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  • Great show!!!

    I Loved this show when it first aired and couldn't wait for it to show up on dvd. I got it and paid fifty dollars for the whole season but I would of paid alot more fifty dollars isnt that much it has all the correct music that was on the shows when it first aired and tons of bonus features if you like them. This show was set when i was like a baby or small child but just something about it made me enjoy every episode. it's a great show if you ever have a chance to watch it i suggest you do. :)
  • 10
    My alltime favorite show. Though I grew up in the sixties in a small town, this show is a frighteningly accurate picture of life in school. It was hell. This show helps me laugh at what was so painful then. I remember the agony of gym class, the tightly knit cliques, the idiotic adults that taught us and were very much like children themselves. Everything was so confusing then. Friendships changed overnight so you never knew who you could count on. It was very frightening and lonely. My favorite people were the freaks because they didn't give a damn and seemed to be having fun. They were much more interesting anyway. Great show!
  • Why was this cancelled? WHHHHHYYYYYY????? MINOR SPOILERS BELOW.

    Lol for being melodramatic, anyway to the show. Freaks and Geeks is about main character Lindsay Weir and brother Sam Weir. Lindsay is becoming a sophomore, and Sam is becoming a freshman. Lindsay is a shy, very intelligent girl who's life changes dramatically. Her grandmother dies and she starts questioning morals and everything, she turns over to a new side, the Freaks. The Freaks are a gang of big under-achievers and spend most of their time rebelling, smoking, and causing trouble. One of the main themes of the show is how her life changes when she turns to this new clique.

    Sam is a small, shy, nerdy, confused boy who is somewhat of an outcast to the most of kids instead of his friends. He starts out with a big crush, the sweet cheerleader Cindy Sanders. He has many problems throughout the series, trying to get a date with Cindy and his cold hearted bully who picks on him and the rest of the geeks.

    The Geeks are part of Sam's clique. The Geeks are 3 (later 4-5) kids who do work, are outcasts, don't have many friends, and play D & D. Friendly to each other and others, they don't get in much trouble and try to follow the rules as much as they can. The 2 other main geeks are Neal and Bill, Sam's best friends. The 4 other main freaks are Daniel, Ken, Nick, and Kim. Daniel is a burnout, Nick is a striving artist, Ken is a sarcastic underachiever, and finally Kim is Daniels girlfriend, spends most time having sex and fighting with Daniel.

    Now that I've explained all the main characters, let me tell you more about the show and its themes until it's cancellation. I'll try not to spoil it as much.

    Contrary to it's high school theme, it's actually realistic! Surprise, huh? There are barely any realistic high school comedy-dramas, and this might actually be the only one. Each episode of it is a realistic view of high school back in 80's, themes are peer pressure, drugs, education, and so on. Every main character has their very own episode, focused on just them. We learn about each main characters more personal life every step of the way. Not every episode is just about the central character, Lindsay.

    Characters change and learn lessons throughout the series, it explores and deals with serious issues.

    Not only does it have a great plot and story, it also has a rockin' soundtrack too. Mostly classic rock, songs played on there were released when the time takes place, or are big hits by that time. At least 2 songs are played within every episode, it really is a nice addition.

    I loved pretty much every aspect of the show, so much spot-on realism, and a great ability to balance out the drama and comedy. I will never forget about this show, as it is one of my biggest favorites.
  • Maybe the best show of it's kind!

    Yes I do believe that Freaks and Geeks is a must see comedy. It has it all, great actors, great scripts, just an hour of pure enjoyment. Just take a look at all the actors and how much success they are all enjoying. Linda Cardellini was a perfect cast here. A great lead character, a geek/freak. I loved the way she struggled between the two. Jason Segel had so many awkward moments that were just brilliantly acted. Run out and buy this DVD set. An absolute shame we only got 18 episodes! Thanks Judd for a real gem that I will watch over and over again.
  • Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco and co in their early days.

    Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco and co in their early days. This is without a doubt the show that made them. It`s a teen show but not just another one, I think many things makes it way better that the others. The cast very very talented. Most of the leads, the supporting cast and also the guests (Ben Stiller appears in one) are great. The stories are pretty good(brings some good ole memories) with some great characters (except perhaps Sam Weir who is beyond annoying). The show centers around Linda Weir played but the talented Linda Cardellini. Judd Apatow is the producer. It`s great that now that he is one of the leading producers of the comedy genre, he still works with some of the cast of Freaks and Geeks(The movie Knock up is literally a reunion).The show also had a great soundtrack. I`ll never forget the finale as it got me into the Grateful Dead who without a shout of a doubt is one of the best band ever.
    Freaks and geeks got canceled after a season as it was against who want to be millionaire. That`s another win for the reality/game shows over good TV.
  • Ahead of the Curve

    This show has everything a hit series about high school needs. It was just about ten years ahead of its time. The characters are realistic and believable, the situations are realistic and they truly captured that awkward feeling of high school. In my opinion, Freaks and Geeks just needed a different audience. Today's audience.
  • This is one of my three perfectly rated shows (joining Deadwood and Arrested Development). Freaks and Geeks is one example of just how good scripted television can be.

    I didn't see Freaks & Geeks when it ran on network television. In fact, I don't remember even hearing about it. (Talk about terrible promotion!) I bought this series on DVD because some former Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members were involved with it.

    What an incredibly lucky find! My wife and I watched all 18 episodes within a week.

    This is simply great television production. The writing is spectacular; there are no throw-away lines, no worn-out situations, and thankfully, no quick fixes. The writers rarely take the easy way out. (The soundtrack is also fantastic.)

    This series also has the perfect balance of comedy and drama. It's not screwball, and it's not melodramatic. It's a pretty realistic look into the lives and social challenges of high school students who don't quite fit in with the popular crowd.

    But the most impressive aspect of Freaks & Geeks was the casting. Just amazing. Every young actor on this series was perfectly cast. Each character was likeable, interesting, and sometimes painfully familiar.

    This was just an amazing and entertaining series. It's a shame it was so short-lived. I can't imagine anyone not being hooked after the first few episodes. This is a great example of how good television can be. Well, before reality TV made actors and writers obsolete, anyway.
  • Why was this show ever cancelled?!

    Freaks and Geeks is beyond a doubt one of the very best shows to ever be one television. It cleverly and realisticly portrays real life situations and events. The characters are well-rounded and original, and the actors that play them are superb. It's a real shame that this show was cancelled, but buying the DVDs is certainly worth it.
  • It makes me angry that this show was canceled. It was and is brilliant!

    It makes me angry that this show was canceled. It was and is brilliant! Each episode was written well and kept me anticipating what would happen next. In the 18 episodes that made up freaks and geeks there were twists and turns a long the way. It depicted what high school was and is really like. It was geeky and funny, but not cheesy and lame. It made me smile and feel light hearted. The characters developed over the short time and it would have been fantastic to have seen them develop more. To see what eventually happened to Lindsey and Nick. Would they eventually realise that they are in love with each other? Would Lindsey stay in school? It was great seeing Daniel and Kim finally happy. Kim with Lindsey going for a trip out of town, and Daniel with the geeks playing a game with people who he could be himself around. That goes with Sam, Bill and Neil. It was great seeing them happy. They were finally cool and they didn't have to pretend to be someone else to do it. Fantastic show! I wish this show had not been canceled.
  • "Freaks and Geeks" follows the lives of high school students, each in their groups- the "freaks", and the "geeks"; whom along the way encounter conflicts, but come to realize they're not so different and that they can be friends. A "coming of age" series.

    Though it only ran 18 episodes, "Freaks And Geeks" is possibly one of the most original, classic, and priceless shows of all time. Each episode is filled with golden moments of classic humor that will leave you quoting the show time and time again. Many who watch this show can't help but be a fan of it. There is something in at least one of the characters in this show, that each of us can relate to- making it a show that viewers can connect to. It is a timeless portrayal of the "high school experience"; the bullies, the insecurities, the awkward moments, the first crush, wanting to fit in- and then realizing it doesn't matter so much, and finally- finding your own place. Each character brings something special to the show, and with early performances from actors like James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel- who have all broke out into bigger films and comedy roles, this show is a perfect package- one that you won't regret watching, and one that will stick with you for a very long time.
  • I grew up in the wrong era. Forget the 90's its all about the 80's

