Season 1 Episode 2

Rich Man, Poor Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Boy meets girl, boys introduces girl to family, girl likes family more than boy.

    It's a nice base for a family comedy- guy achieves the American Dream of a sucessfull business he owns. But what's next? We see a 28 year old man try to integrate his humble roots with his expanded world and his search for a soul mate.

    That sounds pretty pretentious, but with the warm, slightly goofy family Freddie has, pretentiousness is not allowed! Brian Austin Green is a hoot as Chris, the rich boy childhood friend of Freddie's who lives across the hall, much like a mix of Kramer and Howard Borden only rich to boot!

    The introduction of his sister, niece, and grandmother as Judge, Jury, and "The Executioner!" was funny, and you ust knew, correct.

    Adam, the tempermental chef played by the fun Charles Fleischer, is introduced as well. He's our main insight as to the kitchen staff right now, but that's okay by me. Adam brings a bit of snark at the right moments.

    As for this episode. While I appreciate that not everyone wants to move in the same circles Mr. Prinze's Freddie wants to move in, Gina was painted as very provencial, especially in regards to food. I'm a mac'n cheese gal myself, but I wouldn't have behaved nearly as ungraceful as she did. I'm not talking about her blood oranges line or the no mushrooms stance, but her seeming unwillingness to simply be with Freddie ar to try a new experience.

    Gina was painted to be a wonderful gal who effortlessly won over Freddie and his family, but the twist was supposed to be her not wanting more than she had. Neither Freddie or Gina were "bad" for their way of thinking, but the "you , but with big cans" seemed a bit clunky. (Hey, I chuckled, but still.)

    Chris and Krystal was a fun subplot, especially the ending. I wonder whatever became of that poor dog, though, as I don't remember him in other episodes.

    Still, this is appointment tv for me, and I highly recommend this show!