much as the first time I watched a few of the episodes. One of favorite episodes is the Halloween episode where Bill dresses up as the Bionic woman. I really feel like Bill made this show, and its a shame that his talent really isnt displayed promininently anywhere else in Hollywood. Overall this show is very enjoyable to watch, I totally understand Lindsay's inability to fit in with a crowd, and I understand Bill, Sam and Neil's inability to be cool... to a point. I was never as much as a nerd as the three of them with their Star Wars bath towels and chemical sets, but I was definitely a tiny freshman just like Sam. It was cool to watch Sam's wildest dreams come true when Cindy Sanders was his girlfriend, but reality set in when he realized they were different people. He learned the valuable lesson that because someone of the opposite sex is very attractive, doesnt mean they're right for you. Everything that comes out of Bill's mouth should be considered a great quote for this show. There's just too many to list.
  • While the other teenage shows of the 90's, such as Dawson's Creek were about "pretty" whiny people with their soap operatic problems, here comes a show that finally actually showed a realistic portrayal of high school. It was canceled. UGH.

    In this short-lived, but highly influential television show, the stories of "freaks", Led Zeppelin idolizing, pot smoking, fake id pursuing teenagers, and "geeks", Star Wars obsessing, Bill Murray quoting, never had a date in their life teens come together in a highly realistic way, complete with not just laughs, but also all the heartache, pain and social issues of high school. A lot of the cast has since been more famous, James Franco, for example, now playing Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man movies, and Seth Rogen, starring in such hit comedies The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, both directed by series producer Judd Apatow. The DVD is definitely worth with its almost unhealthily obsessive plethora of extras. R.I.P. Freaks and Geeks. You died before your time.
  • Another great show that didn't make it!

    It's kind of annoying, that there's so much bad tv and so much money spent on some of the shows that are being produced, but the great shows that really should have made it gotten bigger and gotten a few more seasons, didn't the chance to. Freaks and Geeks is really one of those shows that didn't the chance. For whatever reason, it didn't continue, but it was really a great a show. One of my favorite, it starts a bit slow at first, but once you meet the characters, it's a show you'll want to continue to know more. Watch it on DVD
  • The Show America Missed

