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  • Season 1
    • Subject: The Final Word
      The FreakyLinks crew is at the center of a news investigation that follows them as they attempt to exonerate a murder suspect by proving that the true culprit was anything but human.
    • Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Lake
    • Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams
      To secure money for Chloe, Derek lies and denies the potential presence of a mythical creature at a retirement community. Then, a sudden death forces him to come clean.
    • Subject: Police Siren
      A police video shows a woman was in the rear of a car just before it exploded, but the only body at the scene is that of the officer who tried to rescue her.
    • Subject: Live Fast, Die Young
      Derek and the gang discover a group of "adrenaline vampires," after watching footage of a man jumping off a bridge 200 feet high and landing unharmed.
    • Subject: The Stone Room
      Derek heads for Baltimore, MD to help Jason investigate supernatural strangeness at his estranged father's law firm.
    • Subject: Me and My Shadow
      Through her counseling, Chloe meets a boy who is afraid of his own shadow. Literally. He is convinced that there is some evil presence that lurks in his shadow and that it is coming after him. Chloe treats this as a psychological problem at first, but before long she sees some things that even she can't explain away.moreless
    • Subject: Still I Rise
      Folks start seeing "Elvis-like" sightings of a rapper believed to have been gunned down. Derek and the group investigate and learn the rapper is really alive and faked his death to avoid supernatural pursuers. The group try to solve the mystery and protect the rapper at the same time. They must discover whether there is truth in his claims or whether this rapper is his own worst enemy.moreless
    • Subject: The Harbingers
      The Freakylinks group head out to Cassadega, Fla., to investigate a group of psychics. However, they find a greater evil lurking within the small town. Derek learns his dead brother, Adam, may have come upon the town prior to his untimely death. As the evil forces begin the dissipate, Derek races with the clock to discover the secret before it's too late.moreless
    • Subject: Desert Squid! Myth or Legend?
      A mysterious tentacled animal is mutilating livestock in the New Mexico desert. Although the local police decide to treat the "Desert Squid" as a hoax, Derek and the Freakylinks crew suspect that there is something behind the mutilations.
    • Subject: Coelacanth This!
      Returning from a fruitless attempt to find proof of the existence of Bigfoot, the Freakylinks group comes across a town that appears to be guarding the secret behind a series of deaths that dates back nearly 150 years. All of the deaths have occurred in the woods that surrounding the town of Owensmouth. Strangely, the sheriff of the locals offers no help in the investigation. Derek, Jason, and Chloe come to discover that there may be a pre-historic pterodactyl lurking in the woods that has successfully remained hidden for years.moreless
    • Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die
      The Freakylinks trio heads to New York City to explore a lead that they suspect will confirm that an undiscovered race of humans live in the city's subway tunnels. Derek and Jason, however, stumble upon an unexplainable string of attacks and disappearances and the crew come to suspect that these heretofore undiscovered beings could be more than human.moreless
    • Subject: Three Thirteen
      The Freakylinks group investigate a pregnant woman who believes that she is possessed. Derek is doubtful, and takes the case only because the site needs money. However, several unexplained events lead Derek to accept that the possession may be real. As the manifestations escalate, the team needs to race against the clock to solve the case before something happens to the woman or her baby.moreless
    • Subject: Fearsum
      Subject: Fearsum
      Episode 1
      Derek, with his friends Jason and Lan, is the producer of - a website devoted to paranormal events, creatures, and stories. Derek took over the website after his twin brother, Adam, mysteriously committed suicide. One year later, Derek receives a video clip that shows Adam may be alive. With the help of Jason, Lan, and Adam's girlfriend Chloe, Derek sets out to learn the truth about his brother's death.moreless