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Derek Barnes runs the website, which he took over when his twin brother, Adam, committed suicide. The website is dedicated to uncovering the hidden and often dark and scary truths behind urban legends and the paranormal. After receiving strange messages related to Adam, Derek begins to search for clues to how and why his brother died. He and the Freakylinks team investigate the reasons behind Adam's death while hunting down stories for the website, and their weekly exploits bring them in contact with the "weird, the unusual, the occult, the paranormal, and the just plain silly".
Freakylinks was a horror/comedy/drama brought to us by the people who made The Blair Witch Project, and like that hit movie it also had a "reality hacking" website that was designed to look just like the site on the show (it is no longer officially online, but is available as a "portfolio" on Haxan's site). "" became one of the most active sites on the web before the series even aired, but all those hits did not translate into good ratings for the show. The series was put on hiatus more than once, but luckily FOX aired all 13 episodes before canceling it.moreless

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