    It was a show not about the decade it represented, nor the decade in which it aired. It was a show that took place in 1980 but was not about the eighties but rather about the end of the seventies, much like American Graffiti is not about the 60s but the end of the fifties. Freaks and Geeks was a show that did not last a full season, in spite of the fact that it was wildly funny, and at the same time full of all of the drama and angst that any true high school show should have. A friend of mine once said that this was comedy that was built around drama, instead of drama built around comedy. This is what make Freaks and Geeks the brilliant show that it was. High School, both in retrospect, and from the outside looking in is extremely funny, especially two decades removed. Yet one cannot remove the drama that surrounds high school, the drama that transcends every high school. Although it was brilliantly written and acted, and had the universal themes that transcend, many high school experiences, Freaks and Geeks failed to ever attract an audience. The shows outline is divided into three environments or groups, the older kids, consisting of the main character Lindsay Weir, and her interactions with her friends. Lindsay is trying to break out of her straight A “math-lete” image, and is played by Linda Cardellini. Her friends are considered the “freaks” of the school, because the often cut class, do drugs and are in a rock band. The underlying message that Lindsay puts across to these people is that they will eventually have to do something with their lives and they should start now. They begin to see their full potential thought not with out resistance to their old ways. The “freaks” include James Dean like, angst filled, “devil may care” attitude, Daniel, played by James Fanco (who would ironically go on to play Dean in a biographical TV movie). Dan’s girlfriend Kim who is the epitome of female independence, played by Busy Philipps. The lovable drummer but often misguided, confused, and over controlled by his military father Nick, played by Jason Segel. Finally the “freaks” are rounded out by laid back, rock loving Ken, played by Seth Rogen. The second group are the “geeks” this group is led by Sam Weir, Lindsay’s younger brother. Sam is a 107 pound freshman boy with all such problems such as girls, bullies, and friends. Sam is played by John Francis Daley. His best friends are Neil, and Bill. Neil, played by Samm Levine, is the typical neurotic Jew, who though he never has had a girlfriend thinks he knows exactly what a relationship should consist of. Bill doesn’t know much about anything but is the classic lanky geek with glasses, and is an excellent straight man to Sam and Neil, played by Martin Starr. The third environment, is everything outside these two groups, and where these two environments come together, This is often, around the Weir’s dinner table. This is where the parents try, and usually fail, to offer their sage advise to their children. The parents do not have all the answers, and are often out of touch with their children, and their children’s culture. They make mistakes while always meaning well. The parents love their children and the children love their parents, but they never see quite eye to eye. The father, in the pilot episode constantly talks about people like Jimi Hendrix and Janice Jopplin, and the why they are dead, but he does not relate their causes of death to drugs or alcohol but rather to cutting class. The rest of this environment is the other groups outside of the freaks and geeks who don’t quite understand them. In many ways this show is about two stories on people’s place, the first is Lindsay’s trying to work her way into being to accepted by the group she desires to be in, the freaks. She constantly is torn between her old life and her new. She eventually will settle some where in the middle, this comes to a climax in the final episode when Lindsay makes a surprising choice, that contributes to the freaks breaking up. The other story is Sam’s trying to break out of the geeks and yet constantly being thrown back, and eventually accepting his place, and being proud of it. The real charm of the show is in its setting. Set at the start of the eighties it centers around much of the pop culture that was fading from the seventies. The constantly references to the hard/experimental rock music, like bands Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Who; while also dropping names like the Sex Pistols, Ramones, and Clash obvious allusions to the punk movement. These are countered with the more bubble gum references like the disco movement. Characters are dealing with a change in culture, a time where members of their favorite bands are dying (John Bonham of Led Zeppelin) and their favorite pop culture icons are not where they are supposed to be (Bill Murray of SNL). It is set in such a time that it can naively examine issues like drugs, sex, and identity issues. Drugs while they are a big part of the show are in many ways simply a cultural symbol, not glorified, but usually background. It makes no apologies for its stances on drugs, alcohol, and sex, but merely tries to represent what was the outlook by high schoolers at this time. Freaks and Geeks offered an answer to the typical jock view of high school. Freaks and Geeks in many ways, was an update to The Wonder Years, which had ten years earlier tried much of the same angle, and been very successful. This show was not like shows, with a more family geared audience like Family Ties, or 7th Heaven. In Freaks and Geeks the children are disconnected from their parents, they disagree with their parents, and their parents feel this distance and in many ways respect the gap. The show also is not like Beverly Hills 90201, Dawson’s Creek, or The O.C. in that it does not take itself so seriously and takes a humorous approach to high school. The drama is not heightened merely by the fact that there is drama (like as in many of the other shows that I have mentioned), but rather, the situations are handled with the attitude “This is what is happening and I have to deal with it.” In the same way it is not a Saved by the Bell approach which, though it tried to tackle serious issues could not do so effectively because of of the silliness of the overall show. Freaks and Geeks rather takes a more realistic approach in which the audience laughs at things because of the seriousness with which the characters look at the world and situations. Their outlooks are funny because they are genuine, they are actually what many of us may have thought like in high school. The situations are seem more real than many sitcoms or drama on television. Though many story lines are predictable, new spins are often put on old situations. For example, in the second episode the main characters’ parents are going out of town and decide to leave the children at home alone. This is the obvious situation for a party and in a typical show the main character would throw a party with lots of beer, drunk friends that they do not know, and trash the house, and get caught or come close. While in Freaks and Geeks Lindsay’s younger brother exchanges the real beer, for non-alcoholic beer. The cast who unknowingly drinks the non-alcoholic beer, believes that they are drunk, many who have never had been drunk before. The humor is in the idea that so many people think that they need alcohol to have a good time and yet when offered as a placebo they will have the same amount of fun. It offers the ability for adults to look back on their times in high school, and examine why things were fun. The character development that occurs is outstanding and rarely occurs in modern comedy. Daniel is one of the best examples of such character development, in the beginning of the series he is comfortable in his environment, it is one that is safe, one in which he is king. He does not need to try hard in school because his friends don’t see that as important. He does not need to try at anything else because that is what he is good at and that is what his friends find cool about him. Here comes Lindsay, some one who cares about school, though she doesn’t want to, and she shakes up his entire environment. She begins as someone who has a crush on him but his lack of interest, which attracts other women eventually turns her off, something Daniel is not used to but this is certainly not earth shattering for him. She eventually begins to date Nick. During her time with Nick she persuades him to become serious about his music, and he eventually because of Lindsay's influence kick drugs. She becomes the portal for Ken to meet his girlfriend. She encourages Kim to become a better person, who cares about school and where she is going with her life. Suddenly Daniel doesn’t seem so cool in the midst of all of this change, and yet he suddenly tries to find his place. He tries to be a member of the punk movement but that doesn’t suit him. He is forced to become a part of the school AV club and finds a place with the geeks, learning that their way of life may not be as bad as he originally thought. On the flip side of the coin there is Sam who is this character who is in a way the leader of the geeks. He is someone who does not like being at the top of his circle and wants to movie up the high school ladder of popularity. He desperately wants to date Cindy, a cheerleader. Eventually he does date Cindy and he moves up in the social ladder. He realizes that that is not the life he really wants, he comes to the idea that the “grass is not always greener on the other side”. He is bored with his new friends, they do not share the same ideas that his old friends did, nor the same humor, which is deeply disturbing to him. He eventually breaks up with his Cindy and goes back to his own friends. He learns to accept where he is and that where he is now, is often times better than other alternatives. In the end Freaks and Geeks though short lived, did a good job of representing not only high school in 1980, but also high school in general. It deserves to be placed on the same plane as great shows like The Wonder Years and great films like American Graffiti. It’s drama is realistic, and original. Its comedy is well timed and tasteful. It makes for a great study of the results of the seventies, as well as a study of characters. It’s short, though influential run on television, is one to be admired. We can only wish that more of television were as smart, funny, and as original as this.
  • Another sadly underappreciated tv show masterpiece.

