Season 1 Episode 18

To Have Loved Way Too Much and Lost

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 15, 2006 on ABC
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To Have Loved Way Too Much and Lost
Freddie's girlfriend Denise receives an offer to work in Hawaii.

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      • Chris: I bet you're going to miss her. You know what? Sometimes things aren't meant to be. I really wanted a waffle.

      • Chris: Hey where did Denise go?
        Freddie: Hawaii.
        Chris: Wow. My girl just left the apartment. Yours left the country.

      • Chris: Psst. I can't get the batter to stay in the waffle iron. It keeps sliding down onto the counter
        Freddie: Are you sure you're not using the George Forman Grill?

      • Chris: Did you tell Denise the number last night?
        Freddie: I wrote it down on a piece of paper and asked her to read when she got home.
        Chris: what? no, dude you write it down that's evidence. If you just tell her it's hearsay. It's not admissable.
        Freddie: No you told kristen and she still walked out on you.
        Chris: But I thought she was slutty enought to handle the real number.

      • Freddie: What about women on international waters? I mean shouldn't duty free be booty free?

      • Chris: Ok. Were any of these chicks girls you took for the team so I could score? Because that's charity.
        Freddie: And charity is a deduction.

      • Chris: Were there any nights where you had a few too many and you woke next to a woman and you weren't really sure what happened?
        Freddie: Yea.
        Chris: Well here's what happened. Nothing. All right it's like getting cash tips you don't have to report it.

      • Chris: Alright so what's your total. How many women have you been with?
        Freddie: Well I think I got it. I broke it down by year and place.
        Chris: Fall '99 was very good to you my friend.
        Freddie: Yea. It was all that Y2K panic tail.

      • Freddie: What's your angle you blue haired grifter?
        Grandma: I'll babysit while she's at work. And if the baby feels rejected and hates its mother, what can I do?

      • Freddie: Grandma no!
        (Grandma hugs Denise)
        Denise: Freddie it's a hug
        Freddie: no, no no no no. She's just measuring you to see how big a wood-chipper she needs.

      • Freddie: Lets say we get married some day. how long would you want to work before we started a family
        Denise: I don't know... 4-5 years
        (Grandma shakes her head)
        Freddie: What's wrong with that?
        Grandma: Three years. And you name the baby after me.
        Freddie: Deal. Boy or girl we'll call it grandma.

      • Denise: So Kristen, how did you and Chris meet?
        Kristen: Out shopping. We both grabbed the same shirt off the rack.

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