Freaks and Geeks

Season 1 Episode 3

Tricks and Treats

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1999 on NBC

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  • Halloween arrives for the freaks and the geeks

    Themed episodes can sometimes be a drag, and other times they can be fantastic, summarizing everything that's great about a show AND a holiday in twenty or forty minutes, depending on the type of show that it is. Freaks and Geeks does a great job of taking Halloween and tying in the freaks and geeks into everything. Another impressive aspect of the episode is the way the plotline of the freaks and geeks effortlessly merge together. I felt as if they merged in previous episodes, to some extent, but not with the ease and the drama that it did in this episode.

    I thought it was interesting the way the writers got Lindsey and Sam's parents integrated into the episode. Not so much the father, but the mother was given something to do, and I liked how her inclusion in the episode didn't worsen it at all. In fact, it added a layer of tragedy into the episode that made me actually feel some sort of emotion. Basically, the episode focuses on Sam, Neil and Bill as they struggle to decide whether or not they want to go trick-or-treating. As somebody who was similar to them in high school, I thought it was a plot that was realistic in the way it unfolded, mostly because it's one of those things that all of us have to decide: when are you too old to go trick-or-treating? When should you stop and should you be embarrassed if you keep going? I loved seeing all three of them create their own costumes, each one strange in their own way.

    Meanwhile, Lindsey is lured into hanging out with Nick, Daniel and the rest of the "freaks," even though she promised her mother to hand out candy to the young kids that came by. It's interesting how the show is able to address two different views on trick-or-treating/Halloween antics in the same episode. While Sam struggles with growing up, Lindsey struggles with friends vs. family, something that just about everybody experiences throughout their life as they reach that age where being with your parents aren't as cool anymore. What I liked about this was, in the midst of Daniel, Kim and Ken being their typical sarcastic self, acting like burnouts and as if they don't care about anything, there's Jason Segel's character, Nick, who seems to be redeeming himself after his little snafu in last week's episode. He's a genuine guy and seems truly interested in Lindsey, to the point where he'll defend her against the jeers of the rest of his friends.

    I mentioned earlier that the plots merge together, and it does so in a fantastic way. While Lindsey, Nick and the rest of them go around, vandalizing people's pumpkins and causing mayhem, Sam, Neil and Bill mope around the neighborhood, realizing they seem to have outgrown Halloween. Daniel pulls out eggs to throw at trick-or-treaters and Lindsey throws an egg directly into Sam's face. The entire scene where Lindsey tries to apologize to Sam is so heart-breaking that it makes me remember those awkward, embarrasing times in high school.. and when Nick tries standing up beside Lindsey and apologizing, it appears it's hurting him to see Lindsey so upset as well. Paul Feig is so good at getting those real feelings out of his actors.

    The opening three episodes of Freaks and Geeks are as good as any other show I've seen. How could people not keep watching this show and keep the ratings up? I don't understand..
  • Set at Halloween, this is a story about letting go of your childhood. Sam stumbles through his first year of not trick-or-treating. Lindsay moves closer to the person she thinks she wants to be, and furthur away from who she is.

    I am continually amazed at how complete and full Freaks & Geeks is. The show had only been on the air for the better part of one season, and right from the pilot, the cast, writers, and directors seem to be in synch with each other. There is a wonderful mix of humor, and drama, as both Sam and Lindsay have to let go of a part of their childhood, and Mom has to let go of her children. Kim is still very mean and bitter, and why that is goes unanswered until the episode \"Kim Kelly is my Friend\", when she seems more likeable.
    This episode of Freaks & Geeks had no questionable content, and would be suitable to watch with your children that could appreciate the story.
  • worst halloween ever

    another enjoyable and cute episode.
    You can't be what you're not.

    In this episode the Weir family try to have a good halloween but everything seems to keep going wrong.
    Lindsey goes with her friends who continue bringing her to the wrong path, she smashes some pumpkins and accidentally throws eggs at her brother who was having a worse time.

    Sam and his friends go for trick and treat but it all goes horribly wrong, everyone makes fun of them and the candy is terrible, what they are able to collect gets stolen by some guys who beat them up again.

    What I most liked about this episode is Lindsey finding out that it would have been better if she stayed home, at the end she dresses up as a prince and helps her mom giving candy.
    Sam doesn't tell his parents that it was Lindsey who threw the eggs, instead he decides to read a book he got from school.

    The funniest character this episode was either Milly or the dad, I love how he always exagerates everything and Milly having a boyfriend is pretty humorous.

    Another very nice episode from a terrific show.
  • My favorite episode so far.

    This episode was fantastic. So much so that I kept thinking that it's such a complete tragedy that this show is only one season long, even though I'm only on the third episode. This show is a true gem.

    It's Halloween, and Lindsey is invited to hang out with her new friends. Even though she has already promised her mom that she would pass out candy with her, she runs off with her friends instead, leaving her mother alone to pass out candy. Lindsey and the rest of the freaks begin to vandalize property, and Lindsey tries to enjoy it even though it's clearly a little uncomfortable for her.

    Sam and his friends decide to go trick-or-treating rather than reading "Crime and Punishment", which has been assigned to them by their English teacher. There's a hilarious segment in which Bill, who dresses up as the title character from The Bionic Woman, has a little fun - perhaps too much fun - playing with his costume.

    At home, Mrs. Weir's spirits are further damaged when all the parents refuse to let their kids take her homemade cookies, because they might be poisoned. Things go from lame to terrible for Sam when he and his friends are bullied by Alan, and things go even worse when Lindsey and Kim Kelley egg Sam and his friends (without realizing who they are). I found this episode quite emotional and beautiful. Tears came to my eyes towards the end - Mrs. Weir's broken spirits, Lindsey's regret and sadness at hurting her brother, her becoming someone she's not...even the look on Sam's face when he's egged is very sad. In the end everything ends up a little better - Sam retires to bed with "Crime and Punishment", and Lindsey dresses up in her constume and helps pass out wrapped candy with her mother.

    A truly fantastic left me wanting to see the fourth episode right away. That's definitely a good thing.
  • Halloween!

    Lindsay decides she'll stay home and pass out candy with her mother and Sam decides hes to old to go trick-or-treating anymore. Lindsay's friends convince her to hangout with them, so she tells her mother and Jean is disappointed. Also Sam's teacher gives a boring reading assignment and he changes his mind about trick-or-treating. Sam convinces his friends to go with him. While in the car with Daniel, Kim, Nick, and Ken, they decides to smash pumpkins. At first Lindsay is hesitant, but later gives in and trys it and has fun. By the time the move on to egging people Lindsay is having so much fun and accidently eggs Sam, whose not having any fun. She trys to apologize but he just runs home. Lindsay later apologizes to him. Linsay ends up passing out candy with her mother and Sam ends up reading the book that was assigned for school work. A great episode!