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  • Why was this cancelled? WHHHHHYYYYYY????? MINOR SPOILERS BELOW.

    Lol for being melodramatic, anyway to the show. Freaks and Geeks is about main character Lindsay Weir and brother Sam Weir. Lindsay is becoming a sophomore, and Sam is becoming a freshman. Lindsay is a shy, very intelligent girl who's life changes dramatically. Her grandmother dies and she starts questioning morals and everything, she turns over to a new side, the Freaks. The Freaks are a gang of big under-achievers and spend most of their time rebelling, smoking, and causing trouble. One of the main themes of the show is how her life changes when she turns to this new clique.

    Sam is a small, shy, nerdy, confused boy who is somewhat of an outcast to the most of kids instead of his friends. He starts out with a big crush, the sweet cheerleader Cindy Sanders. He has many problems throughout the series, trying to get a date with Cindy and his cold hearted bully who picks on him and the rest of the geeks.

    The Geeks are part of Sam's clique. The Geeks are 3 (later 4-5) kids who do work, are outcasts, don't have many friends, and play D & D. Friendly to each other and others, they don't get in much trouble and try to follow the rules as much as they can. The 2 other main geeks are Neal and Bill, Sam's best friends. The 4 other main freaks are Daniel, Ken, Nick, and Kim. Daniel is a burnout, Nick is a striving artist, Ken is a sarcastic underachiever, and finally Kim is Daniels girlfriend, spends most time having sex and fighting with Daniel.

    Now that I've explained all the main characters, let me tell you more about the show and its themes until it's cancellation. I'll try not to spoil it as much.

    Contrary to it's high school theme, it's actually realistic! Surprise, huh? There are barely any realistic high school comedy-dramas, and this might actually be the only one. Each episode of it is a realistic view of high school back in 80's, themes are peer pressure, drugs, education, and so on. Every main character has their very own episode, focused on just them. We learn about each main characters more personal life every step of the way. Not every episode is just about the central character, Lindsay.

    Characters change and learn lessons throughout the series, it explores and deals with serious issues.

    Not only does it have a great plot and story, it also has a rockin' soundtrack too. Mostly classic rock, songs played on there were released when the time takes place, or are big hits by that time. At least 2 songs are played within every episode, it really is a nice addition.

    I loved pretty much every aspect of the show, so much spot-on realism, and a great ability to balance out the drama and comedy. I will never forget about this show, as it is one of my biggest favorites.