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Derek Barnes runs the website, which he took over when his twin brother, Adam, committed suicide. The website is dedicated to uncovering the hidden and often dark and scary truths behind urban legends and the paranormal. After receiving strange messages related to Adam, Derek begins to search for clues to how and why his brother died. He and the Freakylinks team investigate the reasons behind Adam's death while hunting down stories for the website, and their weekly exploits bring them in contact with the "weird, the unusual, the occult, the paranormal, and the just plain silly".
Freakylinks was a horror/comedy/drama brought to us by the people who made The Blair Witch Project, and like that hit movie it also had a "reality hacking" website that was designed to look just like the site on the show (it is no longer officially online, but is available as a "portfolio" on Haxan's site). "" became one of the most active sites on the web before the series even aired, but all those hits did not translate into good ratings for the show. The series was put on hiatus more than once, but luckily FOX aired all 13 episodes before canceling it.moreless
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  • What is wrong with you people this show is spectacular you should replace Super Natural with this show and bring it back!

    The show is very good in my personal opinon and I am angry that it was taken off the air I just watched the marathon on Chiller and was blown away I loved everything about the show I sat here and watched every episode that was on couldnt get enuff of the show the acting was great the story great I just dont understand why it was canceled just doesn't make any sense to me well I just hope some one sees the posts and the rating the show has on here and decides to bring it back but I doubt they will so another show shot down before it could get off the ground.moreless
  • This program is very well written, and the actors fit the roles to a "T".

    As a member of the paranormal investigation group myself, I found this program to be very methodical with all the pros and cons fitting exactly into the exact moment portraying a very

    precise story telling.

    It also delves into reality of the real world, there are and is things going on like the Police Siren saga. Also there are many thigns in the world that the normal eye and ear does

    not yet hear and see or believe. I believe that the real world might come to grasp the reality of spirits and supernatural beings by viewing this series. I hope the writers and actors continue on for years to come with new and mystifying ideas.moreless
  • Derek Barnes runs freaky links a website devoted to paranormal findings......miss it a lot!!

    i loved this show from the start..i love anything that deals with the paranormal..this show had an x files - esqe feel to it...which is great. the show i felt was great and unique and could have gone places...but others did not feel that way..the show was axed...which sux because u cant find it anywhere!!! not on reruns on line or dvds...hopefully oneday it will be released on to dvds sets....i would love to have it in my collection....the show was not givin enuff to grow on is too bad because the show had pontential... this is of course my opinionmoreless
  • Another Hit TV Show Prematurely Cancelled Again

    Have you noticed the annoying trend nowadays on television? It's when a show debuts, becomes an instant hit and some idiot network honcho cancels it! Freaky Links was a great show! Sort of a Internet-obsessed earlier version of "Supernatural," it wasn't "Kolchak" or "Friday The 13th" scary, but it did fill in the void left behind on Friday nights by so many other great shows similarly unjustly cancelled in spite of viewer success. The paranormal investigators behaved and acted like real amateur ghost hunters going after strange stories, but I do have to admit that some of the episodes were below the par of the pilot. It also tried to copy "The X Files" with Dennis Christopher as the shady guy behind the scenes; he was so unnecessary. If anything, it could have been more successful as a cross between "Kolchak" and "Scooby Doo" minus the dog of course and more scenes in creepy out of the way places at night, but I guess we'll never know how big it could have been unless the characters come back in a feature length movie.moreless
  • Hip and suspenseful.

    This was a perfect show for FOX. It's hip and new, which FOX is known for. Unfortunately, FOX is also known for their bad luck with shows, especially on Friday nights.

    From the creators of "The Blair Witch Project" comes this sometimes frightening, sometimes humorous drama called "Freakylinks". FOX introduced the show hoping it would become their next "X-Files", as everyone knew that that show was winding down. The plot centers around a guy named Derek Barnes who runs his dead twin brother's website,, which is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind urban myths and legends, and the just plain freaky.

    I'm not going to lie to you: this show has its faults. FOX gave it a pretty small budget, and often it's filmed with a jerky handheld camera (a la "The Blair Witch Project"). Also, the acting is a bit goofy but that seems clearly purposeful.

    Other than that the show is fun to watch and is very new and unique, which is why I classified it as "cutting edge".

    The show suffered dismal ratings but FOX at least aired all 13 episodes. Hopefully the show will find it's way to DVD soon.moreless
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