    When i first heard about this show it was airing on comedy central. I checked it out and i was not a fan. It felt like i was watching nick at nite again. I grew up in the 90's so it was hard for me to relate to this and thats the best part of this show, seeing yourself in some of the freaks and geeks. Now im 18 and out of highschool. I have been looking into all of Judd apatows movies and in the middle of his imdb page was freaks and geeks. Everything judd has done I have been a fan of. So i decided to revisit this show. Glad i did. I watched episode 1 at a friends house and as soon as the credits rolled i went out to buy the DVD. I may not be able to relate to this as much as my parents but no matter when you grew up, every highschool has freaks and geeks. I've had my geeky days. Ive had my freaky days. I love this show just for the fact that each character on the show is like one of my friends in real life. Seth rogans character reminds me of my friend robby, doesnt talk much but always has an oppinion. I can do that with each character. I relate to the chacters even though I grew up in the 90's. There will always be freaks and geeks. This show is perfect. I can pop it in my dvd player any day and I am automatically in a good mood. I held off on watching the last episode for about a month because I always wanted to have something to look forward to. This did not get the views it deserved because it did not get the air time it deserved. Buy the DVD. You won't regret it.
  • Beautifully scripted, memorably casted...maybe TV just wasn't ready for the brilliance that was Freaks and Geeks.

    Freaks and Geeks, short-lived as it may have been, remains my favourite television series of all-time. It dared to go to that place that is either avoided or overly sensationalized by other television series: High school.

    And everything about this show was so real. It did not require a stretch of the imagination to see where you could fit in with the main group of characters, or to envision yourself in similar situations...Heck, most of us had gone through exactly the type of obstacles that they faced each episode, and dealt with them similarly. The friends were our high school buddies, or even ourselves, the families were our families, and the people playing extras in the background reminded you of those people that you never spoke to or really even noticed, but were always in the background of your school life. And the great thing was that we got to see most every perspective of high school, from the geeks and AV nerds, to the jocks and cheerleaders, to the burnouts, mathletes, and teachers, in an honest way.

    The kids in this show weren't portrayed as caricatures of overwrought angsty teens, nor were they John Hughes-esque 'teenagers, yours lives are precious' characters, who somehow always knew more than the adults around them. No, these are typical kids who are more likely to respond to an insult with "Oh yeah? Well, you're a...uh, a big loser!" than to come up with some groundbreaking, witty insult that makes you automatically wonder what kind of tunnel-visioned perspective of teenagers the script-writers must have. I know that I had a huge shortage of witty comebacks when I was a teenager...and I still do, unless I have a lot of time to think about it.

    So, with a show so honestly scripted, with such endearing characters with whom we can all relate in some would think that this show would have lasted more than one season.

    What saddens me is that networks are afraid to keep such realistic portrayals of life on the air because, in their opinion, who wants to see their own lives on-screen? Apparently, we all want to escape into the worlds of the deeply troubled, the filthy rich, and the over-sexed or drug-abusing, and the dysfunctional short the fictional (and sometimes non-fictional) people whose lives grace the television with nearly every new pilot that airs. For the most part, we haven't proven them wrong...and it's our thirst for these sensationalized depictions that let gems like Freaks and Geeks slip through the cracks.

    We all remember these shows fondly, and wish that there were more like them on TV today...and maybe if Freaks and Geeks had waited a few more years before coming to television it would have had more success...but, for future shows of this genre to have any chance of survival, we have to pull our heads out of our butts (to put it mildly) and watch them.
  • This is the story of two groups of kids: the freaks and the geeks. Freaks: they smoke too much weed and never go to class. Geeks: they think way too much about Star Wars and can\'t get dates because they are underdeveloped and socially inept. This is thei

    First of all, I wanted to address the reviewer before me that complained about Judd Apatow response to the question \"What happens to the characters\" with \"Anything you want to happen would happen\". The reviwer is missing the point. Art is not just what the creator brings to the canvas, it\'s also what the audience perceives it to be. In other words, Apatow was talking about our imagination. The writers may have had an idea where the characters were going (and reading the show bible on may give you an idea of this), but he was saying that what we think or imagine or want to happen with these characters is just as important. These characters can live on in our imagination, since they can\'t live on in the TV screen. Also, I suspect that the creators themselves didn\'t know for sure what was going to happen, since they didn\'t get the chance to collaborate any new episodes.

