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  • The best canceled-after-18-episodes show ever.

    NBC couldn't be more stupid after canceling Freaks and Geeks after only one season. The cast was great, with a lot of up and coming stars like Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. The cast was so great, I believe if anyone other than the original cast of "That '70s Show", this cast of teens should of played the kids in "That '80s Show" with the season taking place in 1980-1981.

    The story revolves around the Weir family, with fresh meat Sam being part of the "Geeks" and elder sister Lindsay trying to fit in with the "Freaks" after trying to shed all her memories of being a mathlete and what not.

    Sam was a innocent character, although he always created awkward situations for himself and I kinda got annoyed as his childishness. His main friends are Neal Schwieber, a kinda funny guy with a rich dad and thoughts that he isn't as geeky as the rest of his friends, and Bill Haverchuck, is tall for his age, kinda slow and talks emotionless, but really I thought he was one of the funniest, if not, funniest characters on the show. They are sometimes rounded out by the overweight Gordon Crisp and also somewhat emotionless, but nonetheless hilarious, Harris Trinsky.

    The "freaks" are Jason Segel as Nick, a stoner, (who quits later on in the series to impress Lindsay) and an owned of a 29-piece drum set, something he wants to become famous for one day. There's James Franco as Daniel, a funny, cool guy who has an on-and-off again relationship with Kim, a sort of "tomboy" with crazy parents. There's also sidekick Seth Rogen as Ken, who's unbelievably sarcastic but eventually finds love in the school band's tuba player. Lindsay, trying to fit in, tries to fit in with the crowd but pulling things off such as stealing her parents' car, and causing destruction on Halloween.

    Anyhow, I really love most of the characters, (I don't know about Sam) and even Mr. & Mrs. Weir - Harold and Jean, are pretty funny and enjoyable. Freaks and Geeks was a wonderful show and it was a shame it only lasted a season.