Season 1 Episode 2

Rich Man, Poor Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Freddie: Hey, would you like to go out sometime?
      Gina: Ok, sure.
      Freddie: Let me get your number.
      Gina: Ah, you keep folding and I'll write it down.
      Freddie: So, ah, maybe we'll go out next week. (Takes number from Gina) Thanks.
      Gina: Sure. Thanks for folding my laundry.

    • Gina: Oh, my God. Freddie Moreno!
      Freddie: Hi...?
      Gina: You're not gonna remember me. Gina Astacio. (Freddie still looks confused) Roosevelt High!
      Freddie: Oh, right, right, right. You were a couple years after me.
      Gina: Mm-hmm, what are you doing back here? I thought you lived in some fancy place up on the drive now.
      Freddie: Pfft, I come back here all the time. You know, do some laundry. Grab a polish with the works at Diggity Dogs.
      Gina: They closed Diggity Dogs two years ago. After the finger incident.
      Freddie: Yeah, that would hurt anyone. I guess I don't get down here as much as I'd like (picks up a pink bra).

    • {at the laundromat)
      Chris: Mmm, check it out. Poor chicks in their natural habitat.
      Freddie: I am not picking up girls where my mom use to do our laundry.

    • Freddie: We just need to find decent women with some substance.
      Chris: See, those - those women, they - they sound fat.

    • Sofia: Oh, hey, Freddie? While Zoey's getting ready for school, you can boot last night's conquest out the door.
      Freddie: Wow, you know I do sleep alone sometimes. I don't spend every night trying to get some girl into bed.
      Chris: Freddie, I figured out why those girls blew us off last night.

    • Sophia: So Allison, how's that bout of depression coming along?
      Allison: Oh, it's good. Good, yeah, I think I'm really getting the hang of it.

    • Allison: Ooh, are these new markers? Let me get a whiff.

    • Chris: (horrible imitation of Walkin) We wasted an entire night. What were we thinking?
      Freddie: (horrible imitation of Walkin) We were thinking we where gonna get laid. We were dead wrong.

    • Trisha: Hey guys, you know how this place sucks? (the restuarant)
      Chris: Blows completely. What do you need?

    • Chris: Dude, just a couple more clubs, all right? Then there won't be anything left to do in Chicago but have sex with us.

    • Trisha: So, when are we going somewhere?
      Freddie: We are somewhere. We're here! You remember the door!?

    • Chris: Freddie, tell the girls about that-that one time when Christopher Walkin came in our restaurant.
      Freddie: Oh! It was crazy. He sits in that table (points) and he's like (horrible imitation of Walkin) I asked for the chicken . . . And you brought me back fish. Why, man? . . . Why?

    • Freddie: Hey, Zoey! I'd like you to meet Gina.
      Gina: Hi, aren't you pretty.
      Zoey: Thank you. (runs to kitchen)
      Gina: I hope she didn't leave because of me.
      Freddie: Don't worry about it, she's alerting the tribunal.

    • Freddie: You know, we could go across the hall to my place, but my whole family is there. It might be a little akward.
      Gina: Oh, I would love to see your family!
      Chris: (to Krystal) Okay, I wanna show you my round bed, it rotates!

    • Chris: You know, I-I think I'm gonna go upstairs and check out the movie times on-line. They're-they're so much easier to read on my $25,000 plasma screen.
      Krystal: You are so hot!

    • Krystal: (about Chris's apartment) Wow. This place is A-ma-zing!
      Chris: That's just the first floor!

    • Krystal: Hey, were you serious before? Will you really buy me a water bed?
      Chris: Are you kidding? I will buy you an entire set of water furniture if that's what you want.

    • (Reading Krystal's shirt)
      Freddie: "Psycho Chick." Hey, you came with a label!

    • Chris: We don't want sad poor; we want fun poor!

  • Notes

    • After the ending credits, there's a dedicatory to the late Freddie Prinze Sr.

    • When ABC named 29-year old Freddie Prinze Jr. the Executive Producer of Freddie, he became the youngest Executive Producer in network history.

    • Freddie is filmed before an audience, and is from Warner Bros. Television.

    • Freddie Prinze's life-long friend, Conrad Jackson, co-created Freddie with Prinze, along with executive producers Bruce Helford and Bruce Rasmussen.

  • Allusions

    • Christopher Walken: Freddie does an impersonation of the famous actor Christopher Walken, known for several movies, such as Sleepy Hollow, Catch Me If You Can, The Prophecy, and many others.

    • Rich Man, Poor Man: The episode titles pays homage to one of the first TV miniseries, Rich Man, Poor Man, which aired on ABC from 2/1/76 to 3/15/76. The series was adapted from the best-selling 1970 Irwin Shaw novel, by the same name.