    And now for my review.

    This show had so much potential. In eighteen episodes alone, F&G subverted the Wonder Years high school cliche and gave us flawed, real people and real situations and just said \"here\'s what life was like for teenage losers back in the 80\'s,\" instead of saying \"here\'s a wonderful show about teenagers. Aren\'t they witty? Now don\'t do drugs.\" Actually, this program showed us people doing drugs, and made them look kind of cool (I always thought the Freaks were cool in high school, even to the extent of trying to hang out with them, but I was totally laughed at for being a poser. Word of advice: wearing a Guns n Roses t-shirt in 1988 doesn\'t make you look cool).

    Freaks and Geeks had Sam, younger brother to Lindsay, who reminds me of my brother at age 13. He\'s a geek, but he\'s also a bit normal, and he almost has the potential to excel socially, where his friend, Bill, is the poster child for dork.

    The Freaks also remind me of my brother and his friends, because of their band, and because of the way they dressed. My brother was cooler though, and more like Harris intellectually.

    None of the characters can be pigeon-holed and nobody is a cliche. They will surprise you. And then there is Lindsay, the emotional core of the show, the girl who was me in high school if I had been smarter and cuter and actually had friends. She is the epitome of my teenage angst, and her story parallels mine in such an uncanny way that watching the ending always makes me cry. How did the writers know my story? I need to know what happened to her.

    Where Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favorite show in the universe) is the metaphor of growing up, Freaks and Geeks is the literal. But it touches me the same way. I have the same visceral, emotional reaction to both shows. I tend to forget this because I don\'t watch F&G often, but F&G is one of only a few shows that I hold in highest esteem. The others, which no other TV series can be compared to, are Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Veronica Mars. It\'s rare when a show is an actual emotional experience, where the characters come to life and actually dwell in my if, when written, they are suddenly form and existing in a place between fiction and reality. That is so rare for TV, but F&G did it. And that is Art at its finest.

    It\'s the reason why I\'m obsessed with TV. It\'s literature come to life. And every time a great show like that is cancelled before it can finish its story, it\'s like a death. It\'s like reading a really great novel, and then the writer just doesn\'t finish it. Like, you get to the second half of the book, and come upon a note from the author that says \"STORY CANCELLED\" and then the rest of the book is just 200 blank pages.

    I should be thankful, though, that the creators of Freaks and Geeks were allowed to wrap up the series so the last episode felt like the perfect end to the chapter. It just should have continued, and I wish it could continue in some form. Comic books would be nice, and actually fitting, with the Geek aspect to the show. Comics of TV shows are not uncommon, at least not for genre shows. F&G isn\'t a genre show, but it would work perfectly as a graphic novel. I can even see it in my head. I wonder if Paul Feig has ever thought of this.

    But I firmly believe Feig should at least write a Freaks and Geeks novel. Is the story over? I don\'t want it to be over.
  • Freaks and Geeks Great Show

    I loved this show so much. I have watched it several times through. This show is funny and serious at the same time. Yeah, im not from the 80's but it is a good representation of the 80's. Love the all star cast as well. Perfect show.
  • The DVD

    The yearbook itself is worthy of an actual yearbook, including several introductions and Q&A writings by the show's creators, and a plethora of photos, including photos of actual fans of the show, sent in by fans on the Freaks and Geeks website. There's footage of script table readings, raw footage from single camera angles of selected scenes, auditions, make-up film tests, an actual concert put on by show's guidance counselor's band, deleted scenes, deleted scenes with commentary, deleted scenes with commentary by the actors in character, easter eggs, the full text of a script that was never shot; the list goes on and on. The staggering amount of bonus material is flatly unequaled in the DVD world, almost as if someone compiled this project for a master's degree project. If you have any question about anything on Freaks and Geeks, it's surely answered here.
  • Perfect!

