Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo

NBC (ended 1980)


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Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo

Show Summary

Fred & Barney Meet The Shmoo was complied after the cancellation of two shows: Fred & Barney Meet The Thing and The New Shmoo.

The series consisted of...

The New Fred & Barney Show; debuted in January 1979 on NBC, it's new adventures of the modern stone age family on their 3rd network.

The Thing; based on the Fantastic 4 character. Except this one has a secret identity, teenaged Ben Grimm. When Ben wanted to transform into the orange hero, he would put the two halves of his ring & shout, "Thing ring, do your thing!"

The Shmoo; based on Al Capp's character from L'il Abner. The Shmoo is a friend to a trio who worked for Mighty Mysteries Comics. The Shmoo could turn into anything to help his friends out.

QUICKIE; Sing Along With The Shmoo. It's where the Shmoo acted like a bouncing ball as songs were sung.

Fred & Barney would actually meet the Shmoo next season, during the Bedrock Cops segment of the Flintstone Comedy Show.


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