Season 1 Episode 22

Mother of All Grandfathers

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC
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Mother of All Grandfathers
Season Finale: After finding out that Chris used his share of Freddie’s restaurant as collateral for his own failed restaurant venture, Freddie insists that Chris ask his wealthy grandfather, Carl (played by Burt Reynolds), for money to pay off the debt. Carl is displeased with Chris’ slacker lifestyle and impressed with Freddie’s work ethic, so he makes Chris work as his chauffeur to teach him a lesson about money and responsibility. When Chris feels humiliated, he pushes back, and the result is that grandfather pays off the loan but takes Chris’s trust fund and condo in return. So Chris ends up homeless at Freddie’s already crowded apartment.moreless

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  • Best one yet

    Dis is da best episode of Freddie yet.Its really funny (just like all the other episodes) its really interesting and it teaches the value of a dollar (one charector had to learn that the hard way).In this episode Chris had to work for his rich grandfather to get the money to pay off Freddie for putting his restaurant as collateral.

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    • Zoey: It's Ok, you can tell me. Am I going to have two mommies?
      Sophia: Oh, no sweetie!
      Allison raises her eyebrows at Sophia.
      Sophia: No!

    • Freddie: The good news is you get your trust fund payment in a couple months, and you still own a big chunk of this place, huh?
      Chris: Well, it's funny that you bring that up...
      Freddie: Tell me why it's funny.
      Chris: Okay, its like this. Um, you know how like you open a resturant and then you go over budget, so you go to the bank and you put up your share of your best friends resturant as um...whats it...collateral? Its uh, it's sorta like that
      Freddie: What are you saying? The Banks going to take my resturant??
      Chris: No, no, no, no...Absolutely not...Unless you can't pay of the entire loan in a week.
      Freddie: Oh, okay, lets see here...(reaches into pocket and pulls out some money) 20, 40, 60. Yeah, ok, I'm only short HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

    • Sophia: Look at them. Laughing, having a good time. They're having so much fun!
      Allison: Yeah...Skanks.

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