    Whether you were popular, cool or rejected, chances are you were part of a group in high school. Freaks and Geeks is all about that. About the everyday obstacles you face whether you are know as a freak, such as Lindsay or a geek, like Sam. This groundbreaking show was crude and real, and this kind of show is not for everyone to appreciate. This was proven by the fast cancellation of the series quickly followed by the devoted hardcore fans who forced the network to air the remaining episodes that had been shot but had not been shown. Maybe it was too hard for people to relate to the characters. When you have been through high school being known as a freak or a geek, you relate to the characters as they are a representation of yourself, a proof that what you were (or are) is normal, complex and as interesting or maybe more interesting, then what those popular and over-represented cheerleader and football player character the other tv shows keep on presenting.
  • freaks and geeks is a charming comedy about disaffected youth coming of age in the 80's.

    freaks and geeks, one of judd appatow's plethora of genious projects, was a great tv show that got lost in the shuffle. the casting is perfect...with james franco as the rebellious badass, linda cardellini (pre ER fame) as a smart mathlete trying to balance her own academic pursuits against her new found social life amongst a group of hipster kids with a too cool for school vibe. juxtaposed to cardellini's struggle for self is John Francis Daley, as her brother, who is going through his own trials and tribulations of young adulthood. the cast is especially elevated by riviting performances by Samm Levine and Martin Starr as Daley's awkward sidekicks. All in all this is one of the best television shows out there. Freaks and Geeks counters the drama of high school hell against the comedy inherent within it.
  • I miss this show so much! Somebody pick it up and rerun it!

    A fabulously hilarious show that revolved around siblings Sam and Lindsay. The characters in this show were well-written and well-acted. Each character could be someone that you once knew or knew of in high school, which allows the show to reach many different audiences at the same time. The actors really brought their chracters to life and made them very believable, which is sometimes hard to find today.

    I don\'t know who on earth made the decision to cut this show from the air, but I was extremely let down when I heard the news. I wish these people would give shows a little more time to gain an audience rather than ripping something wonderful away.

    I am doubtful that because the show did not run very long, it will not be picked up by another newtwork, such as TBS, to air reruns, but I am hopeful that it may be.
  • Freaks and Geeks is a cool TV Show

    Freaks and Geeks is one of my favourite TV Shows of All Time along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, South Park, 7th heaven, One Tree Hill, Malcolm in the middle, Dark Angel, Friends and Doug Funny . The Show is really funny. My favorite character is Daniel because he is really cool. But I also like Lindsay, Sam, Bill, Neal, Nick and Ken and the other Geeks. I think the Show was cancelled to early, only 18 episodes. But the Least Episode: Discos and Dragons was very great. Please vote on my Freaks and Geeks poll on

    Thank you
  • A terrific show that was canceled too soon!

    This was one of the first shows I got hooked on as a teen!!! It's an absolutely terrific show in everyway. The writing and the actors were great and the entire feel of the show was much more life-like than most other shows for teens. I was so upset when it was cancelled and immediately bought the dvd when it was released. I"m happy that judd apatow and that whole crew is making a huge comeback in hollywood. I just tell any of my friends that like superbad or knocked up to watch freaks and geeks because they'll love it.
  • My mind = Blown

    Anyone who has read my other reviews know that I say this alot, but this series was incredible. Freaks and Geeks was a high school drama that you can relate to. Freaks and Geeks deals with problems that face the everyday high school student, unlike other shows of the same genre (I mean who the hell can relate to the OC, or 90210?). An amazing cast including Linda Cardellini (ER, Scooby Doo), James Franco (Milk, The Pineapple Express), Jason Segal (How I Met Your Mother, I Love You, Man), and Seth Rogan (Superbad, The Pineapple Express). The only thing I disliked about the series was Sam Weir (played by John Francis Daley), not only was he not a good actor, I absolutely hated his hair. Anyways, I strongly recomend everyone watch this series.
  • From creator Paul Feig, and producer Judd Apatow, comes a cult classic about a high school with the freaks...and the geeks.