    Just like my review title says, this show is perfect! It's nostalgic for those who grew up during that time, but being a certain age isn't a requirement as everyone can relate to all of the characters in some way. This show is a great and balanced mixture of serious and funny and deals with topics we've all dealt with at some time in our lives. Every episode has something to offer and doesn't rely on crude or childish humor to be funny. If you want to watch a great TV show, watch this one.
  • Best show ever

    I loved this show. It has everything that I love about a series. Although it only had one season, the depth of the characters, the story line, and pace of the show was remarkable. I really wish they would make a reboot, or something along the lines of a student in high school or college like this. As the story line develops, you really start to fall in love with each and everyone of the characters. For me after about 4 episodes, I realized how great of a character bill was and how he by himself kinda made the show that much better. You can say that "it never had the chance to spoil by having a lot of The ending leaves you wanting more and make you feel like you lost a best friend, and that everything in your life is not worth living for anymore. How could they cancel this show. Quality TV. Highly recommended.
  • Amazing TV Series!!!

    I just found about freaks and geeks while browsing the filmography of James Franco - a big fan of him. Really sad it had only one season. Totally addicted to it. Lindsay is so damn good. Wish it had more episodes :(
  • amazing

    so... I´ve just downloaded and watched the whole thing and I´m now wondering how this gets cancelled after only 1 season?

    It is true that its a lot of ground is covered and since the show depends mostly on freshmen and seniors it started with its days counted (similar to friday night lights), since when you don´t have all your characters on the same environment a lot is lost and any show usually becomes poor (like one tree hill or the old beverly hills) but still... i dunno. It´s just too good to be cancelled after only a single season. The show really benefits from its cast, most of the main cast are now successful actors in big productions. Anyway, its a good season and I recommend it. I don´t have much to add to the other reviews, but I just felt I could drop a good word so maybe we get more shows like this one in the future.
  • Great start to a great show.

    I absolutely love this episode. We are introduced to some truly amazing characters: Bill, Neil, and Sam the geeks, Daniel, Ken, Kim, and Nick the freaks; Lindsey the ex-mathlete trying to become part of the freaks. We meet Lindsey and Sam's parents Mr. and Mrs. Weir, who have to be the most realistic parents ever shown on TV. In this episode Sam and Lindsey don't want to go to the homecoming dance. Their parents insist they do, with the reason that high school is about socializing. How they end up going is classic. When the geeks beat up the school bully was also brilliant too. In the end this is a great start to an amazing, albeit short lived series
  • this show is perfect

    first, everything in this show is perfect. the acting, the writing, the directing. all of the characters feel real. it's 98% accurate to high school life. the relationships between the characters feel genuine. every episode is fantastic. i believe everyone can relate to at least one of the characters in the show. even the music they play on the show feels just right in each scene. I really wanted to see this show go on for at least a second season. i also love the way it focuses on the outcasts in high school instead of it being a typical high school comedy/drama
  • Simply one of the greatest TV shows ever created! FACT***

    Freaks And Geeks was one the best TV shows around i never got to see this when it was on TV as i think that was for alot of people thats why it was canceled but just because it was canceled after one season don't let that stop you from watching this amazing TV show just think of it as the best 18 hour teen movie you will ever see.

    This show was too good for its time and really shame that was canceled so soon it would have only gotten better with age but this is a must watch for any real tv/movie fan you will not be disappointed. You will even see some guest appearances from todays biggest stars for example Ben Stiller and up and coming Shia LaBeouf.
  • This is my all time favorite show, From the brilliant cast to the realistic plots. Anyone reading this wondering if they should get it, Do it, You wont regret it.

    This is my all time favorite show, From the brilliant cast to the realistic plots.
    Anyone reading this wondering if they should get it, Do it, You wont regret it.

    It takes place in high school where you get to follow the struggle of two totally different types of characters with their respective type of friends.
    Lindsey who was one of the smart kids recently lost her grandmother wich made her reflect on her life and changing it, She now tries to fit in with the cool gangs who's lives mostly revolves around drugs and booze.
    And her younger brother who is a real Geek trying desperatly to keep his sister out of trouble while having a bunch of them on his own.

