Freaks and Geeks

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • amazing

    so... I´ve just downloaded and watched the whole thing and I´m now wondering how this gets cancelled after only 1 season?

    It is true that its a lot of ground is covered and since the show depends mostly on freshmen and seniors it started with its days counted (similar to friday night lights), since when you don´t have all your characters on the same environment a lot is lost and any show usually becomes poor (like one tree hill or the old beverly hills) but still... i dunno. It´s just too good to be cancelled after only a single season. The show really benefits from its cast, most of the main cast are now successful actors in big productions. Anyway, its a good season and I recommend it. I don´t have much to add to the other reviews, but I just felt I could drop a good word so maybe we get more shows like this one in the future.