    The show centered on a teenage girl, Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini), and her brother, Sam (John Francis Daley), both attending McKinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year in the town of Chippewa, Michigan, a fictional suburb of Detroit. You have your geeks: John Daley, Samm Levine, and Martin Starr. And your freaks: James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Busy Phillips. I remember watching this show when it was on, but not understanding it. Now 14, and watching show, it was a shame this got cancelled, but if it didn't, it wouldn't be as good of a show.
  • This cult classic was unjustly cancelled by NBC but than again, they placed it on Saturday dead night. This one-season show is available in it's entirety on DVD including three un-aired shows from the series. Go buy it and watch in full.

    I just finished watching the complete series of Freaks and Geeks and it left me wanting more. Sadly, I am unable to watch more episodes of Freaks and Geeks as NBC executives cancelled just over halfway into the series due to low ratings. Low ratings came as a result of placing a series on Saturday nights.

    The series focuses on Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini) and her brother Sam (John Francis Daley) during the year of 1980-81.

    They are joined in the cast by the Freaks: Daniel Desario (James Franco), Ken Miller (Seth Rogen), Nick Andopolis (Jason Segel), and Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps). The Geeks include: Neal Schweiber (Samm Levine) and Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr). The Weir parents were Harold and Jean, played by Joe Flaherty and Becky Ann Baker.

    The series starts as Lindsay wants a change in her life. She's tired of being just the smart mathlete and starts hanging out with the freaks. Sam and his friends are tired of being geeks and want to fit in.

    There were notable guest appearances on this show, often going unhyped, with the likes of Ben Stiller, Shia LaBeouf, Rashida Jones, Allan Covert, Ben Foster, Jason Schwartzmann, David Koechner etc.

    It's evident from the get go that Sam likes Cindy Sanders, a cheerleader, who likes Sam because he's nice. However, we don't find out til later on that she likes Todd, a jock. Towards the end of the series, Cindy starts dating Sam but they have nothing in common as evidenced by the fact that she doesn't find anything funny about The Jerk while the theater is laughing up a storm.

    Bill's mom is dating Mr. Ben Fredericks (played by Thomas F. Wilson of Back to the Future fame), the gym teacher. Bill is upset at first but then they start to get to know each other better. Towards the end of the series, he and Vicki, the head cheerleader actually make out during "7 minutes in heaven."

    Other great casting choices included Dave "Gruber" Allen as the guidance counselor and David Krumholtz as Neal's older brother, barry.

    All in all, this was a great series. The casting played a huge role--Allison Jones, Coreen Mayrs and Jill Greenberg won an Emmy award for Outstanding casting. Two episodes were nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (Pilot, Discoes and Dragons).

    Judd Apatow and Paul Feig should be commended for their work on this series. Despite low ratings, it has become a cult classic.
  • Makes you miss high school

    Caught a couple of episodes on late night tv when it aired in australia. The only bad thing about the show was the cancellation. Ending on the disco episodes was a huge let down 'DISCO SUCKS', but the great actors, real scripts (not focused on the cheery chearleaders) and style had me hooked
  • High school freaks and geeks in the 80s. What more could you ask for?

    I really miss this show. It was so completely underrated. A perfect example of television at its greatest but still unappreciated by mainstream audiences. Every single character was believable and uniquely hilarious from the kids to the adults. The cast was perfect as well. Upcoming stars like James Franco and Linda Cardelini shined in their parts. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it on late night television (it had been pushed to a late slot after poor ratings I assume). It's so rewatchable and the humour remains even after multiple viewings (believe me I would know).

    TV producers should look back to shows like these to really understand what TV SHOULD be about.
  • I have just finished watching the complete series of freaks and geeks and am frustrated that it is over. I LOVED this show. I cant understand why I had no clue of it back in 1999. Im completely bored with whats on the television today.

    i loved this show and am completely desprete for more. I am so tired of the choices of television shows on tv today. reality after reality. im bored out of my mind and find that the tv stays off way more that it is turned on. I looked forward to this show coming in the mail and am saddened that its over. Can someone please pick up the show so I can watch tv again??
  • it's nothing but a beyond amazing show that desparately needs to be put back on television!!