    The highpoints of this show is definetly the cast and the realism, I definetly feel this is how high school was, And you are bound to symphatize and recognize some of it.
  • I loved this show. It brought back so many memories, even the furniture was classic! The dinner conversations.

    Please bring it back! I want my husband to watch the episodes with me. We are both from that era. Bill cracks me up, he is the ultimate geek. I love when his mother is dating the coach. I saw every episode and my daughter even started to watch it with me. Beats the wonder years.
  • set in the 1980s, throught the eyes of high school geeks and freaks.

    I would have to say that I am still upset to this day that it only made one season. My second all-time favorites series second to the Wonder Years. This show was flawless. It brought you back to the terror of high school. The eight main characters were so differenct and perfect. The supporting characters were great like the cheerleader, parents, and jocks. I own the DVD set and watch it a lot. Its one of my personal favorites things in this world.
  • I just want to know why the "first episode" was aired AFTER the "last episode" according to this site. Doesn't make too much sense. Oh ya, the show is awesome.

    One of the best shows ever. I love Linda Cardellini.

    The show has great moral values, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. It's a pretty good depiction of any high school, even by today's standards. I think this is a timeless show that everyone can enjoy. I should also mention how hot Linda Cardellini is. One of the top 10 hottest women on Earth for sure.
  • A true hidden gem of its time.

    Freaks and Geeks, like too many shows with a lot of potential, was shown here in Australia in a ridiculous time-slot and never had the chance to build an audience of any size. Pity, cos it was one of the best shows to come along in years. In 1980 (when the show is set) I was around the same age as a lot of these characters, and to me it caught the flavour of the era authentically. Was I freak or was I a geek? What do you think? Across the board great writing, casting and acting. I think there's a few future stars on show here. Also cool use of appropriate music. Not just the predictable (Styx, Rush), also the unexpected (a track from XTC's "Black Sea"!). Shows someone knows what they're talking about! And any show that featured Kevin Corrigan AND Rushmore's Jason Schwartzman in the same episode HAS to be cool, right? Hope this re-runs one day
  • Good stuff.

    Come on now people--a show of this quality comes along once in a blue moon. The writing. The actors. The awkward lives of teenagers only being made worse by two dingbat parents. It isn\'t the kind of show you laugh at every two minutes, much like Family Guy or The Simpsons or Friends. It\'s deeper than that and made entirely of situational comedy. There is the one episode where Lindsey is babysitting while high for the first time. When the kid tries to play hide and seek with her, she complains that he is \"totally freaking her out\". Genius. Absolutely hilarious. Buy the first (and last) season. I did, and I have watched them over and over.
  • Possibly the most underappreciated show in television history.

    While I know there is k=no possible way to bring his show back it a shame. This show captured the high school feeling better than any other show in history. It managed to cover all aspects of high school life as well. It covers of course the Freaks and the Geeks, but it also shows you the other side of high schools the jocks and the cheerleaders and even the teachers. This show managed to do what no other show about high school could do and for some reason it got cancelled. It was not until last year that I even discovered this show. Aha but thanks to the power of DVD I found it and by writing this review if you have not seen it then this is for you. This show gave me 18 solid hours of entertainment and I loved every minute of it. It makes me sad now days when we have shows like I wanna be a Hilton or all that other reality tripe and great shows like this don’t even get a full season and shows like Arrested Development are on the butchers block every year. Ladies and Gentlemen I implore you please give this show a chance it is very funny and charming and was way underappreciated.
  • Terrific, Honest, & Missed Series

    There's not much that I can say that won't have already been said by a hundred viewers. But Freaks & Geeks was truly a wonderful show that just didn't find its audience while it was still on the air.

    The series shows the trials and tribulations of the cliques ever present at any high school I've ever seen. However, the show is full of depth and much more than just watching pretty, popular people get into Saved by the Bell-like adventures.

    Intead, the show focuses on the regular guys, just like you and me, and let you know that being average, or a freak, or a geek, maybe isn't so bad--through the normal, yet hilariously portrayed, adventures of high school outcasts. Wonderful show, definitely worth investing in the DVD set.
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