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Fred: The Movie

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Fred, the famous six-year-old who has racked up millions of views on YouTube, is now being made into a movie! Lucas Cruikshank stars as the popular internet character along side Jennette McCurdy, WWE's John Cena and British pop sensation Pixie Lott. When Fred's crush, Pixie Lott, moves away, Fred decides to find her, but is heart broken when he learns that she didn't invite him to her party.
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  • Horrible Movie!

    Nickelodeon! Why do you make from a YouTube Star a Movie and a TV Show? This Movie was Garbage! And freds voice is Terrible!
  • Something's not right

    In the show summary, if Fred is a six year old, why is he a grown teenager? He looks like a teenager. Six year olds is the age of the child. Acting Fred like a six year old is so weird and awkward! There people have degrees, and this is the best they can do?
  • Drop dead Fred

    One look upon seeing Fred: The Movie had me constantly asking one thing. Why was this ever made and who would be interested into this garbage? OK that's two but that's not the point. The point is that Fred is an idiot who didn't need a movie at all and is a blight upon Youtube. Going into it, I knew it was going to suck, but I really tried to find a positive thing, but not a single positive thing was good in this movie. In Fred: The Movie (I still can't believe he has a movie) it centers around Fred trying to get into a party for this girl, but is constantly foiled by his bully, named Kevin. Fred tries to do everything to get in, but all his ideas fail. So he gets his camping gear and goes to the city. That's really the plot, Fred wants to get into a party, but can't due to Kevin keeping him out. Has Fred ever heard of calling the police at all?! He could have called them, tell a little lie about Kevin like he was a threat and was stalking the girl in the party or something and got him arrested, he goes to the party, end of movie. But for the sake of plot, Fred doesn't think that at all. None of the actors in this movie can act at all. Jennette McCurdy is the only passable actress in this move, but that's not saying much. Fred has obviously never taken acting courses and must have turned down the request for an acting coach, for he is one the most annoying and baddest actor I have ever seen. He is WAY too over the top, and hearing that voice of his is like a chipmunk, except he was drinking 17 cups of caffeinated coffee. To say he is one of the worst actors ever is an understatement. The movie is just constant fillers of Fred being, well Fred, and the main story barely moves at all. Toward the end, Fred comes home and Kevin is waiting for him. Wait a minute? Kevin really has been waiting to get after Fred for God knows how long. Does he have nothing better to do? Kevin gives Fred a hard time, and embarrasses him in front of everyone. Fred and a girl then play a trick by saying he is having a really great party and the people are not invited. How does that make sense? Well the girl form the party, Judy, then respects him and they all live happily ever after. There is really nothing to say about this movie, other than to say to stay away from this movie. It's a disturbing, unfunny film that has no idea what it's trying to be. Is it a comedy or a romance? That is a good question that will never be answered. The plot's makes no sense and is all over the place, the acting is horrible, and it is not funny, like Fred. What's even worse is that there is apparently a sequel in production. I hope that project is scrapped and Fred is never allowed to do another movie, Fred, word of advice for you. Do not ever, ever, ever, EVER do another movie again as long as you live. Do not even think or glance at this movie at all.moreless
  • This didn't deserve a movie in the first place

    Let alone two other movies and a TV show.

    I don't even understand what the plot was. Fred tries to get Judy's affections by not inviting Kevin to a party??

    I mean, I never liked the web-series to begin with. This movie drags on forever, has NO funny scenes, and doesn't even have enough of a plot to review. The characters are dull. the plot is awful.

    Nick, what little ounce of respect I had for you is GONE after watching this.moreless
  • I lost all hope on our future generation of Nickelodoen

    A dismal, horrendous, obnoxious, unbearable 16 year old kid who have a rare mental disorder and want to impress some imaginary girlfriend.

    The story start by Fred coming from school, stalking a blonde British girl Judy that he had a crush on. He went to meet her but he can't get pass Kevin because he a wuss of facing against him. he heard about Judy moved so he packed up and find her and ending up not being invited. so he start his own imaginary party full of dolls, Mahicans, and Jennette.

    All in all, it a stupid movie produced by a stupid you tube star who can't act at all.

    This movie is pitiful and advise you to stay 20 feet from this abomination of a movie.moreless

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