    gosh. i hella miss this show so much. it's definitely one of the best shows to ever come on tv. why it ever got canceled and/or taken off is a mystery to me because this is seriously one of the best, most funny, shows a person can watch. the characters are somewhat realistic, the acting is great, the episodes rock, the dialogue kicks ass. how did they show freaking get canceled or whatever? this show needs to be put back on tv immediately. it promotes old school music and it shows that how it feels to be a little different then most kids in high school. it shows the kids who fit in, the kids who don't. yeh, it's just the best show to ever come on tvvv.
  • I miss this show

    Freaks and Geeks was one of the best shows when it was on. I can not believe that it got cancelled after only one season. I bought the season on DVD and I watch it often. I wish this show was still on. They could have made many more episodes based on how the last one ended. I like the geeks better than the freaks because they are so much funnier. They always get into stupid problems and the way they try to solve them is one of the best parts of this show. Hopefully they will show the reruns on TV one day.
  • fantastic program absolutely love it

    the show was fantastic the idea was great and the cast was great it should never have ended I would of liked it to come back but they couldn\'t do it know the cast has moved on it the cast made the program if they did with any other people it wouldn\'t be the same. I think the people that cancelled that program are a idiots who have no idea what people really want and I intend to boycott there channel completely because any good program will just get cancelled whats the point I mean if so many of there programs weren\'t cancelled so quickly they and put on stupid times they would get the ratings they want with a bit of time.
  • One of the best shows EVER.

    If there ever was a show to watch, this would be it. Seriously, if the end of the world was nearing, and you wanted to watch as many shows as you could, you better watch this one!! it TRUTHFULLY portrays high school life...none of that fake crap where everyone's hair is perfect and everyone learns their lesson or whatever. No, everyone here has their faults as well as their talents, everyone makes mistakes and not all of them get fixed, and not everyone has a loving family. Yet, even though it shows the not-so-nice parts of high school, it's still one of the FUNNIEST shows you'll ever watch it!!
  • That 1980's Show!

    this show was about people, which was nice. not many shows nowadays are about people if you get what im saying. it really expored who these people were and all the choices that they made, whether they were influenced by others or their own ego. more than that, it did it in a funny, original way that was also (according to my mum) true to the era. The actors were also very talented. i think the proof is in the fact that u can still find many of them working in all mediums fromm high budget film to long running dramas, but hey, the world is not fair and worse shows have survived to suck another day.
  • Great Show

    It was a great show about being a teen (much similar, at least in my opinion, to "My So Called Life").
    It had a great story, great characters and great scripts (the only thing I didn't like much was the fact that they were in the 80s, I don't really know why).
    But I don't really know why they canceled it.
  • Cut short to soon doesn't even explain the sadness.

    This show had great previews on NBC when it was gonna premier I remember it vividly. I saw the first show when it aired originally and became hooked from then on. I didn't miss an epeisode at all the cancelation came as a blow to my TV viewing season I really didn't watch anything else that year but the X-files and it was such a great show you just hate to see shows that deserve to stay on the air get cut off because of ratings it's just horrible. The DVD I just can't get myself to buy because I'll only be reminded of what could of been.
  • Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    I really miss Freaks and Geeks. It was a show that hit a lot of topics right on the head and did it with intent and always in a clever way.

    I would change a few things about this show, in hind sight, though. Firstly, one of the things that really bothered me was that it just didn't have an 80's feel to it. Now I know I'm probably not going to be understood here, but it wasn't the costuming, music or references. It was the way in which it was shot, the stock used and the lighting choices.

    Another thing that bothered me was the sub-par acting by some of the cast, namely Samm Levine. Also, good acting comes with age, so it's almost forgivable. But when you see acting the likes of Chauncey Leopardi, you can't help but whence a little.

    However, this is one of my all time favorite shows and I will always pop in the DVD set whenever I am blue because it's a sure cure.
  • I thought that this show will have made more than one season, what is wrong with this people!

    This show could have easily make it more than fifteen episodes, what is wrong with them? I have seen it and this show is hilarious and very funny and I don\'t understand how could people just not like it, are they crazy or what?! I can\'t just understand it, they are totally mental, I think it could have been easily a second season of this one, well I have watched this show and I think that this show is really good and I think that this show reflects very much the teenagehood of all the freaks and all the geeks.....
  • Cancelled WAY before its' time

    All I have to say about this show is that it was funny, having my relate to almost every segment that the "Geeks" had, and it was certainly interesting to see Linda Cardellini, who is a voice actor currently for children's cartoons, try to find her place in the world... whether it was with the burnouts, or the math squad at her high school.

    You'll find, while watching "Freaks and Geeks", that you get invested with Linsay's dilemmas of just fitting in.
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